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Life teaches us invaluable lessons. Among the most significant ones is that you must always monitor your activities in order to have the ability to ...


Can you arrive to a job that you hate, with coworkers you can not stand? Sadly, this really is a reality for tens of thousands of Americans from the ...


Graphic designers consider Photoshop as the Holy Grail, the pinnacle of Style. Not to mention, it's the world-famous software that's always contemporary, ...


If there's anybody who can counsel you against Blogspot, it is me. That is because I started my very first site using Google's free Blogger site. Why ...


Thus, you wish to begin a site huh? Fantastic idea! However,…how the hell do you begin? There is so much information available on the internet, and ...


Introduction It merely requires the ideal actions to arrive. We have assembled this essential guide that will assist you on the way. Afterward, ...


Posting consistently on Facebook and also other societal networking sites is not simple. Where would you locate content? What do you need to share? ...


A surefire sign of any successful company is one that is success at lead creation and populating its pipeline of customers. The ones who stand apart from ...

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You might not know it yet, but you can be a super affiliate. It merely takes the right steps to get there. We have put together this essential guide ...


This AFFILIATE MARKETING PROGRAM SOFTWARE MARKET 2020 has many notable changes that are essential to keep up with this years new set of acceptable trends. ...


As internet users are still reject conventional online advertising, customer startups and Fortune 500s alike are devoting larger budgets to non-disruptive ...


Appsumo Review 2020 Business & Marketing Software Trends To Look For! In this post, we are looking forward to see what is likely to be hot (or not) at ...


Videos and motion images have become an essential component of several successful entrepreneurs' content plans. In reality, as shown by a 2019 poll, 95 ...


From Keyword Research to Youtube - Getting Traffic From Videos Review is understanding the way to leverage video inside your articles advertising ...


Using Content Marketing Strategies in Email Marketing With 191.4 billion emails sent each day around the world, grabbing your clients' attention with your ...


Google News Initiative The Google News Initiative is Google's effort to work with the news industry to help journalism thrive in the digital age. If you’re ...


When I first started in affiliate marketing, all I wanted was to simply make money. Off I ran in every direction, trying everything, without a real idea ...


A Complete Guide to Maximize Profits and Visibility Let us discuss YouTube. Odds are, we have spent a wasted day watching one ridiculous cat movie ...


I'm going to share a strategy that will help you produce a lucrative site and make passive income with this Fan Page Robot Strategy guide. With a little ...


The affiliate marketing business has increased astronomically in the past ten years, significantly as a result of again in the internet visibility of ...

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    LAZEE PROFITS REVIEW - UPDATE: LAUNCH PRICE PERIOD ENDING SOON 47% OFF Discount Code is Applied For Your Purchase...Gain Immediate ...

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This is example of scorebox shortcode in widget. You can find parameters here It has introduced a new storage option though, with a 32GB model now lining up ...


You can use this Post Layout Full width Optimizing for Reading for such Post layout The Zhiyun-Tech Crane v2 is a 3-axis handheld gimbal stabilizer offering ...

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This article has fake information and just for demo purposes Nothing comes close to the Galaxy S8 design-wise. It’s the best-looking phone I’ve ever seen, ...


This article has fake information and just for demo purposes Nothing comes close to the Galaxy S8 design-wise. It’s the best-looking phone I’ve ever seen, ...


This article has fake information and just for demo purposes Nothing comes close to the Galaxy S8 design-wise. It’s the best-looking phone I’ve ever seen, ...


Whether it’s welcoming a new baby, celebrating the winning shot in overtime, or discovering the best taco stand ever—we all want to share these moments with ...


This morning in our Mountain View, CA backyard, we kicked off Google I/O, our annual developer conference. Much has changed since our first developer event 10 ...


Last week thousands of developers joined us at Shoreline Amphitheatre in Mountain View, CA, at Google I/O, our annual developer conference, for three days of ...


A year ago, we introduced Google Photos with one mission: To be a home for all your photos and videos, organized and brought to life, so that you can share and ...

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ConvertPlus Popup Plugin For WordPress Review
The Most Advanced Popup Plugin On The Market
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Funnellogics Review Ultimate Funnels Vault and Bonus Profit Strategy!

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Briefcase by AppSumo is a membership-based service that gives you access to dozens of top-tier business software tools for $49/mo. Is it worth it? Find out now!
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The Ultimate 3-step System To Generate Thousands Of Dollars Every Day In Affiliate Commission. Created By The #1 CB Affiliate In The World, Robby Blanchard!

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CB Engine is the software that tells you everything you need to know about the product to promote, and how to do it the right way! And, you get more product descriptions and statistics on whatever product you choose to represent - in any niche. Or, whichever you choose to purchase.
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Product Launch Control Review

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Bloggers Roadmap Review

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60 Minute Reseller Review

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Digital Profit Master Review

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InstantAzon Pro Review

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  1. Great product, fast and efficient lead magnet squeeze landing pages made in seconds, with various choices where you want it to redirect too!

