How To Start a Blog – Guide for 2020

September 11, 2020

How to Start a Blog in 2020 (Step by Step)

Want to start a blog without making the rookie mistakes? We have helped 130000+ users start a blog successfully. Watch this video to learn more. Starting a blog ...

Thus, you wish to begin a site huh? Fantastic idea!

However,…how the hell do you begin? There is so much information available on the internet, and everybody's telling you to do various things. Who would you hear? Where is the beginning point?

Damnit, perhaps you ought to just forget it — it is too confusing!

I was a blogging newbie also. I had exactly the very same issues. In reality, it was just the week before I had discovered what a blog was.

I know a lot about these, and my site's doing fairly well — I get over 300,000 unique visitors a month that makes me believe myself somebody you can listen to and learn from in regards to constructing your blog. I am not some type of Pro , but I surely do understand the fundamentals.

I guarantee it will be easy , comparatively simple , and certainly easy to know (no dumb jargon). Sound great?

Awesome, let us proceed.

Why You Need to make a site and join the blogging community

So below, I will outline precisely what you have to do to begin and put up your personal blog. Before we dive in though, I truly need to discuss WHY you need to construct a site.

Notice : Should you currently have a good idea of the whys, then bypass this and proceed with this manual.

Blogging has rapidly grown into among the most well-known methods for communicating and distributing news and information.

It is a fantastic way to express yourself and a fantastic way to share info with other individuals.

You become a much better man and a better author.
The very best reason? It is possible to earn money doing this!
I bet you already knew all that, but it is wonderful to be educated.

1 really final thing before we begin:

Making your own blog sometimes takes a little while, likely around half an hour. So grab a coffee or juice (anything you fancy) and let us get stuck inside. Should you want any help throughout the setup procedure, get connected with me and I will help as best I could and answer any questions that you may have).

In the event you buy any service through these links I may make a small commission, then this can be at no excess cost to you.


The Actions Covered Inside This Blogging Guide

It is nowhere near as hard as establishing a site from scratch (there is hardly any technical skill needed here). In reality, there is no programming needed by you.

You will find five chief measures you want to do so as to begin a blog. Should you follow this guide exactly, you will have your own site setup in half an hour or less.

Pick a Fantastic site platform
Select a web host for your site
How to Establish a site in your domain
Layout your new site
Useful tools for blogging
Thus, we left it. Phew.

Choosing where you need to construct bla blogs just about the very first thing you need to do. I will take a leap and assume you have heard of WordPress, which really is the stage I urge. It is enormous .

It is undoubtedly among the greatest blogging platforms on earth, with innumerable plugins and add-ons and nearly infinite approaches to style and design your own blog.

There are over 82 million active users of WordPress a whole lot, essentially.

There are additional options, however, and They're listed below:

Entertaining, and very straightforward to use.
Super simple set-up and is totally free to utilize
Lots of free themes and designs (I am not kidding, there are gazillions).
There is a huge support forum in the event you get stuck (you won't, but it is wonderful to have it if you require it).
Your site will probably be insanely quickly and it is going to also seem Functionality and kind — ideal!
People may interact with you readily. Your articles could be shared, commented , etc.
How to Decide on a Blogging Platform — (upgraded for 2020)

Today , Measure 2 (view, we are moving quickly now!)

Here is the biggest decision you will need to create before we proceed any farther. You want to determine whether to cover your site or catch a free one.

Wonderful, right? It is ideal for all those people who are not super serious about blogging.

How To Start a Blog - Guide for 2020

You will not Have the Ability to Receive your OWN domain

On a completely free website, your site's web address (your URL) will probably be butt-ugly. Like, really awful. In short, make a free site with some other the aforementioned free site services and it'll look like that:

I understand, awful right?

Two ) Limits and much more limitations

There are a few limitations to free sites. You can not fully monetize this, and you do not have the chance to upload all of those videos and graphics that you need to show everybody — it is all restricted. Worse still, you won't have access to this free themes provided by WordPress.

