Blogspot – Reasons to Avoid

August 20, 2020

Why Serious Marketers should AVOID Blogspot, Blogger or Subdomains!

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If there's anybody who can counsel you against Blogspot, it is me. That is because I started my very first site using Google's free Blogger site.

Why did I get it?

Thus it made sense in the opportunity to make the most of a free blogging system.

My very first site was at the baseball pitching market and it was the conventional nasty website.blogspot. I finally saw the light and proceeded into a customized domain, which was a nightmare with Blogspot. More about that in another second.

With that said, here is Why You Need to avoid Blogspot whatsoever costs:

You Will Damage Your Brand/Credibility

If you are attempting to construct a business or seeking to earn a living as a blogger, then you have to steer clear of Blogspot. All you have to do is analyze whatever business you need to enter. Do some of those successful bloggers or companies have Blogspot sites? I will predict the response is no.

You have to host your site in your customized domainname. I suggest WordPress since I feel it is the very best, however there are various other choices out there for example Wix, Medium, or even Shopify.

You will need to consider long-term about your choice.

Are you really intent on building a firm?
Are you really serious about earning money for a blogger?
If the solution is yes, then you have to behave accordingly.

I will confess I was frightened back in 2011 once I begin my very first site. So that is why the shot a cowardly strategy and assembled my site on a free platform such as Blogspot.

Rather, I'd have just bitten the bullet and bought my own customized domain name and web hosting. That said, avoid Blogspot blogs if you are intent on building a new (or private brand).

Blogspot - Reasons to Avoid

They Do Not Perform Well on Google

This is not a theory. ranking.

I will wait…

At least not to any rewarding, non-branded keyword phrases.

It is really ironic that sites generated on Google's very own blogging system do not work well in Google.

Search engine optimization is currently hard enough. Do not make it tougher on yourself/impossible using Blogspot.

Blogspot will neglect you on this front too.


It Will Be Difficult to Acquire Backlinks

I can tell you today that many bloggers are disinclined to connect to Blogspot sites. Bloggers are doubtful regarding linking out generally. So, their engrained doubt along with yours.

And regrettably, if you can not obtain backlinks, you are going to battle in search.

Here are some link building methods you can use to flip that around:

But wait… there is more:

You Won't Construct Website Authority

Among the most significant goals of link building and SEO, generally speaking, would be to construct web site power. That is because building your site's authority makes rank much simpler.

That is the reason why sites such as Forbes can rank on the next as well as first page over hours of publishing. Because most bloggers will not link out to Blogspot sites, you are going to fight to construct site authority.

Obviously, I have decided to concentrate on the search engine optimization reasons why you need to prevent this completely free blogging platform.

But, there are a number of non-SEO reasons to prevent it also.

You Don’t “Own” Your Blog on Blogspot

That is appropriate. owns your articles. This means that you may spend weeks or even years generating SEO articles just so that it may be erased in a moment.

This alone ought to be sufficient to make you stay away from this particular platform.

The attractiveness of a personalized domain name and self-hosted site is that you truly have your articles.

You are not confined by a different organization's terms and conditions.

You Must Follow Blogspot’s Terms and Conditions

Since Blogger owns your site and all of your content, you have to follow their guidelines. Meaning, by signing up, you're agreeing to their conditions.

Should you do something that they deem”from line”, then they could delete your site within an instant.

But let us say you abide by the conditions and you begin seeing some traffic expansion from the Blogspot blog. Well, sadly, there is bad news…

You can't Monetize is very restrictive about the way you can market your site. You are able to use AdSense in your site, however, there are limitations against services and merchandise sales.

This may be avoided in the start.

Customization is Restricted

You will find infinite layout and UX possibilities using a WordPress site. The exact same is not true for Blogspot. They have a limited choice of customization and themes is a battle if you are not a web programmer.

Trust me.

She thought I was mad in school once I tweaked the layout 5-10 times each day, wanting to make it”just perfect.”

Besides all of the reasons I have listed, there is something else that nobody speaks about:

Most .Blogspot Blog Posts Are Brutalized using Spam

Creating internet 2.0s for connection construction functions is a favorite gray hat procedure.

That means gray hat connection builders will produce a free Blogspot website, throw some articles on the market, and connect to their real site. This is a simple way to evaluate a backlink (though it's artificial). I'd say that constructing out internet 2.0s is among the most overused grey hat link building approaches there's.

Would you really wish to host your site on a stage which SEO is utilized for spam?

I know I would not.

And when I have given some thoughts about using internet 2.0s for connection construction, please listen carefully… You CAN get penalized for using internet 2.0s when the only real aim is to sponsor a backlink.

Because I have gotten many manual activities eliminated for customers that abused this strategy. The moment we have the Blogspot links eliminated, the guide activities were revoked. Do not mess around. Seriously. I said before that going from Blogspot to a customized domain name is a nightmare. Here's the reason why.

Moving into a Customized Domain Name is a Nightmare

I will head out on a limb and state most people beginning Blogspot sites don't have experience with website migrations or internet development.

The main reason I am making this assumption is the fact that it was accurate for me in the afternoon.

So, what exactly did I really do?

The fantastic thing is that I have done enough dumb things, which means you don't need to.

Not only will be migrating a massive headache, but additionally, it will negatively affect your search engine optimization functionality (in case you had some ).

301 redirects are assumed to pass 100 percent of their jurisdiction and backlink fairness. Regrettably, this does not appear to take place in practice. Meaning that even in the event that you execute your migration properly, your website's SEO performance will probably suffer for awhile.

This may be avoided if you only begin your site on a customized domain name.

However, I've one final reason why you need to prevent Blogspot and it doesn't have anything to do with branding, marketing, or anything else technical. In the conclusion of the afternoon, if you prefer to make a free site, it demonstrates that…

You Are Not Fully Committed

Nothing sets more anxiety to people who are losing cash. How are you losing now? I had been scared when I transitioned into purchasing a domain name and paying for hosting each month.

I am not attempting to offer you financial advice . I only know from personal experience that if you commit cash, it affects your whole mindset.

Particularly when you pay for hosting each month. It lights a fire under you as you do not need to keep being in the red each month.

This means you are going to come up with a way to cultivate your traffic and earnings. It is the drive which most men and women desire in my view.

Assembling a Blogspot site is a waste of resources and time – both my opinion, experience, and many top internet marketers agree.

You may thank me later once you don't need to undergo all of the crap I did. Hope this helps!

Let me know if you have any questions, comments, suggestions, etc., please enter them below, thanks!


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