  2. You may be able to get your money back through ClickBank which is who you paid as this is an affiliate website. If you are looking for an Affiliate Marketing training program that is the real deal without a doubt, then Wealthy Affiliate is the way to go, and you don’t have to take my word for it, there are thousands of new members each year with no experience that become successful building there own online business in any niche they choose. Hope that helps!

  3. I only ask because it is one of the systems that I represent on here that I haven’t tried personally and seen success. I will now check it out because I don’t want to show anything that doesn’t work. However, if it turns out to be fine, I would recommend contacting the “Explode my Payday” customer service as I did not create this program. Thank you for your patience!

  4. Could you explain what you didn’t like about it? It is one of the top ten methods in ClickBank in this category, and CB is known for having quality products. If it isn’t, I’d love to know why you think that. Thanks

  5. “Avada is the Swiss Army Knife of WordPress Themes. It does everything!” – Collis Ta’eed, CEO of Envato

  6. I am now offering PinPinterest as it is rated 2018’s number one Pinterest marketing automation tool, as well as some other Pinterest and Social Media marketing tools to choose from.

  7. Much agreed, EverWebinar makes the process so much more streamlined! Thanks for your comment!

  8. I agree, I also believe this is one of the best aspects to EverWebinar! Thanks for your comment!

  9. Yeah, WebinarJam is a top product, and it works so well because if you ever need to integrate with EverWebinar, you can it in something like 3 minutes. Also, here is the WebinarJam 14-Day-Free-Trial: http://affiliatethunder.com/webinar-jam-free-trial
    Thanks for your comment!

  10. They are indeed one of the top online marketing funnels, and webinar alone sells so well due to establishing trust, and engagement! Thank you for your comment!

  11. You do not need to be a big shot to have a webinar sales funnel at all. If you are an affiliate marketer, you just need a landing page with your affiliate promos and offering them something for their email, then use your affiliate link to redirect to big-name webinar signup pages ie. Super Affiliate System, Commission Hero, Passive Affiliate Profits, etc. Then, once you make some money, then copy that exact formula sharing your experience selling affiliate products. That’s when you launch your webinar on ClickBank or others and watch the affiliates signup to promote your stuff. That’s the formula, and EverWebinar is the best to do it with once your there. If you already own a product of any kind, then this is perfect for you to start making real deal sales ASAP! Go for the gold, not ordinary sales pages! I truly hope that helps!

  12. Agreed, your point is exactly what makes this a money generating powerhouse. All you need it the right offer to sell, and follow the webinar set up training, and then Set & Forget as it brings in massive sales!!

  13. Much agreed, and yes it integrates with Social Media either directly with a Webinar Funnel signup page, or indirectly through all the social media management software tools, popular autoresponders, and sales tools that are standard integrations for EverWebinar! Hope that helps!

  14. Yes, of course, you try out with the free trial, and then EverWebinar will guide you to their regular plans! Click here for that free trial start: http://affiliatethunder.com/everwebinar

  15. Wow, I am glad that I introduced you to a product that really has all the bells and whistles you are looking for! Thanks for your comment! Remember, don’t be shy and give that free trial a shot so you don’t feel like you missed out (when you’re ready): http://affiliatethunder.com/everwebinar

  16. Thank you for saying that! Much appreciated! When I write I try to not only show the Pros & Cons, but also show the most efficient ways to get started with the product. And any special features that make it easier or cheaper!

  17. I agree, it has training and support, plus literally everything you need to make professional-level sales, whether you are an affiliate or a vendor!

  18. I agree plus the integrations with pretty much every major and popular sales tool, plus free trial membership! Awesome! Check out that free trial here: http://affiliatethunder.com/everwebinar

  19. Thank you for your comment! And, some of the biggest names in Affiliate Marketing use Webinar Funnels, and Webinar Affiliate Redirect Funnels to make 6+ figures on an ongoing basis. Names like Robby Blanchard, John Crestani, and Russel Brunson! Webinar Funnels are perfect for Big-Ticket products and build huge trust and authority, not to mention, you get to share your knowledge! Robby Blanchard’s free Webinar drops some knowledge on exactly how you can make money with EverWebinar, either schedule or watch the replay here: http://affiliatethunder.com/commission-hero-webinar or http://affiliatethunder.com/commission-hero-free-webinar-training

  20. Yes, I love the money-back guarantee trial period for EverWebinar and Webinar Jam! They integrate with all the top marketing tools for affiliate marketers and vendors alike!

