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I’m going to share a strategy that will help you produce a lucrative site and make passive income with this Fan Page Robot Strategy guide. With a little budget in place and concentrate together with the Fan Page Robot system, this approach is going to give you a handsome amount every day.

Taking it on serious notes, making matters automated and keeping it consistent will definitely pay you back.

So what’s this strategy in actual and how it is likely to pay you back with thousands of dollars? Let us plunge into the core idea. Don’t worry, the idea is straightforward, though it seems somewhat difficult. But once you are clear about what you need to do, the whole procedure is rather easy.

Firstly, create a website/blog – that’s a site with trending news, fun-filled images, videos, and similar things. The site has to be developed using fundamental WordPress installment (and that’s something you can get done in 1-2 hours if you’ve done that before). You need to drive huge traffic to this viral website/blog.

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Watch the FAQs below if you do not know what it is.

In order to make the process happen, you need to write posts and post viral pictures and interesting videos therein. You’ll need to use a Facebook page, a Twitter accounts and an Instagram account to let these posts proceed viral on social networking and if visitors are directed to your site from social networking, they will come across distinct Google Adsense’s advertising there. Clicking on those advertisements will make you cash.

Notice: it’s a question usually, how much visitors to be pushed to your website. It is your decision. Initially, you should concentrate on target 1000 visitors per day, and increasing this count to 5k-10k visitors a single moment.

You may ask, why do we use Google Adsense? Is there any other alternative which may work as well?

Using other option than Adsense, you may face irrelevant ads issue. You need to place relevant ads to get the users or followers clicked them. It becomes important if your visitors is not organic, i.e. not coming directly from search engines.

You Need to Have:
The following things so as to carry out the Entire process efficiently:

Divide the process and rule with profits. Yes, we divided the process into three clear measures. Traversing sequentially using a consistent pace will provide you the profitable results in the end.

Note: You are required to comprehend the whole procedure, rinse it and apply according to your data.

Thus, start your procedure with all the website/blog creation stage. With fundamental WordPress installation, you are capable of doing so in a couple of hours. WordPress itself is a handy platform that’s rather easy to learn. However, you can go through numerous tutorials and learning stuff on WordPress through the world wide web.

It’s all about a fantastic CTR…

If you do not understand what CTR is, read the FAQs at the end of this report.

You need to put Google Adsense’s ads on your own website. And remember Adsense is a CPC network. That leads you making commissions on a click method.

It is a knockout difference, so now you may have what CTR means for your website.

How to Keep Your CTR High?

To be able to keep your CTR growing or maintained with a fantastic ratio, there are a number of simple things you can do.

The most important factor is your WordPress theme deployed on your site. Try to use an interactive, catchy but an elegant theme. Google the keywords like”Adsense motif” and”high CTR WordPress theme” to discover the topics that match your site content.

Maintain changing your theme every 1 or 2 months. This will put a pleasant effect on visitors also, thus providing you with a higher CTR. Most people use Facebook on tablets and smartphones, so a high proportion of traffic is going to be from cellular users. Your website and ads should appear great to them. With no responsive mobile version of your website, you are not likely to have a fantastic CTR.

It’s now the turn to search for trending issues, viral news, pictures and intriguing things. Obviously, it appears a bit hard to filter out numerous articles. You may try Unique approaches like I would recommend performing:

Keeping an eye on competitors’ societal accounts and sites. Look what they are sharing and that articles get more user engagement. Get some ideas or themes from there.

Google Trends is my other life savior. It will provide you insights concerning the topic that may drive a ton of traffic to you.

A Facebook fan webpage, Twitter accounts, and also an Instagram account would be the 3 must-have for societal media marketing. Get more likes/followers as much as possible. It is possible to again determine the number of tools to understand how to receive 1,000 likes in one day with our Boost Likes attribute.

The major thing is to get a Facebook page set up and keep it rising, since Facebook gets the most consumers. The webpages built with Facebook Ads are proven to be interactive with a great deal of active users. You can also take advantage from any of those Facebook’s phenomena:

Bigger RHS Ads:

The Right-hand side (RHS) ads will be bigger in size while being a little more costly than before. Though, there’s not a big difference in the dimensions of RHS and Newsfeed advertisements. Massive traffic can be acquired from RHS advertisements with a higher CTR. Notice: The only pitfall with RHS advertisements is that their visibility only to the desktop version of Facebook.