It may sound absurd at first, but you do not really have your own blog. Which means all of your hard work on your own site, those countless hours of composing blog articles may have disappeared within seconds. Sad…

You will have the ability to name your site whatever you need, by way of instance,”” or” It's possible to finish it with. com, . Add to this boundless bandwidth for videos, pictures, and articles in addition to the free topics and you've got a winning mix.

Much as you are thinking, luckily. It typically works out to approximately $5 to $10 a month, based on your hosting provider that's under a few coffees.

Should you still have queries, here is some Additional information for you to look in:

I will push forward based on the assumption you have selected WordPress, and in case you haven't, you need to. Seriously, it is the very best.

If you are a little confused by what type of self-hosted blog is, let me explain and ways to go about setting up one on your own.

You will want to think of a domain name you prefer and choose a hosting company that will host your own blog.

DomainName: The domain name is fundamentally the URL of your site. See? Simple!
Hosting: Hosting is fundamentally the business that puts up your website on the world wide web so everybody else can view it. Everything is going to be stored on the market. Consider it as a pc hard-drive online where your site is going to be stored.
Disclosure: I suggest using Hostgator for hosting, or Wealthy Affiliate for any online business website.

PersonallyI utilize Hostgator (for the site domain name and hosting), and I have nothing but great things to say about it.

A domain name will probably cost approximately $10-15 annually, however using Hostgator, you'll be able to find that for completely free initial year.

Should you register with Hostgator make certain to use the voucher code BB101 since this may unlock the utmost discount they provide on all their hosting packages.

They are the suppliers I use for all of the websites, such as the one that you're reading at the moment.

If for any reason you do not wish to go with Hostgator, then feel free to select your own hosting business.

This button will automatically install WordPress in your own blog. Can I say it had been easy or what?

All you have to do is register using Hostgator (along with your preferred supplier ), select your hosting plan along with also a domain name and search for the one-click WordPress set up button on the admin panel.

If you're getting stuck in any stage this manual might help since it's screenshots.

WordPress fundamentals are not often needed, however I would recommend whoithisvacy (that'll continue to keep all of your personal details confidential ) and automatic backups (that will save your site just if anything fails or disappears so that you won't shed any or hardly any of your site ).

Once WordPress is set up on your site, all you need to do in order to begin blogging is visit your WP-Admin page generally and get started composing by including a new article.

In the beginning, the design appears confusing, but it becomes really clear quickly. Do not worry!

Designing your own WordPress site

Wealthy Affiliate - Start Your WordPress Blog for Money
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Let us make your site look precisely the way you would like it to. To select a new theme, you can either go to Look > Themes and put in a free WordPress theme or you may visit a premium motif site like and purchase a motif for about $40.

I normally choose something which looks professional and fairly simple to personalize. WordPress also has this wonderful feature which lets you change themes with only a couple of clicks. Therefore, in case you start getting tired from the existing blog template, then you may simply change to a different individual without losing any valuable content or graphics.

Bear in mind, your site's layout should reflect both you and your character, but also what the site is all about. There is no point using a football-orientated motif if your site is all about tennis, know?

In addition to this, it needs to be simple to navigate if you'd like people to stay around. When it's catchy and hard to maneuver around it, then people won't remain. After all layout is a subjective art; significance everybody likes different things.

However, nobody likes ugly sites, plus they particularly hate sites which require a college degree to browse. Make it simple for them.

For more research, I have assembled 3 blog articles about designing your own blog. Don't hesitate to test them through.

Last step! Woo!

Bloggers come into blogging stadium with varying levels of internet and societal networking expertise, but we have made over just a few newbie errors — there is always room for greater learning and advancement, whether you are a beginner or you have been blogging for several years.

These articles might help you avoid a few of those growing pains in regards to your very first site.

And that is it! I am more than convinced your first blog setup should now be completed and ready to go, and all of that should happen to be really damn simple (unlike my very first time, lucky you!) . If you're having any issues installing WordPress on Hostgator afterward this manual might help.

If by some unfortunate circumstance you become stuck or have some questions for me on how to make a website, simply get in contact with me personally or leave a comment below. I will give you a hand with any difficulties.

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