  21. Thanks for your comment, I like the scheduling system on top of the anytime webinar feature, where it auto schedules, and there will always be an open time for maximum traffic engagement!

  22. Thanks for your comment! Not to mention, but they integrate with all the top email autoresponders, and send emails in sync with the webinar funnel, for maximum engagement b/w you and viewer! Which is one of the reasons the ROI can be so high!

  23. It is indeed for Webinars that can play anytime and you can Set & Forget them. You can also do Live Webinars, and Webinar Jam integrates with it seamlessly, which is one of the top Live Webinars software available! They integrate which is awesome! All with a limited time discount! The webinar affiliate redirect funnel, or a full webinar funnel have been shown to have the highest conversion rates, engagement, and ROI/Sales!!

  24. Plus get “Affiliate Contest Crusher” E-Book absolutely free just for checking out this offer through this link!

  25. Well, you can check it out here with the Discount: http://affiliatethunder.com/everwebinar-new
    Because I completely agree with you, it has everything you need to effectively market!

  26. All Premium Training
    All Premium Website Features
    All Premium Support Channels
    Jaaxy ELITE included
    All Premium Live Events
    All Premium Hosting Features
    Full Access to Community
    All Future Premium Features & Services

  27. There’s a free starter account (no credit card required) – http://affiliatethunder.com/wealthy-affiliate-free-starter-signup or Black Friday pricing right now – http://affiliatethunder.com/wa-black-friday-pricing for their Pro account for serious users!

  28. No problem, it simplifies setting up lead capture pages and has lead magnets built in, so it simplifies the process majorly! Thanks for your feedback!

  29. Thank you for your comment, I agree very much!

  30. Yes, for an Ultimate Pro solution, it’s very easy to use in comparison to say Dreamweaver or even Muse, they have a serious learning curve where you have to know several coding languages to pull it off; whereas Xara’s interface is like using Wix, but has way more cool stuff and the ability for serious design and development as well, so it’s awesome for a newbie designer/developer, and even has lessons on Design and Development. However, if you are trying to build an online business, Wealthy Affiliate’s sites are even easier to build with their SiteRubix for WordPress and Enterprise level hosting and has earn as you learn training for affiliate marketing and E-Commerce. So, I would ask myself what my primary goal is for my website. Thank you for your feedback!

  31. Indeed, for people that are serious Designers and Developers, this is an amazing solution. However, if you are a marketer, it wouldn’t be my first choice. Wealthy Affiliate’s builder and hosting would be. However, I use both, depending on what I am trying to achieve. Thanks for the comment, Anny!

  32. For design and development, I agree. There really isn’t anything that includes so many elements without having to pay extra! As I have already mentioned, if you are going for affiliate marketing or E-Commerce, the site-building and hosting included in the Wealthy Affiliate Premium membership, at least in my opinion, is the way to go. So, if your goals are beautifully designed sites for a way cheaper way to go than say Adobe where you have to sign up for multiple platforms to get the same results, then Xara is the way to go. It’s all about what you want to achieve with your site! Thanks for the comment, Anderson!

  33. For solely having a total design and development platform, I agree. For affiliate marketing, I’d say Wealthy Affiliate’s SiteRubix builder for WordPress and their hosting is a lot better though, as it is all in one platform. So it depends on what your ultimate goals are! Thanks for your comment, Sean!

  34. That’s awesome, it is a top product for Web Design and Development for sure! Thanks for your comment, Shantel! May I ask what you are currently using for Web Design? Thanks

  35. Yes, it incorporates SEO, and has many cool features. Whether or not one would choose to use this software depends on what your goals are. As I have mentioned in another comment, if you want to be a successful affiliate marketer or E-Commerce seller, then I would recommend Wealthy Affiliate’s platform and training, as building WordPress sites there is way easier and geared toward making money online, check out my review here (I also have post about incredible success stories within it as well): https://affiliatethunder.com/product/wealthy-affiliate-review-top-affiliate-training/

  36. It is very good software, and Magix is associated with a big-time movie studio, so you know it’s going to be quality, especially with all of the features. However, if you are trying to build affiliate marketing sites in particular, Wealthy Affiliate is the way to go, because it makes building sites way easier. Although, this software does have incredible features for Web Design and Development. It depends of what your goal is? Because Wealthy Affiliate loads your chosen template within 30 seconds and is ready to customize, and is hosted on the fastest and most secure platform on the net. Even better than WP Engine and their competitors, for no extra cost on top of your normal hosting charges which are the same as the cheap popular hosts like HostGator or NetSol, but way more advanced and it completely blocks spam. So if you are a marketer or want to be online, Wealthy Affiliate Premium is the better way to go. It just depends on your goals. Thank you for your Feedback, Louis!

