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Hey, I’m Rod, creator of Affiliate Thunder,


I have been a professional web designer, affiliate marketer, and online business creator and owner for almost a decade. I am going to tell you, in my opinion, what the best small business to start at is and the how to’s of at home business, which can grow to be as large as you decide based on your passion, drive, and work ethic. I worked for many large companies in the web design and maintenance departments, managed email marketing campaigns, did social media and search engine marketing campaigns, and learned how the big companies keep up successful, large websites doing SEO and are visible in the search engines and have a large flow of traffic and many customers.

Having this background, when I found Wealthy Affiliate, I was shocked by all they have to offer. I have never seen a program that covers virtually everything that you need to know in the area of web design and online business creation. I also love that you can create a website and subsequent business on anything, most importantly your dreams and goals, that you are passionate about. You can expound upon anything you love to write about, and can then watch it become the very thing that provides you income and eventually all you need to be financially comfortable. To me it is amazing and a gift from the founders Kyle and Carson.

I love writing, web design, and especially the Revenue Generation from Social Media Marketing, Digital Marketing, Email Marketing, and the whole process of PPC (all learned in an easy, step by step, apply as you go, method on Wealthy Affiliate), martial arts, cross-fit, fitness, chess, surfing, nutrition and health supplements, charitable endeavors, exotic cars, hiking, mountain climbing, Qigong, and most importantly meditation. Not only does building online websites and revenue provide me time to do these things, but I can build my website niche/theme around them and write all about them, my experiences, and make money doing it! There are many opportunities out there, but none that I have found, and I have searched tirelessly, that you can base around what you love most and make money doing it, that is a true blessing!

Many people love to blog, here you can write blogs endlessly on anything you love to write about and design an amazing site around it and turn it into a fully functioning business. Wealthy Affiliate has everything you need to do this, check out my Wealthy Affiliate Review. That and other things that I mentioned were major selling points for me. Also, since I know a lot about the industry, there really isn’t anything out there that comes close to offering what they do and as effectively. They even teach you extensively on how to avoid scams, which is really important in this industry.

On top of creating sites around Wealthy Affiliate and all their amazing features, I am also currently developing sites around Martial Arts, Health Supplements, Various forms of Media, Luxury Cars and methods for cheap acquisition and profit, as well as affiliate marketing on many low competition products and markets I am into. I also plan to design some of my other passions and hobbies such as travel, meditation, and mountain climbing. You can really create sites around anything you want and monetize them effectively with methods Wealthy Affiliate teaches!

This site is marketing Wealthy Affiliate, but it really isn’t one that I am doing for profit, it really is designed to help people see the benefit of joining Wealthy Affiliate. There are other good programs out there, but Wealthy Affiliate, I feel, is the best to join first, to get the best foundation, and covers more areas than any other program when it comes to online business, especially web design and monetization with affiliate marketing and E-Commerce which is how almost every business website makes money.

However; these have become side projects because the knowledge that I have learned here has allowed my work to be recognized by top professionals and businesses, and as a result, I have done highly profitable collaborations, monetary web design consulting and contracting, Social and Digital Marketing for People and Companies, and am currently the Marketing Manager for Sunset Studios Media Solutions, Inc.


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