30 Free Social Media Management Tools for Boosting Engagement

January 9, 2021

Get More Social Media Traffic Using These 7 Free Tools | Neil Patel

In this video I'm going to teach you how to get more social media traffic using these seven free tools. Do you find it hard to get traffic from the social web? Well ...

More than ever, your social networking presence has issues. Solution, 30 Free Social Media Management Tools for Boosting Engagement!

People today turn to societal to find out more about your brand, what you can do on a daily basis, and how your services and products stack up to your opponents.

Social networking is a significant part of any comprehensive inbound advertising strategy. And with such a wide variety of social channels to handle Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, and much more — it could be like juggling a lot of balls in the atmosphere.

Each one of these platforms are significant for successful social networking marketing, but keeping tabs on your stations and frequently engaging and posting on them can take some time. Like, a great deal of time.

The very best way to deal with your involvement across multiple stations and social networking platforms is via using social networking management tools.

Social media direction tools permit you to not just keep tabs on your posting and involvement with prospects; you might also create social networking post thoughts and make thoughtful articles, schedule your articles across multiple stations, track any mentions of your business, monitor and assess performance, plus even more.

The assortment of social networking management programs out there may be somewhat overpowering, for both the novice and the advanced user.

How can you opt for the ideal management tool to fulfill your requirements? How can you understand what characteristics to choose?

Fortunately, a number of the greatest tools do not ask that you give your credit card. Yes, they are completely free (with in-app buys and updates, in the event that you so choose).

Advantages of Utilizing Free Social Media Management Tools

You could be asking yourself if using social networking management tools is actually well worth it. After all you do need to download more resources and also have some opportunity to work out how they operate. So, why can not you simply use social networking programs to post manually daily?

Here are a Few of the Wonderful Advantages of using social networking management tools:

They Help You Maintain Social Engagement.

It's now easier than ever for clients to connect and participate with their preferred brands. A lot of people take full advantage of this direct station to provide brands with opinions.

When you react to client messages, it indicates that you care in their expertise. And the very best way to show you care is not to just respond except to react as swiftly as possible. Maintaining all your messages and messages from different social programs can be rough.

Employing a social networking management tool may centralize all your messages to make it simple for you to sort through messages and answer in a timely way.

They Permit You to Handle Multiple Social Pages at Once.

Social networking pages are sort of chips. It's not easy to have only one for your promotion strategy. This means that you probably rely on multiple social networks and profiles, which make them a great deal more challenging to control.

Social networking tools help you maintain all your necessary social networking info and messaging in 1 spot. This saves you time and effort required to log in and from account multiple times every day.

Every customer you have is special and unique in some manner, and it's essential that you treat them like that.

Social networking tools can allow you to keep track of the ones which you've interacted with and exactly what discussions you have had you can personalize every single encounter with your clients.

Clients who whine or cite your brand might not label your webpage directly. Many clients may cite your brand with no anticipation you will respond.

Helpful, social networking programs provide you an insight into what folks are saying about your brand using keyword observation. In the event that you should attempt to do this all on your own and hunt each potential hashtag and keyword, then it'd take you a lifetime.

Luckily, social tools provide significant information on trends and keywords at an instant.

They Permit You to Assess Social Performance.

Planning your social networking campaigns and approaches should involve taking a look at the last to enhance later on. You need important data out of the social networks to perform a comprehensive evaluation to determine what works and what does not.

Social networking analysis tools accumulate key metrics you may use to develop and keep optimizing a successful social networking strategy.

They Assist You Allergic Team Collaboration.

Working with single big social accounts or different small social accounts frequently needs a team to handle them. This may cause some issues if you handle each social networking platform individually.

As an example, you might not understand who responded to who or who published what picture and if. This may lead to things to slide through the cracks.

Employing a tool permits you to enhance your job since you and your staff members can work from a shared inbox which shows the correspondence between your staff and your clients on social networking.

The Very Best Complimentary Social Media Posting Tools

All these free social networking direction posting programs can allow you to monitor and handle multiple social networking profiles in one interface by letting you organize your posting for potential launch.