  37. Thanks for the comment, Terry, I agree with you!

  38. Agree Completely! Thank you for your feedback, Teddy!

  39. Much agreed, and why I have reviewed it and used it! Thanks for your feedback, Desma!

  40. Maybe they will add that, however, those credits, the more you have, become highly targeted buyer traffic, so the credits can convert to cash if the system is followed the way the creator lays is out. Very simple interface! Thanks for the comment, Daphne!

  41. Actually, it is a credit-based system, where you earn the credits as you share your viral links and drive people to the site, as they earn credits, you earn some, and they build. Some other sites have expensive membership costs. So, I would carefully compare before looking at a system where you have to pay a lot. There are systems that are super-viral, like Perkzilla. It does cost some money, but they do have sales. That would be the only Premium cost Viral Platform I would recommend, because other similar sophisticated viral platforms like that where you can offer contests, giveaways etc. are in the thousands. So, this is nothing price-wise compared to that. However, if you want all the extra functionality, then you may want to check out my Perkzilla Review: https://affiliatethunder.com/product/perkzilla-the-referral-marketing-monster-review/

  42. That depends on how much time you devote to following the process. Earning credits is the key to that. I will try to find some data to add to the review. Thank you for the feedback, Oliver!

  43. Thank you for your feedback! I am glad that you were able to get something out of it!

  44. That seems to be the common theme, it is very easy to navigate with their step by step down the page setup that guides you on how to maximize profits from it. Thanks for your comment, Patricia!

  45. Its simple interface makes it easier to understand what to do to get it rolling; whereas even if other sites that are similar are legit, they definitely can be way more complicated to reach any kind of success with. Thanks for your feedback, Marley!

  46. Very true, their longstanding success is proof of that! Thank you for your feedback, Meg!

  47. Much agreed that is my thoughts on it as well! Thank you for your feedback, Rickard!

  48. It is a relatively easy way, but earning credits is important for succeeding there, as that is where the viral value increases. But the cool thing is, it easily guides you on how to do that, and if followed it really is not that hard. Thanks for your comment, Roy!

  49. I agree Terry, thank you for your comment!

  50. That is one of the key features that I honed in on too, the ease of use. Surprisingly there are Premium templates that are rated right along with Enfold that are also very easy to use such as Avada or Ark, some of the other most popular themes on Themeforest! Thank you for your comment Storm!

  51. I agree! Enfold, as well as the other top 2020 WP Themes on Themeforest have great business-building template demo imports, even for Agencies. Thanks for your comment, Anny!

  52. Thanks for your comment Laura, I agree, it has numerous demos or templates within it that support high-quality video display, and that quality isn’t lost using the child theme, which I think is important especially if you want some extra customization!

  53. Yes, many WordPress templates do not have those extra features. However, the cool thing about the top templates on Themeforest/Envato Market is that they include either built in forms, or include Premium plugins that have that ability so you wouldn’t have to pay the extra money, which is awesome! Thanks for your comment Shantel!

  54. That is true, unfortunately, the premier, top quality WordPress templates are usually exactly that price; however, at Envato Market, they often do sales where you get the top themes for many prices. If you look at my sidebar, I have a Price Drops section where if any template or product that I review from Envato or Themeforest, and other product reviews, it will show the current sale price they will be offering for Pro templates. But I agree that the prices for Pro templates are a little steep. At Template Monster, their templates can be anywhere from $90 to $250 due to the incredibly high-quality nature of their top templates. However, Themeforest on Envato has way more pro templates, and many of them are not that expensive at all. It just depends on the quality of the Stylesheet that you want. Thank you for your comment!

  55. I agree! Using child themes makes the imported template much easier to customize, design, and develop your own style within the stylesheet of the demo import you use. Or you can freestyle if you know HTML and other coding! Thanks for your comment!

  56. Absolutely, it is one of mine as well! Especially if you have an email list, the viral links are very effective! Thanks for your comment!

  57. Thanks, Storm for saying that, viral traffic, if done right, can be one of the most effective sources. If you or anyone is really into Viral Marketing, I would highly suggest checking out my Perkzilla Review, as it is a super high dollar, proven effective multi-faceted viral content platform, but for a reasonable price. Similar programs to Perkzilla are thousands of dollars. Check out the review here: https://affiliatethunder.com/product/perkzilla-the-referral-marketing-monster-review/

  58. That is very true! Thank you for your comment!

  59. Thank you, Sylvia, for your comment. It really delivers the more credits you have and the more you setup ways of sharing your viral links. The more it gets shared the more people will be sharing it depending on your earned points. I hope you find success in getting some quality traffic from it!

  60. Thanks for your feedback. The key to succeeding is making sure to follow exactly what game plan laid out for you in the program. Otherwise, people try things but then neglect it and don’t see the results they want. That goes for the programs I have reviewed so far. It’s all about taking the coaching and direction in order to succeed the way that others have with it. Thanks again!

