How to Choose a Blog Niche – Low Hanging Fruit

How to Choose a Blog Niche – Low Hanging Fruit
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How to Choose the Right Niche for You


I have always found that how to choose a blog niche or website niche, how to find a niche market, and relative keywords, free work home jobs, or freelance jobs is to base them on what I am most passionate about or interested in. Therefore, no matter what, I am interested in what I am doing and it isn’t a pain for me to work on the subject. And since a large part of building a site or a blog around your niche or niches is having to write and do reviews, I think it is better to be able to do it on a subject that you could talk all day about. Or at the very least, very much enjoy talking about it, so you can write about it as much as possible without it feeling like boring work. Also, choosing the most effective keywords will be phrases or words that contain the same letters as your niche and we will be getting into that as we go on.


The awesome thing about Wealthy Affiliate is that they teach you from the beginning how to choose a blog niche, to pick your niche based on the same principle. However, they also teach you to be as specific as possible, for the broader you are the harder it is to narrow down and sell because it takes that much more writing to cover all the info necessary to make the buyer feel comfortable. They also have an awesome keyword tool built in, and they introduce you to Jaaxy, which is the best and most comprehensive keyword analysis tool on the web.


How to Choose a Blog Niche that Will be Successful


How to choose a blog niche that will be successful and profitable? It is the techniques that Wealthy Affiliate teaches, and has its own keyword tool, as well as I, use a good basic overview keyword checklist when I do a review or to add to my Wealthy Affiliate training. For one thing, it gives great starting keywords and comparisons, but I recommend Jaaxy to really narrow it down. I personally use Jaaxy, Google Keyword Planner, and Google Trends when researching a niche, keywords, and the competition.


Jaaxy checks the Average Overall Monthly Traffic, Keywords Specific Traffic, Specific QSR or Competition, KQI (Keyword Quality Index and Overall SEO Rating from 0-100), and Whether or not that Keyword is available as a domain such as a.COM, .NET, or.ORG. Jaaxy can definitely help you pick the proper niche, based on the parameters Wealthy Affiliate teaches. First, you want to check how much traffic is coming to a specific niche name/keyword that you have picked, usually one that you are passionate about and can sell. You would put that into the Jaaxy keyword search area and click search and look at the number that is in the traffic section. If under the section called KQI, it is red, or sometimes yellow, then as a domain there is way too much competition and it will be very difficult, if not impossible to rank; this is the same with any keyword when it comes to ranking in the search engines, read on to find out specifics.


This is because there is a lot of competitors. The more competitors you have, the harder it will be to rank in the search engines and get good organic or natural traffic. So, you can also get niche name ideas on Jaaxy on the same page that you got results from your original keyword. There will be a list of relative or similar keywords. When you type in your original idea and search for names with good traffic.  This means that the best numbers on Jaaxy are traffic numbers Monthly Avg. above 100 and QSR (competition) below 100 is ideal, otherwise, there will be little visibility and too much competition. On Google Keyword Planner, the numbers come out differently than on Jaaxy. Try searching the same keyword, and you will notice that Google shows a higher number than on Jaxxy. This is because it does not break down the traffic sources with the same level of specificity, which is another reason why Jaaxy is my go to. In one case, the traffic shown on Google was 1000, while on Jaaxy it was 100, so compare accordingly, and know that it is either showing you the same metric but without a zero at the end, or it combines the Average Monthly and Keyword Traffic Monthly. So compare accordingly, and if you are not sure, go with Jaaxy, as it is designed for ranking and PPC.


I like to think about it like this. If I am looking for a certain Jean brand, I will type that type of jean into Google and look for a store that has cool products, whether they’re selling them there itself for their affiliate that has good competitive prices, and the popular types that I like all in one place. This way, as long as you have something to sell as a vendor (product owner) or affiliate publisher (the person selling someone else’s product on their site for a commission), you have a higher chance of converting right off the bat. But, this takes some research and some experience. So, that is why I feel it is essential to start with Google’s keyword and trend tools, but to really compile my lists and data on Jaaxy as it is much more specific.


However, I do use both Jaaxy and Google Keyword Planner, but comparing them both, if you’re going to use just one, use Jaaxy. This is because you get a much more accurate picture. Especially if you click on the “Alphabet Soup Technique” button then you can get some of the more commonly typed in search phrases that are niche related. Furthermore, you can use those phrases with your name and pick a .COM domain. I will provide some links to the specific pieces of training on these keywords, niche studies, and Jaaxy training in the Wealthy Affiliate Bootcamp that could be really beneficial to study as much as possible.


Niche Top Products and Services


Envato Market

Affiliate Egg - Niche Affiliate Marketing Wordpress Plugin

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Best tool for Niche Affiliate Websites on Wordpress
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What is the Best Keyword Finder and Domain Name Finder


Try Jaaxy Now: you can search any keyword and it shows what other people are currently searching for, high traffic keywords and domain names, and low competition keywords and domain names at the same time:




Jaaxy (the best keyword tool and niche studying platform), Wealthy Affiliate (the best online business learning and building site in existence, that incorporates Jaaxy and these techniques), SiteRubix (best site designer for WordPress by far, which is hosted by Wealthy Affiliate), Googlekeywordplanner.com and Google Trends (great, free tools to do some extra research about your niche and your market)



*Niche Marketing* and "Determining the Perfect Niche for You"

http://philandtomplus.com/subscribe Niche marketing is about selecting a niche where people are spending money as opposed to having a great product idea ...



 In Conclusion,

I hope that the integration in combination of everything from Wealthy Affiliate, the Bootcamp and the University, Jaaxy, the SiteRubix dashboard, Google Trends and Google’s keyword planner will help you with picking a really successful niche where you get high traffic, or at least develop high traffic over time, and get high conversions or sales. While achieving this, it is important to remember to pick a Niche with low competition. There is a saying that I’ve heard from many of my teachers over time that goes like this: “that I will teach you how to do this but here’s the catch you have to give it back and teach others, that is the secret of being able to keep what you have achieved, and to grow what you have achieved.” And, that has been the truth over and over.


So as I develop the site, it’s in the early stages I’m going to teach what Wealthy Affiliate has to offer, and will add extra value by showing online products that can help your WordPress site/blog in each area of online business and online marketing. And, you can use my site for pointers and improvement on what you’ve learned, for this site is for helping achieve success online starting with Wealthy Affiliate because I believe that that is where individuals will find the most success as it is my highest rated site for doing anything web business related. And, they include everything from software, plugins, themes, programs etc. that will help you achieve success in combination with what Wealthy Affiliate teaches.


Thank you, I hope you got something out of what I’ve said, and I hope you got something out of this niche selection overview – how to choose a blog niche with low hanging fruit domains and keywords. And I sincerely hope this inspires you to immediately join the premium membership at Wealthy Affiliate that you apply for below because I know that the methods are the true affiliate marketing and online business process to success and will always work if you truly follow the processes. Best of wishes, and you will get out ten times what you put in if you really work for it, nowhere else can promise that and actually deliver.

Master Your Niche = Master Your Brand


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