Here are the top free social websites posting tools:


ContentCal is your greatest instrument for bringing your staff together. It is crucial for creating interpersonal media content creation workflows and handling ongoing projects.

You do not need to supply any credit card info to begin using their free trial. You could even subscribe to their Hobbyist program, which will be free for single users to find access to four social profiles, 1 calendar, and also 10 articles monthly.

Their attributes cover all of the bases, from publishing and planning articles to reviewing analytics and reacting to discussions.

For producing articles, your staff employs the content hub to collaborate on all continuing social networking content initiatives. You may integrate with your favourite tools, such as Trello and Slack, along with the pinboard makes filling your calendar as simple as dragging and dropping articles.

This stage also has snippets to store commonly used phrases along with a internet clipper tool so that you can grab resources that you wish to talk about as you are surfing the world wide web.

Other noteworthy features include:

Robust analytics accounts for measuring content functionality, follower increase, participation, and much more, all displayed in colorful charts and graphs.

Tagging choices to arrange all of your output by subject, class, or some other category that you need to monitor.

A common group inbox for handling all social networking conversations in a central site.

ContentCal Upgrade Options
Guru: $17/month when paid yearly
You have to register for a Complete year to get the Guru grade.
Business: $47/month when paid yearly
$59 per month

Premium Custom: Attain to get a custom quote.
Find out more about their pricing choices, optional add-ons, and extra solutions here.


Like a number of these programs, Hootsuite provides both premium and free programs. Their free program is pretty strong and allows you to:

Handle three societal profiles in 1 area.
Schedule around 30 articles Ahead of Time.
Generate prospects with social competitions.
Easily incorporate with 150+ paid and free programs.
The free program also contains some fundamental analytics that will assist you to monitor followers, various content and growth stats, and also two RSS feed integrations. Not too shabby for a completely free tool.

We love using this tool to program our societal posts due to the way it is organized — a visual calendar dashboard shows you exactly what you will be posting and if. Now that is organization.


Another unbelievable all-in-one platform, SmarterQueue covers all of the foundations you need for preparation, publishing, as well as analyzing.

Their free choices include a reporting tool that will assist you identify your best Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram articles. The free social networking tool can help you decide your best kinds of articles, hashtags, mentions, submitting occasions, and more, which means it's possible to maximize all of your social networking marketing efforts.

They also offer you an Instagram Top Nine instrument, which means that you may select your preferred nine articles to discuss as a collage — those always get a lot of involvement at the close of the year.

It's possible to research their whole platform when you register for a free trial. This gives you access to All their amazing features, such as:

  • Intelligent programming automation powered by queues and submitting programs, content classes, evergreen recycling, and article variants.
  • A societal networking calendar that will assist you visualize all of the content you are posting on every station.
  • A tracking tool that keeps you in the know about what people are referring to and the way they are talking about your own brand.
  • A detailed analytics dashboard with interactive graphs that will assist you with reporting and optimizing your plan for every social station.
  • A societal inbox for handling your entire communications across all your social networking accounts.
  • They also offer features that will assist you to run a competitor evaluation, which means you're able to see the way to outperform several other brands within your specialty.

SmarterQueue Upgrade Options
Solo: $16.99/month when paid yearly
$19.99 per month
Business: $33.99per month when paid yearly
$39.99 per month
Agency: $67.99per month when paid yearly
$79.99 per month
Custom: Starts at $16.99per month when paid yearly
begins at $19.99 per month
Customize any program with add-ons.


facebook, social media, chalk blackboard


Much like Hootsuite, Buffer was from the social networking management area for quite a very long moment.

Buffer is a platform that is commendable. It permits you to handle multiple social networking profiles easily and contains lots of the very same attributes as Hootsuite.

This programs arranges your scheduled articles in a queue listing format so that you can easily scroll down and track the articles which will go out in your different social programs. Neat and Easy.

Additionally, it lets you schedule content when surfing the net with Chrome extensions. Where Buffer beams is its capacity to track user activity and suggest the ideal time to post according to your own followers' activity. Pretty cool!

Using a fundamental free Buffer accounts, you can join three societal reports, 10 scheduled articles at one time, and may have an individual user.