  61. Thank you for saying that, it is definitely worth a look!

  62. Awesome, I am glad that you got what you needed from it. Whenever I write a review I take two things into consideration – expert review testimonials, and user reviews. Combining that, I try to weed out what is authentic feedback vs. people who try to make something look like a scam, either because they don’t want people reviewing and promoting it, or because people make money off of making offers look different than they are. I have also tried and seen results from almost every product I have reviewed. So, thank you for your positive feedback!

  63. I agree the pros are captivating attention, and that your traffic credits build as you share your link! Thanks for your feedback!

  64. That was my take as well, and why I wrote the review, thank you for your feedback!

  65. I agree and that is only a small part, it also sends your auto-generated articles to the highest trusted article directories, for traffic and rankings, at places like EZines, referral, and press release sites. Pretty cool features for all of it is automated. Thank you for your feedback!

  66. CBEngine is a product, whereas your ClickBank account is free, but the CBEnigne has way more data, even trending promos and products, and even upcoming product launches, and getting in ahead of the competition. So you’re right, it does have better info on the CB products! Thanks for your feedback!

  67. Much agreed, it helps affiliates and vendors find out the stats and promo materials they need to stand out amongst the crowd! Thanks for your feedback!

  68. I am glad that you got something out of it, it really is a valuable and accurate roadmap to setting up a profitable blog. Thanks for your feedback!

  69. Agreed, and as I mentioned, to make maximum money launching your own digital products, or rebranded ones with resell rights, then, John Thornhill also has Partnership to Success where he will give you access to all of his top dollar ressellable and rebrandable products, help you launch them on major platforms, and has step by step coaching. Together, they will help you master Digital Marketing and building a profitable online business. Find out more about the combo here:


  70. Thanks for your feedback, your on point, it does what it says it does! If you promote ClickBank products or are a vendor and product creator, then CBEngine is one of the best tools for you at a very good price for the value!

  71. And, it was written by the same circle of the top digital product creators in the affiliate marketing and digital marketing niches! Thanks again for your recommendation and feedback!

  72. If that is what you are lookin to do, I agree, and John Thornhill also has his signature Partnership to Success program where you get access to all of his best selling digital products, he rebrands them with you, then he launches them with you. If you sign up for the Partnership to Success program through the Warlord Marketing Signature Series funnel, then you get a major discount, and both creators help you launch three top quality digital products on ClickBank, JVZoo, and Warrior+/Forum three products, three times in one year! It is incredible! And, the Warlord Marketing Viking Signature Series PLR is the perferct, most quality product to rebrand and launch with John Thornhill and Steven Alvey to their entire audiences and they even recruit affiliates for you during your launches. Check out this page to see hos Product Launch Control would work perfect with Partnership to Success and the best resellable and rebrandable product on the market Viking Signature Series PLR + Bonuses (for very good pricing!) here: affiliatethunder.com/best-affiliate-marketing-training-courses

  73. Thanks for your feedback! That is really nice to say, I have worked hard for my audience! And I agree with you about this product, the creators are masters, and have great combo programs where they partner with you on the whole process! Thanks again!

  74. Thanks for your feedback, I agree, it goes perfectly with Wealthy Affiliate. Part of their master affiliate training at Wealthy Affiliate (their earn as you learn courses) include doing a blog post everyday and have good training tips, and the Blogger’s Roadmap gives you everything you need to write an awesome post that will rank to the top of the search engines and templates to make it way easier on you. Not to mention the techniques for getting Newsletter subscribers from your blog, and maximizing conversions! Thanks

  75. Exactly, it shows the true statistics of what products and what niches are selling the most, and all their stats like Gravity and Popularity, as well as keyword related searches, not just exact match. It has way more data than the ClickBank marketplace for sure, and that’s why it has become a go to tool for ClickBank affiliates and vendors alike. Thanks for the feedback!

  76. I agree, if your doing Digital Products for sure, and the Partnership to Success program, made by the same people, if you engage with them, will take you by the hand and co-create digital products for you, rebrand high selling products with you, and launch products with you!! See the Parntershp to Success program at

  77. affiliatethunder.com/best-affiliate-marketing-training-courses
  • The code is quality so you get all the info on the top products and extra tools to promote them like the top affiliates!

  • Yes, I agree, this isn’t your average blogging manual, this is a program designed to teach you how to get maximum ratings for SEO with on page setup and toolkit, how to get maximum newsletter leads for your list, engagement and building an audience with getting massive comments etc., and how to get maximum conversions from your affiliate or product links. Thanks for your feedback, you seem knowledgeable!

  • Absolutely, using Lead Magnets as an offer for opting into your email list so you can build better quality relationships with your list! Thanks for your feedback!

