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Hey, I'm Rod, creator of Affiliate Thunder,

I'm Rod, your personal concierge during the wild west I have come to understand as the world wide web.

I invested all my extra time (just the little I had), learning how to use this online thing to make money on the web.

Me, 10 years before, only a fantasy…

I had no expertise.

I had no assistance.

“But there's 1 thing I did possess, a DREAM.”

I knew others had been earning money in the internet world and I wondered if that could be me and determined how they had been doing it. For that I needed someone who knew exactly how to do that. In my case, it turned out to be anyone proficient. However, I did find some coaches/mentors who showed me the tricks of the trade, the easier way! Just to name a couple: Kyle, founder of Wealthy Affiliate; a couple individuals from Secret Entourage, and long time affiliate legend I'll call Andy.

I mean seriously, why could somebody else do this if I could not. I'm a hard worker, so I decided to put their claims to the test. Is it really easy anyone can do it? To my surprise, due to the learn, apply, and earn method made it very easy to consistently carry it out washout having to crunch numbers all day.

So, as I began I told myself, I must work until I know for sure. That is exactly what my next 6 weeks seemed like online.

MONTH 2: Concerning the same. I understood it was going to work however. When you have millions of folks buying things on the internet and 10,000's of businesses begging for individuals to help them market their goods, you own a company!!

I was able to begin turning a profit. I spent hours assembling

I had been going to college every day knowing I was earning more money while I had been a pupil in relation to my professors that taught my course.

I had been making constant earnings that I felt comfortable “going all in” on this internet thing. I have not looked back since!

Measure forward a few years, I've observed it all.
I've experienced a good deal over the internet world…and I've experienced the luxury through the years to assist 10,000's of people succeed online via Wealthy Affiliate, my social entrepreneur hangout. And, at the times I didn't devote myself to this, the opposite occurred, making it very clear to me, that following the process, and not winging it, has always brought the best results!

Recently, I have joined an ultra-limited training program called Traffic Masters Academy with the traffic master himself Jaszdeep, where I have learned to master traffic in ways I never could figure out like the giants. It has taken me to new heights and is my number recommendation for anyone, beginners to start their journey and skip a lot of the headache, and for Pros, as there are legends in this group who wanted to learn from the traffic master, to take your game to incredible heights.

So, if you are serious about this, I hope to see you in Traffic Masters Academy, where there is constant communication amongst the group and Jasdeep, biweekly coaching sessions as a group with Jasdeep, one on one coaching, and sharing of all the new techniques that are working. I have been in many of the top training programs, as I am always trying to expand my knowledge, but I have never seen the attention and caring and ability to cut through the noise and succeed or take your success much further, it's amazing. Sign up here: trafficmasters.org

I work hard, but I have a life that I control, I like, I get to spend how I need. In my spare time you'll find me:

(1) Studying Meditation & Various Martial Arts, Learning new affiliate technology, having moderate fun with friends, etc.
(2) Travelling, Taking Adventures, Check out exotic surf spots, and have fun.

(3) Last but very much most important, the beauty of making amazing money through affiliate marketing is the ability to help others out who need it. I used to struggle for money, and I realized I didn't know everything that was available and how fun it can be, not to mention gratifying!

That's my entire perspective on the manner. Straightforward, but at precisely the exact same time exciting. I operate from home every day and the whole objective of my website here would be to help you perform exactly the same (also to prevent the excess scams being sold as guaranteed).

Again, I'm Rod. Wonderful to meet you personally and should you don't hesitate to contact me should you need anything. Drop me a comment below or you could always get in contact with me through

I have been an affiliate marketer, and online business creator for a very long time. However, I worked at some companies doing similar marketing activities for a while, and now I am back at it!

Having this background, when I found Wealthy Affiliate, I was shocked by all they have to offer. I have never seen a program that covers virtually everything that you need to know in the area of affiliate marketing, website setup,  online business creation, and, crucially: the overall digital marketing niche and how to advertise and build your brand! I also love that you can create a website and subsequent business on anything, most importantly your dreams and goals, that you are passionate about. You can write about anything you love to write about, and can then watch it become the very thing that provides you income, and eventually all you need to be financially comfortable.

I love meditation, martial arts, Qigong, nutrition and health supplements, charitable endeavors, and living life to its fullest.

This website is designed to help people, and a few of my other new sites, and you will find one common theme: affiliate marketing and digital marketing, top training, SEO, advertising, email marketing, selling high-quality offers with PLR w/ rebranding, networking with big time affiliates, and launching campaigns built with affiliates.

This methodology can and will make you a profit online, but it is hard to do it alone. Not impossible, but without a couple of things, big profits are out of reach for most, unfortunately. But, a couple of the training programs I recommend truly can lead you to major profits, but it takes real work. That is worth it to me, and I know it is to other people as well. The ability to work at home and make way more than 90+% of what most jobs can offer! That is why I got into this niche. To spread the message. I loose nothing from it, and neither does anyone else!

Message me on Facebook at facebook.com/profitcouture or comment in one of the posts if you have any awesome input or need any help or guidance, or if you have any JV-type stuff to discuss.

Thank you,

Rod Sherwood

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