Afterward is a totally free, easy-to-use platform for beginner businesses seeking to schedule videos and photos on their social websites. (You can't schedule text-only articles with Afterwards.)

After functions with Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest, and contains a 30-post limitation every month for every single platform (50-post limitation for Twitter). It's possible to add a social profile each stage.

To program a post, all you need to do is upload your own media and drag on the photograph or movie that you need to program onto the calendar. Set your caption in the comments section and select your own time to post!

For entrepreneurs on the move, Afterwards even offers a free program you may download to get Android or even iOS. A big and this program is its own Instagram preview attribute.

After scheduling your Instagram articles, you can actually preview exactly what they will look like in your current feed. You are able to drag and decorate your scheduled articles the best way to to make sure your aesthetic is only how you desire!


Friends+Me is a fantastic platform that primarily concentrates on Google+ attributes. Regardless of the discontinuation of Google+, this instrument is still really beneficial. Additionally, it supports a number of other social programs like LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and Tumblr.

They have a totally free plan which lets you schedule five articles at one time, and they offer you, standard support providers. You might even incorporate with Pinterest and Instagram, however, you must update the support to achieve that.

Friends+Me Update Options
For Folks
For Firms
Little: $29/month
Moderate: $59/month
Big: $259/month
Read more about pricing alternatives here.

Zoho Social

Zoho Social allows you the flexibility to program your own articles as soon as your audience is most likely to be active and engaged. They also offer you an intuitive content calendar that makes it possible to map out every one of your articles for optimum organization.

Furthermore, you may use it to track your mentions instantly so you're able to respond quickly. Zoho Social includes a free version that provides you restricted monitoring and scheduling.

Zoho Social Upgrade Options
for people and Firms
Standard: $10/month billed yearly
Professional: $25/month billed yearly
For Agencies
Agency: $200/month billed yearly
Agency Plus: $300/month billed yearly
to learn more about pricing, take a look at the comprehensive pricing list here.

The Finest Complimentary Social Media Editing Tools

Do not get the perfect quantity of lighting or the appropriate angle? Here are some free Social Networking editing tools That Will Help You post the best pictures and videos each time:

VSCO (Phone Program )

However, VSCO is really an wonderful picture editing tool that your company can use to make bold, attractive visuals to your social networking stations.

With this phone program, editing is a breeze. Use some of the numerous free presets, or choose your own route and make custom filter and color edits to match your aesthetic.

VSCO saves all of the pictures you edit to a”studio” for you, so you will never eliminate track of any pictures that you would like to post.

Happen to enjoy among those postings you made in a post? Click the edited picture, press on the ··· button at the bottom right, click”duplicate edits.” After that, click your unedited picture that you need to replicate the edits , press on the ··· button and then click on”paste edits.”

Voila! Do not be concerned if it does not look perfect right off — it is easy to pop in to the picture and then adjust edits as required.

PhotoScape X

As an all-purpose picture editing program, PhotoScape X may perform a lot.

Download the program for either Mac or Windows 10 to get a complete editor directly on your desktop computer. Its editing system is user friendly and you'll be able to see your edits look in real-time right in your picture. Additionally, you may also make animated GIFs — that does not love GIFs?

Produce cut-outs, collages, combine photographs, copy and eliminate components from pictures — the chances of the tool are infinite. And it is totally free!

Adobe is famous for having some of the best of the best in regards to marketing computer software. One of those top-notch software's everybody wishes they'd is Photoshop.


However, what if I told you that you are able to get Photoshop at no cost? No, this is not a fantasy — just visit the program shop on your telephone and kind “Adobe Photoshop Express.”

This simple version of Photoshop still has lots of tools that will assist you edit and create amazing pictures for your social networking stations. Use preset filters or make customized images — cropping, lightness, color, sharpen, blur, and much more — to deliver your pictures to perfection.

Looking to spice up things? Easily include textual elements or decals to your pictures to get a pop of pleasure.

Adobe Photoshop Express Upgrade Options
No in-app update-alternatives, but you are able to let Adobe Photoshop
Know more about Adobe Photoshop pricing choices here.
Video is among the fastest growing online advertising and marketing tools in use now.