  • Absolutely and that comes best through a solid ranked video and a good, SEO’d article on your site, and then you can spin the content for your YouTube description for maximum natural keywords and synonyms, on top of all the keywords and rankings for the video, video thumbnail alt-tags, and your articles SEO which is connected to the video and therefore improves SEO, Social Media, and Referral/Viral Marketing!Thanks for your feedback!

  • This is helpful for any niche or business model you are in. There are plenty of Real Estate programs. And, you could talk to the owners about doing a Done for You automation setup and VidBlog if you are promoting your own products. Then, they have traffic automation, which the software for getting referral traffic is getting really good these days for many reasons. Thanks for your feedback!

  • Absolutely and for the automation, Done for You help, and VidBloggin for pingbacks etc. is great. There are some really good WP Plugins that do this, and they may be a little cheaper, but not for the extras you get with this package. Thanks for your feedback!

  • That is very true!! I know from experience and the awesome thing is that it ranks you in Google and YouTube (and you can post to Facebook, Vimeo, and other Video hosting sites), under the featured launch or live video selection so that it goes to the top of the list, but because you are ranking it and your thumbnail in Google at the same time, those rankings only improve, so this is really good software for the price. There is other software out there like this, but it coasts thousands. This is better if you’re trying to be efficient with money! I combined with the upgrade Thumbnail Blaster (improves SEO even more, because it has all those keywords al-tags embedded and is posted with the video) and TubeSiphon Pro. It’s high-quality VidBlogging software automation, but for a cheaper price than an expensive plugin or snippet, and they do the automation once you’ve done the basic setup, so it is convenient. Thanks for your comment and feedback! It really helps!

  • That’s true, it is software that truly does help rank your videos really fast and in bulk. This is crucial because ranking videos is one of the most important elements of traffic for your offers, and ranking videos individually, especially if you have a lot, is a pain stacking process, whereas, with Video Marketing Blaster, you can rank the same video, or in bulk, for multiple keywords in the niche, and get ranked for them fast because they are simultaneously ranking in Google, and it helps even more to have the Thumbnail Blaster that goes with, that blasts thumbnails of your Videos’ featured image. This adds even faster ranking to your videos! Then if you are to market those videos, you will get much better placements. Thanks for your comment, I completely agree!

  • I agree, I try to find and research the newest SEO strategies and while I keep working hard at ranking what I have and what I create. Thank you for always having such positive comments, thank you for your interaction and comments!

  • The automation is what is the greatest about it, that and Video Marketing Blaster have taken off because they are good enough quality, get you conversions, and ranking and marketing video is huge right now, so are YouTube ads, so this really is a great automation setup. Thanks for your comment!

  • Right, to build your list is probably the best way, with social, to build your customer base, and loyal following, especially if you add value to your newsletter like free methods, bonus offers, etc. Easy Lead Magnets is great for someone who doesn’t know much about Squeeze pages and landing pages and creating lead magnets, as the process is automated. Thanks for your comment, I completely agreed!

  • They are really good lead magnets, and the opt-in pages are automated and pro, so it does work, especially when used in an offer with the same purpose, or with the agency license, you can make your own branded lead magnets for any niche, cool product! Thanks again for your comments, I am glad you like my site!

  • I agree it is not the end all be all by any means, I have many landing page plugins and systems, but this one is so simple and automated and pro quality, that it is very valuable for certain purposes, ie. where you put it on your site for leads to your list, etc. Thanks for your comment!

  • Yeah, TubeSiphon is part of the new trend, everybody knows that video is high converting and popular. So are Facebook Ads. If you could automate the whole process, and for a really good price, then you have one more way to add other revenue streams! Thanks again!

  • Thank you for your comment and thank you for saying that, SEO is crucial, the algorithms change, but there are techniques that work and at the very least help a lot from learning the process! Thanks again!

  • Wow, I really appreciate you saying that. SEO will always be important regardless of the algorithm changes, and there are ways to overcome them.

  • Exactly, the algorithms change all the time, since you’ve been in it for a while, I remember and I am sure you do to, the time when ranking and PPC were relatively easy to make money with, now new things are changing all the time. So, I stick to combining SEO for slightly longer articles (usually – b/w 1-2,000 words, SEO’d videos and even software for ranking. So, I know the struggle! Thanks for your comment!

  • I agree it is awesome that if you do your keyword research correctly and input them in articles and video descriptions and tags, you can rank videos even faster, so the combo works very well. Then, when you are ready, you can start PPC (Bing/Microsoft Ads, unless you really know AdWords), FB Ads, YouTube Ads, etc. To your success!

  • Yes, it is a very good program with highly successful entrepreneurs training you. I’ve been there and seen it for myself, as I see the owner driving his Lambo all the time, and have been to meetups where I see huge .com names! Thanks for the feedback!