Newsfeed and Mobile Newsfeed Advertising:

Newsfeed ads from mobile and desktop versions draw a larger volume of users to a webpage, as compared to RHS advertisements.

Facebook Distributes Ad Budget Throughout Daytime:

Regardless of the time you upload your own ad and it has approved, Facebook spreads the ad budget in afternoon time.

Later on, you should move to $20-$30 per day’s budget. Purchasing a suitable budget will definitely assist you in achieving your own objectives.

Fan Page Robot

Content Production:

You need to keep customers active by making your FB page interactive and engaging. You can do this by posting a mix of articles. Create a proper schedule, place the timings when you are going to share what type of post. My recommendation would be to post 3-5 hyperlinks and graphics every single day for making the users engaged.

An example program:

10 am- Link to Article 1

Noon- Picture

2 pm — Link to Article 2

4 pm — Picture

6 pm — Link to Article 3

8 pm — Picture

10 pm — Link to Article 4

The process is straightforward and having a consistent pace will begin giving you a profit after a few weeks or even months. But if you’re the one like me who wants to possess the perks of the strategy on a bigger scale, and trying to enlarge it. You want to grow this business and enjoy it on a complete time basis, you have to go towards automation then.

Their social media marketing system will not compose stories for your benefit, rather it filters out the trending and viral tales from different resources. As mentioned previously, you need to create the stories on these subjects from your mind.

For the overall process to happen perfectly, it requires approximately 3-5 articles/stories to be composed for a day. It’s possible to hire a Content Writer on a sensible rate (we had to provide $3 to get a simple 300 – 400 word article). Believe me, if this strategy is going to pay you back, this amount will be less than 10 percent of the profit you will be earning.

Fan Page Robot Automates the Process

Evidently, it would be dull to discuss posts every two hours. While enlarging the process, you need to make your hands free to focus on other companies. A number of social networking management tools are out there to serve you at the best.

Fan Page Robot is really convenient when it comes to automate your social networking articles. The tool features many intriguing alternatives, like it lets you free of the tension for searching viral topics and news. With Fan Page Robot, you can easily fetch viral tales, pictures, videos, memes and relevant stuff by going into the keywords.

Crafting the tales on your words and getting images/videos out there, placing the scheduled posts attribute enabled to your Facebook pages, Intagram and Twitter accounts. Everything is automated now. You don’t have to bear the hassles of manual submitting, in fact you are free to practice other business enterprise. There is a calendar view option in the application which allows you construct a proper program for automated posts.

Be Focused and See Outcomes:

Clearly you have to come out of your comfort zone and take steps immediately. If you’re thinking about any magic that gives you passive income overnight, then it isn’t going to take place. What you need to do is take action, be focused and keep going on consistently.

You’ll start seeing positive results after a few weeks or even months. Analyzing the strategy and your own data, can help you apply it appropriately to your site. This way it’s possible to enjoy a higher ROI.


CPC stands for ‘Cost per Click’ that a person pays for every click on his/her ad.

What is CTR?

CTR stands for ‘Click Through Rate’. It pertains to a ratio that how frequently people will end up clicking your advertisements while seeing them. It’s a metric demonstrating how far your ads are doing well.

What is Google Adsense?

This is an advertising placement service powered by Google. With this stage, a number of site publishers to display their target text, videos and image-based ads on their websites.

Which type of Google Adsense is a system?

Google Adsense is a CPC (cost per click) system. It pays you on the grounds of a click received on your ad.

Would one handle the copyright issues with videos and images?

No, the copyright of images and videos can’t be obtained.

What if a person copies a post from a source on his/her site?

It will get your Adsense account banned.

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Fan Page Robot Review 2020: Is It a SCAM or Not?

Fan Page Robot is a social media board used to manage and improve the number of your fan page’s clients. Thanks to its varied tools and methods, you’ll be able to get more followers, more net page likes and, as a consequence, more sales.

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