34 Profitable PPC Stats to Keep Your Eye on in 2020


34 Profitable PPC Stats

From a consumer's standpoint, advertisements are a dreadful thing. They frighten you by popping up throughout your surfing sessions, even once you're listening to the audio, or whenever you are playing games onto your cell phone. However, while we occasionally suffer through this inane junk, advertisements have changed for the better in the past few decades. PPC stats indicate the best ads are not those who rudely interrupt you to give you something you do not want; it is those that look when you are really searching for those who make cash. When you are looking for some product or surfing through relevant sites, PPC advertising excels.

Pay Per Click

PPC (pay-per-click ) marketing is a version where you pay a particular supplier, such as Google or Facebook, to publicize your advertisement to target viewers. This version is known as”pay per click” since you simply pay the supplier once an actual user clicks on your advertisement. By means of this system, companies reach the consumers they need without wasting any money. The PPC sector is rising, and the two firms and suppliers appear to be profiting via it.

We have accumulated over 30 fascinating stats about this business so it is possible to see exactly what all the fuss is all about.

  1. 85 percent of customers use the world wide web to look for local companies.
  2. Brand awareness can be raised up to 80 percent through Google paid advertisements.
  3. Paid marketing yields $2 for each $1 invested — a 200 percent ROI rate.
  4. 53 percent of clicks are created on cellular devices.
  5. Traffic attracted through PPC advertising yields 50 percent more conversions compared to organic advertisements. (Social Media Now )

Social Media Today reports that through 2017, more than 7 million advertisers spent a whopping $10 billion to PPC advertising. PPC marketing appears to be rewarding and both businesses and people recognize that.

PPC is among the best few generators of search-engine conversions.

Obviously, all companies want to better their onsite conversions. Statistics for utilizing PPC supplied by Formstack reveal that PPC is among the top three generators for this particular metric (17 percent ), together with email advertising (18 percent ) and search-engine site conversion (24 percent ).

Traffic attracted through PPC advertising yields 50 percent more conversions compared to organic advertisements.

Based on 2017 info from Moz, PPC marketing creates 50 percent more traffic and conversions compared to advertisements via organic keyword phrases.

  1. 79 percent of entrepreneurs state PPC is enormously beneficial for their enterprise.
    Hanapin Marketing's Condition of PPC report for 2018-19 assesses the significance of PPC from the advertising world now. According to info from this report, nearly all marketers believe PPC supplies a massive boost to their enterprise.
  2. In 2018, 62 percent of marketers said they'll boost their PPC budgets for the subsequent year.
    Significant PPC stats offered by Hanapin also imply that PPC budgets will continue to raise. Over fifty percent of specialists surveyed (62 percent ) said they'd boost their PPC budgets at the subsequent 12 months. Additionally, 68 percent of manufacturers reported that their funds for PPC were larger than a year ago, 18% stated that they were”much larger,” while just 9% reported using a smaller PPC funding.
  3. 97 percent of customers use the world wide web to look for local companies.

Statistics from 2017 supplied by BrightLocal reveal that 97 percent of customers use the internet so as to locate local companies, while 12 percent do so daily. This information tells us how much we rely online for our customer requirements. In addition, it points to how lucrative PPC advertisements can be if you're able to reach your target market and create decent PPC traffic. With virtually everyone using the world wide web to discover nearby companies, a well-placed paid advertisement could lead them .

65% of individuals click on advertisements when making purchases.

Google ads listings which have keywords associated with purchasing — such as store, checkout, and purchase — are more inclined to draw clients in. Data released by WordLead shows that 65 percent of users click on advertisements containing those key words when they are seeking to create a buy.

40% of companies will enjoy their PPC budgets to become larger.
(Social Media Now )

Nowadays, an increasing number of companies are recognizing the significance of PPC marketing. Based on PPC facts supplied by Social Media Today, 40 percent of surveyed companies think their PPC budgets are far smaller than they ought to be.

(Statista) – 34 Profitable PPC Stats

When we examine PPC stats for 2020, it appears one of the principal hurdles in electronic marketing is the existence of ad blockers. Approximately 25.8percent of global users had advertising blockers installed on their own apparatus in 2019. This figure is forecast to grow, but at a lesser rate than previously.