Typito is also simple to use, a completely free program that can enable you to deliver premium quality graphics very quickly.

It is a drag-and-drop interface which allows you create videos with pictures, videos, along with magnificent typography.

Typito also provides you format choices based on every social network (LinkedIn, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter) to make sure you have the ideal aspect ratio to the station you are submitting to. Additionally, it urges what every format is ideal for (e.g., feed, pay movie, narrative, etc..)

Typito Upgrade Options
Starter: $29/month OR $25/month billed yearly
Professional: $66/month OR $55/month billed yearly
Premium: $149/month OR $125/month billed yearly
Business: Contact Typito to get a customized program
Read more about pricing choices here.

The Finest Free Social Media Tracking Tools

Your social networking marketing is not finish the moment you hit post. You have to engage with your own followers and see what they're referring to you. Together with the free tools beneath, monitoring your interpersonal networking accounts has never been simpler.


Twitter is a superb platform for participation. It's simple to use, lets you connect at any user on Earth directly, and you may open a dialogue with your own first tweet!

That having been said, Twitter is a really noisy stage. Spending a couple of minutes assessing your feed may quickly become hours!

If you're a busy Twitter user, have a peek at TweetDeck. This management tool permits you to eliminate some of the sound, which makes the time spent engaging and researching on the stage a great deal more efficient.

TweetDeck also lets you make a customized port where it is possible to track certain customers, hashtags, your channel listing, or search phrases. If you are a serious Twitter user, then you are going to love TweetDeck.

TweetDeck Upgrade Options
Not one of this stage is free for everybody.
If you're searching for a deep dip in your Twitter existence in comparison to your opponents, you will need Followerwonk.


The basic, free version of Followerwonk lets you join using a Twitter account. View your societal authority positions, search bios, and examine your societal chart to your opponents and business leaders.

You are able to see who your opponents are after, who's after your competitors, the number of followers that they have, as well as their active hours on Twitter.

Using their search bios instrument, you can look for related key phrases to help your company discover potential clients, workers, or simply thought leaders. It is unquestionably a completely free tool worth striving.

Google Alerts

The all-powerful Google: It may help you track your presence online! Establish Google Alerts to determine where folks are mentioning your company.

Insert alarms for certain terms associated with your own brand and business — when you place them up, you're going to get email updates on most of the latest mentions.

Google Alerts Upgrade Options
None of the stages is free for everybody.

Social Mention

This hot free tool can help you keep tabs on mentions of your brand across many platforms, like facebook, Twitter, websites, news reports, and other online media outlets. The information accumulated from Social Mention is categorized from those four things:

Power — how frequently your manufacturer is cited.
Sentiment — negative or positive.
Fire — would be the material likely to be shared?
Attain — just how many people the cite reaches.

Social Mention Upgrade Options:
Not one of this stage is free for Everybody.

The Finest Complimentary Social Media Analytics Tools

Ensure that your social networking campaigns are doing well. Have a peek at these analytics programs so that you can be certain that you're driving involvement and growth to your company


Awario supplies you with all the strong analytics you will need to keep track of your growth. This societal analytics tool will help you to form your societal mentions by thoughts.

Additionally, it lets you view line graphs and maps that will assist you view visual information and identify trends. Awario includes a free trial, however there isn't any totally free program.

Awario Upgrade Options
Starter: $29/month
Guru: $89/month
Business: $299/month
to learn more on pricing assess here.

Just how much traffic to your site comes from societal stations? Regardless of what stations you use to your social networking advertising, without a means to quantify your return on investment (ROI), all your efforts mean nothing. You Have to Be able to examine your results and answer important questions, such as:

What pages do people spend some time on and participate with?
How long does traffic from societal websites spend on your site?

Google Analytics

Google Analytics may provide you with all these answers and a great deal more. Simply put up analytics onto your site to track and analyze your visitors. It is a complete must-have app to understand how your interpersonal networking attempts are bringing in fresh traffic and leads, and on top of that, it is totally free!

Contact Google for More Information.