  • I agree, I live in Los Angeles, so I have met and seen what they do for business, and they are truly legit! Some of it is advanced so I don’t know what level you’re at, but what I do is the Wealthy Affiliate Premium account to apply to my affiliate sites, then once making money, I’ll do some collaborating and training on Secret Entourage, love both programs! And, a couple more for insider tips! Thanks for the feedback, and don’t hesitate to ask any questions!

  • Well your exactly right, profits are hard to generate overnight. It is a process, depending on whether you are launching your own product or promoting affiliate products as an affiliate for commissions, if you put in hard work, it will work out for you. I think everyone who wants to get into this business should sign up for Wealthy Affiliate Premium first so they can earn as they learn with the apply as you go training that is actually the real website affiliate marketing method, where it is best to setup your homepage as your main offer. If you are planning on launching your own product, then I would combine WA with Partnership to Success or P2S, as he will launch three digital products with you in a year on ClickBank, JVZoo, and Warrior+ which has the potential for big money. The Warlord Marketing Signature Series is the perfect product pack to rebrand, and if you sign up to Partnership to Success, through the Signature Series funnel, you get a free webinar training, discount on partnership, and the three procut launches which is major! I hope that helps, and you can ask me questions anytime. I have a lot of things I have to engage with, so If I don’t answer right away doesn’t mean I won’t. It is easiest for me to subscribe to mailing list, and then email that email address back with anything you need to help you with creating an online business! I hope that helps!!

  • Thanks for saying that, they are all quality and they all work! If you do sign up, please do it through me and let me know, and I’ll give you thousands in useable bonuses for your online business, on top of whatever program you sign up for offers for bonuses. Thanks again!

  • I am glad that this is very helpful! Thank you for saying that! You are absolutely right, desperate times call for desperate measures for sure. But, to me, these aren’t desperate, as I have come to do it full time, and my entire lifestyle has changed for the better, let alone making money! Thanks again!

  • Thanks for your feedback and thank you for saying what you did! I completely agree and have compared just about everyone out there. It doesn’t mean there aren’t more, but these are top-ranked and I know personally that they work! Thanks again!

  • Thank you for your feedback and thank you for saying that, I dedicate a lot of time to creating quality content that is good, but most importantly true. I hope what you learn here, and if you start a training program, I hope you see some real success!

  • Awesome, thank you for your comment! Since your a beginner, let me know if there is anything I can help with or guide you to! Sign up for my email list and then email me about strategies and the best way to apply training programs etc. To your success!

  • Indeed it is! Thank you for your comment! Affiliate Marketing is the real deal. There are a lot of business models out there that just simply fail for all but a few; whereas, anyone with a computer and dedication can make money from affiliate marketing, and it grows as time goes on. Hearing those millionaire success stories isn’t fake news! Thanks again!

  • Thank you for your feedback! I agree completely, as that is how, once I got back into affiliate marketing, I started profiting faster than waiting for authority to build. I do advertising in the beginning while following the Wealthy Affiliate Premium Bootcamp. I do the advertising methods from three of these other programs out of the gate, as my site builds in the search engines, and that’s when you go from getting great commissions to incredible. Thanks again!

  • No problem, I am glad that it helped clear some things up about affiliate marketing training! Please feel free to ask any questions if you want to learn more!

  • Are you saying there is a lot of misinformation on this page? I know from experience that if the proper work is put in, these systems do work, especially when you combine a couple highly effective methods, which these programs are good because the top ones each have a methodology that works but is also unique within the niche. Yes, there is a lot of misinformation out there, and people need to understand what programs are scams, but I study that specifically, as one of my personal coaches runs the site Ways to Avoid Scams (online). I hope that clears things up. Thanks for your feedback!

  • I agree, thank you for the feedback, and, yes, these courses can yield really good profits, but they have to be followed and apply each lesson as you go. This is true for your website at Wealthy Affiliate (which I think every affiliate marketer should be a member of – its where I learned real affiliate marketing), and the Super Affiliate programs like the Super Affiliate System and Commission Hero also really do work, but you have to follow the over the shoulder training, and you have to reach out to them for their help, which they will give! Secret Entourage Academy is for online and offline entrepreneurs alike, and I have learned a ton of methods for both making money and saving money. The rest is described, but you are correct, these programs do work, I know from experience, and having seen other student’s results – which some are fantastic! I gained most of my results from Wealthy Affiliate Premium, and combining it with each of these programs at a different time. I currently am only a member of WA Premium and Secret Entourage, although I may still be a member of ClickBank University, but am cancelling it. Not because the training isn’t great, but because it is limited compared to somewhere like Wealthy Affiliate, and doesn’t have the ability to create massive commissions at a faster pace like WA’s Super Affiliate Challenge Training, Commission Hero, Super Affiliate System, Secret Academy, SuperAffiliates.com, CB Passive Income Elite. Rebranding and launching your own product would be the next step so you can become a staple in the game, and that’s where Partnership to Success and Warolord Marketing come into play. Hope that helps!