92 percent of online paid advertisements go undetected by consumers.

Ad blindness is also a massive issue in the PPC business. Statistics supplied by Koll indicate that the huge majority of advertisements fall prey to advertising blindness.

Throughout 2017, 7 percent of net users had a negative view of online advertisements, in contrast to 1 percent in 2018.

PPC stats from 2017 show that 7 percent of net users had a negative view about online advertisements. 1 year after, this number dropped to only 1 percent.


Google search stats demonstrate it claimed 92.96percent of this market in September 2019. This information confirms what most people already understood; Google is undoubtedly the hottest search engine for PPC marketing.

34 Profitable PPC Stats – (Statista)

Google advertisements is an online marketing platform where consumers pay a particular commission to Google because of their advertisements to be displayed on the search engine along with its associated services. Google Ads is among the most well-known ways to market online. Ads on Google Advertising cost a pretty penny, and that's why Google earned over $116 billion in 2018 during this service .

Google Ads' Screen Network reaches 90 percent of net users through 2 million sites.

Google Ads' Screen Network identifies visual, banner-like advertisements that show up on all sites which take part with the Google Ads system. Based on Google's statistics, this support reaches 90 percent of internet users via 2 million sites.

41 percent of clicks from Google searches visit the top three sponsored advertisements.

Over two-fifths of clicks created through Google searches visit sponsored advertisements. WordStream's Google research figures reveal that 41 percent of all clicks created on Google visit the top three sponsored advertisements that appear if we hunt for something.

  1. Paid advertisements yields $2 for each $1 invested a 200 percent ROI.
  2. In 2016, 50 percent of UK-based net users couldn't tell the difference between paid advertisements and natural results.

Statistics from this study suggests that half of the poll participants couldn't distinguish between paid advertisements and natural results. It is important to bear in mind that outcomes were associated with their age and the way recognizable users were using the net generally.


Paid advertisements appear to succeed not just in drawing the clicks, but also in contributing to real purchases. Data supplied by Moz indicates that consumers that reach a goal site via PPC ads are 50 percent more likely to make a purchase than those who discovered the exact same site through organic outcomes.

The typical click-through speed for Google advertisements is 3.17 percent.

CTR (click-through rate) signifies the amount of consumers that click on a particular connection (in this instance an ad ) when compared with the entire amount of those who have visited it. Steps of CTR are utilized to ascertain how effective your advertising campaign really is. Just click through rate stats for PPC on Google supplied by WordStream show the average CTR for many Google Ads is 0.46percent for display advertisements, however an impressive 3.17percent for search advertisements.


The typical CPC for display advertisements is significantly reduced: $0.63.


Who understood Google advertising price so much?


The largest players in the PPC marketplace are, undoubtedly, Google and Facebook. Generating the most earnings and holding massive parts of the current market, they're definitely the most well-known platforms one of advertisers.

Bing's typical CPC is 1.54, 33 percent lower than Google Ads.

While Bing PPC includes a considerably smaller hit than Google, advertisements on this particular platform has its own advantages. Bing's typical CPC is 33 percent lower compared to the Google Ads: $1.54 across all businesses. Additionally, it is worth mentioning that Bing advertisements reach 63 million users which other platforms overlook.

53 percent of clicks are created on cellular devices.

To say that cellular PPC advertisements are on the increase are an understatement. Consequently, anybody seeking to better their advertising campaigns should probably look to maximize their own advertisements to get cellular access.

69 percent of those who have smartphones utilize them .

The 2018 Near Me Shopping Report from Uberall showed how many men and women rely on their telephones for shopping. One of the tablet smartphone consumers, 69% used their apparatus for shopping.

60 percent of users are extremely likely to click on the initial two or 3 search results.

Drawing from precisely the exact same Uberall report on PPC numbers, we could observe how successful mobile PPC advertising is. Of surveyed cellular users, 60 percent were”very likely” to click on on the initial two or even three Google outcomes, though a further 30 percent were”probably” to do so.

Of all cellular clients, 70% phone their own goal company directly through Google Advertising.

Incorporating your company's telephone number to your Google advertisement appears to cover off. Based on data on PPC tendencies offered by PowerTraffick, 70 percent of cellular users predict companies directly via an advertisement on Google. This eliminates one step in the procedure and contributes to greater sales at the close of the day.