Do not forget that many social networking networks have built-in analytics that monitor your own performance!

Twitter Analytics, Facebook Analytics, Instagram Insights, and LinkedIn Analytics are valuable resources you can use to monitor your traffic, followers, and engagements.

And, since they are already built in to every station, there is no excuse to not use them!

The Finest Complimentary Social Media Graphics Tools

Visuals are essential to your social networking marketing material. With these wonderful options, you are in a position to make engaging images that resonate with your audience


Visme is a top name in the visual content production match. From social networking graphics and demonstrations to printables and outside, it is possible to create all of your visual content using this user-friendly tool.

The fundamental program is totally free, and you may use it for as long as you need for as much as five jobs. This really is an excellent risk-free choice to explore the way you and your staff can begin creating amazing visuals together with Visme.

Among the greatest elements of this system is the simple fact that they put you up for success in utilizing their product, as a result of their massive choice of instructional tools. Their Visme Versity contains an educational website, useful videos for tutorials and ideas, live webinars, and books and handbooks.

Moreover, you can save a great deal of time with their templates that are incredible. They supply thousands of topics and templates for almost any visual material format you want.


If you would like to make amazing, custom images for articles on social networking, Canva provides you with a lot of tools to select from.

Canva makes it effortless to create stunning graphics and layouts — and, even if you would rather start from scratch and make your personal, that works also!

Beyond social networking, this layout site offers a lot of tools for generating flyers, documents, marketing content, and much more. Whatever you are doing on social networking, you're probably going to need to test Canva out.

Canva Upgrade Options
Canva Guru: $12.95/month OR $9.95/month charged yearly
Canva Enterprise: Get Canva for additional information
Find out more about pricing choices here.


Like another picture founders, Stencil includes a easy drag-and-drop tool which lets you create any societal picture you desire.

Look through more than two million royalty-free pictures to use as wallpapers and include fun text to give context and value to your viewers.

Pick from some of the pre-made templates and customize it to match your brand.


Infographics are still an important sharing tool to disperse knowledge to your viewers. And, should you will need a very simple founder to produce some kickass infographics, Piktochart is the very best alternative.

Piktochart features plenty of amazing templates that you can customize to match your brand, your own data, as well platform.

There are even demonstration templates if you intend on producing an informational slideshow, LinkedIn SlideShares, and much more.

Cost is dependent upon number of group members.


Making stunning visuals to your social networking accounts helps you to engage your viewers. The Over program simplifies the procedure for producing branded visual content using stunning images and cartoons. You may create articles for your narrative, for societal media advertisements, and on your profile.

Over is easy to use, also it lets you collaborate with your group associates on projects.

More Than Upgrade Options
Guru: $69.99 annually
Read more about pricing alternatives here.
Try Before Buying

While social media may appear daunting, employing these societal networking management programs can help you arrange your efforts and keep them more focused.

Be aware that many of these tools work more purposes than said here, and also the stronger and flexible that they can be, the more valuable they could be to your company.

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By way of instance, Hootsuite, while a wonderful monitoring software, may also be an excellent social mentioning instrument!

As you become more proficient with their usage, you will become a far better social marketer and also will reap the benefits of this highly effective internet advertising medium.

All these 23 tools (30 Free Social Media Management Tools for Boosting Engagement) come free of expense to you — no limited trial period, only free resources which may help you build a better brand on interpersonal networking. However, if you ever wish to dedicate to these tools and use them to their entire potential, there is always room to update!

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15 Free Tools to Boost Your Social Media Engagement

15 Free Tools to Boost Your Social Media Engagement Camila Souza February 27th 2015 7:00 am Being active on social media is an essential part of your marketing plan.

To see more, check out my Fan Page Robot Review (a lesser-known, but excellent social media management tool that also has a viral post engine so you can pick the top content!), and the BinstaApp Review – the newest and most effective Instagram Automation tool for growing your account and monetizing it to unbelievable heights! Or, go to my Affiliate Thunder homepage for more reviews and articles, thanks!

Please feel free to share questions, comments, or what your favorite social media management tool is and why. Thanks!


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