  • Yes, they are both incredible programs. I would suggest, unless you are already a member, using Wealthy Affiliate Premium to host your pages, and build your sites, and follow the training for every other aspect of affiliate marketing except what Commission Hero teaches – his method for affiliate marketing. They would be the ultimate to combine, as you would start profiting fast, and once you’ve made it through the Affiliate Bootcamp at Wealthy Affiliate Premium, while you are already profiting from Commission Hero, your commissions will skyrocket to executive-level money! Thanks for the feedback! I hope that helps!

  • Very true, for Digital Marketing niche products, and launching them, he has had huge success. If you sign up for the Partnership to Success program through the Warlord Marketing Signature Series funnel, you get a discount, plus they will launch three digital products for you on JVZoo, Warrior+, and ClickBank! There really isn’t an opportunity to get help like this at such a low price compared to what a company would charge someone for all the services. Wealthy Affiliate Premium is the best for affiliate marketing and has an exceptional affiliate program, and is great to combine with this. Or, if you like one of the other top affiliate courses, they would be great to combine with this, as the new trend in affiliate marketing is selling digital products and Vendor product launches. Hope that helps!

  • That is correct, in fact, all of the top affiliate programs I listed have that. The Super Affiliate System and Commission Hero are very similar in methods, so I combine that Webinar Funnel Landing page as my affiliate funnel homepage, and then I do Wealthy Affiliate Premium to build my site to Authority status, the combo can make you richer than rich!

  • The Super Affiliate System is not a scam, I’ve made money from the automated webinar affiliate redirect funnel and getting traffic from Facebook Ads and Native Ads. That is the system he teaches, so I know it works, I don’t have programming skills!

  • Thank you! I always criticize my own writing, but I appreciate the comment. Also, I am really glad that this article was able to help you as it is as on point as possible, I’ve done most of them and really researched them. Thanks

  • I agree completely, there is nothing that is too difficult as it is a step by step, apply to your website process. And, after a while, you wind up earning more than most jobs anyways!

  • That sounds great, I think every affiliate marketer should join Wealthy Affiliate Premium – earn as you learn with real affiliate marketing, step by step training! Thanks

  • Yes, as the original Viking PLR won Shark Tank, and this product is his Upgrade and endorsed by Peter Harrington from Shark Tank, as well as he is Partners with John Thornhill and the Partnership to Success program, where you get to launch three unique digital products in a year with them, and they promote it for you, and help you recruit tons of affiliates!

  • Thank you! I agree completely, and despite the minimalist, there is still a ton of really high-quality content! Thanks again!

  • I agree, to me you can’t get any better PLR than this, it won Shark Tank (his Viking PLR) and this is his Signature Series! High-value digital assets to own for any affiliate or digital marketer!

  • I agree, not sure about Exhaustive at least in terms of the training, they keep it simple, but yes with the rebranding and launching, but that is where the huge money is! Thanks

  • The support staff at Wealthy Affiliate are like no others, they are ready to help around the clock, thanks for your comment!

  • Yeah, I love it, you can get questions, either about the training concepts etc. or through Site Support, you can get technical help for your site. You get this 24/7/365! Thanks for your comment!

  • Much agreed, but I also feel it is good for affiliates of all levels, including Pro, the earn as you learn, or apply as you go training makes things way easier to setup your site for conversions! Thanks

  • Very glad to hear that, I have been a member for a couple of years but am only just starting up again because I left my job (as online marketing manager)

  • Much agreed, it has helped me to earn online tremendously!

  • That’s awesome! Building relationships with your list is crucial, and when you have their trust, then they trust the offers you promote to them. This is because they know by then you would only promote quality offers. Thanks for your feedback!

  • Thanks for commenting, I am glad you have gotten such good results!

  • Your comparison page is awesome, that is a great way to write a review! Honestly! Are you doing all-natural SEO and doing the “Infinite Loop” marketing cycle?

  • Awesome, that makes me very happy to hear, one of my purposes on here is to share the message that anyone can achieve success online with the proper training. I listed the top affiliate marketing training programs in the world so that people won’t learn improper methods.

  • Thanks for the comment! Yes, Everwebinar is used internationally. The scheduling and on-time webinars is perfect for that. And, if you are specifically setting it up for that then it should be just as easy as putting that in the settings. If you are looking for the on-time feature to play all over the world, it will, but I would suggest telling your audience to compensate for the time-zone difference. Hope that helps! Thanks! – Rod