About Me

Hey, I’m Rod, creator of Affiliate Thunder,

I have been an affiliate marketer, and online business creator for a very long time. However, I worked at some companies doing similar marketing activities for a while, and now I am back at it!

Having this background, when I found Wealthy Affiliate, I was shocked by all they have to offer. I have never seen a program that covers virtually everything that you need to know in the area of affiliate marketing, website setup,  online business creation, and , crucially: the overall digital marketing niche and how to advertise and build your brand! I also love that you can create a website and subsequent business on anything, most importantly your dreams and goals, that you are passionate about. You can write about anything you love to write about, and can then watch it become the very thing that provides you income and eventually all you need to be financially comfortable.

I love meditation, martial arts, Qigong, nutrition and health supplements, charitable endeavors, and living life to its fullest.

This website is designed to help people, and a few of my other new sites, and you will find one common theme: affiliate marketing and digital marketing, top training, SEO, advertising, email marketing, selling high-quality offers with PLR w/ rebranding, networking with big time affiliates, and launching campaigns built with affiliates.

This methodology can and will make you a profit online, but it is hard to do it alone. Not impossible, but without a couple of things, big profits are out of reach for most, unfortunately. But, a couple of the training programs I recommend truly can lead you to major profits, but it takes real work. That is worth it to me, and I know it is to other people as well. The ability to work at home and make way more than 90+% of what most jobs can offer! That is why I got into this niche. To spread the message. I loose nothing from it, and neither does anyone else!

Many people love to blog, with Wealthy Affiliate Premium, you can write blogs endlessly to build major Authority, and on anything you love to write about! You can design an amazing site around it and turn it into a fully functioning business. Wealthy Affiliate has everything you need to do this, check out my Wealthy Affiliate Review.

Some of my new sites, and one’s that are coming out or revamped:

  1. AffiliateMarketingMonk.com
  2. SoaringVideo.com
  3. SunsetSoundVision.com
  4. ShaolinDigitalMarketing.com
  5. ShaolinMobileLeads.com
  6. EarnMoneyWithTheInternet.com
  7. TrueWealthOnline.net
  8. CaliMarijuana.club
  9. NextLevelMarketing.online
  10. TradionalMixedMartialArts.com
  11. HealthSupplementWorld.com
  12. EasyStocksandTrades.com
  13. OlympusSocial.com
  14. SpectrumLuxuryCars.com

Click here to explore Wealthy Affiliate:

Message me on Facebook at facebook.com/profitcouture or leave an email or comment in one of the posts if you need any help or guidance, or if you have any JV type stuff to discuss. Thank you!

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