52 percent of shoppers who click or see PPC advertisements call that advertiser directly after navigating.

This information offered by CleverClicks further highlights how successful PPC advertisements can be and just how successful it's to incorporate your company's telephone number into the advertising itself. Over fifty percent of surveyed online shoppers known as the advertiser instantly after navigating and interacting with all the advertiser's PPC advertisement.


In 2018, there have been over 300,000 mobile programs involved with the Google Mobile Advertising system.

Statistics supplied by CleverClicks inform us that there were 300,000 distinct cellular programs involved with the pay-per-click Google advertisements network in 2018.

Adblock use is climbing on mobile devices in addition to PCs. In 2016, the whole number attained 615 million.

53% of consumers abandon websites which take more than three seconds to load.

If you are attempting to create sales, you want a website that loads fast. It has improved over time, however it is beneficial to keep loading rate in mind when generating your revenue site.

In 2018, Facebook made $55 billion through advertising revenue alone.

In 2018 alone, Facebook made $55 billion in PPC ad earnings. There were doubts regarding how Facebook would function due to its various information scandals through 2018. But it appears that not merely was Facebook unhindered by those scandals, but the company really earned more than anticipated during this year.

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The typical CPC for Facebook advertisements is 1.72.

Even though Facebook has a bigger share of their PPC marketplace than Google, its own CPC is more economical. WordStream's Facebook marketing statistics demonstrate that, across all businesses, Facebook's typical CPC is 1.72.

Individuals aged 18-24 have 75 percent of their attention span of their 65+ market when it comes to seeing Facebook ad videos.

It has induced Facebook to restrict its in-feed advertisements to 15 seconds to be able to reach younger audiences.

PPC (pay-per-click ) refers to some promotion model where advertisers pay a specific quantity of cash to suppliers every time their ad is clicked. PPC rates fluctuate between those suppliers.

What's cost per click?

CPC (cost per click) signifies the true cost advertisers pay for one click on their advertisement.

What's PPC significant?

By way of instance, when you market through Google Ads, your ad will look whenever someone creates a search attached to a merchandise or visits a connected site.

Normal conversion rates vary between 2 percent and 5%. When looking at exactly what your goal PPC conversion rates ought to be, you ought to keep a look out for the typical in your business. By way of instance, fund has 5 percent average conversion rates, whilst eCommerce's average is a lot reduced: 1.84 percent.

That's a benefit of advertisements on the internet with Google Advertising? Utilizing Google Ads enables your organization to reach a massive number of individuals, thereby boosting your brand visibility.

What's a fantastic average CPC?

A fantastic average price per click rate ought to be set by the purchase price of this item that you're selling. The more expensive the item, the further you ought to be eager to pay for every click.

What's a Fantastic CTR?

Statistics from 2019 reveal the normal CTR in Google advertisements is 3.17 percent. This figure would seem to be skewed by some especially successful campaigns; generally, anything more than 2% is deemed decent.

Just how much does Google Advertising price?

As we have mentioned, the price is set by the amount of actual clicks customers make on your own ad. Whenever your funding runs out, Google stops displaying your advertising until you add extra income.

Depending on the stats we have introduced, we are comfortable saying PPC isn't simply a profitable business, but one that is growing quickly. PPC advertisements are less bothersome and attain a broad but targeted viewers. Additionally they work in this manner that companies spend money only on real site traffic. Obviously, PPC marketing isn't a promise of success — the merchandise and the advertisements themselves have the largest influence the result of your advertising campaigns.

Even though PPC campaigns are often profitable for advertisers, they are a massive money-maker for suppliers. We just have to look at Google advertisement revenue statistics to find out how successful this business is. As is true with a great deal of businesses, cellular PPC marketing is taking over as cellular devices getting quicker, better, and more widely utilized. Prospective advertisers must optimize their advertisements and sites for cellular users if they would like to get forward.

These programs are really worth keeping an eye on in the event that you're considering more affordable advertisements that aim otherwise-forgotten audiences.

We expect the PPC stats we have demonstrated that you paint a picture of the way the marketing world appears in 2020 and set you on the ideal track with your advertising endeavors.

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