Inspirational Quotes Work

Inspirational Quotes Work, If Your Habits are Right

One of the problems that I encounter when I recommend things that could improve another’s life such as starting an online business, people, even if they really want to, hesitate; but, personally, I believe that inspirational quotes work and motivational techniques as well. Regardless, other forms like discussed in the “Mel Robbins Ted Talk”, such as behavioral techniques and motivational habits are very beneficial as well. So, once a week, I try to have an inspirational quote day, to carry positive mantras with me throughout the week for motivation with my work.

Mel Robbins says that the inability to change is because of fear, that it is an actual physical response, which manifests as shame and guilt. Furthermore, this causes people to take no action. “Being overwhelmed with emotion”, she says, “when you think about all of the negative things” and you focus on the stress, you freeze, or you turn away from the things that need to be done. The saying that “the devil is in the details”, she believes, is usually either ignored or overlooked. This leads to a negative mindset. This keeps people from taking those small but crucial decisions that could and would change one’s life.

She even mentions it keeps you from making that decision to go online and make that life-changing business decision, but instead once again, people hesitate because of the fear, or the procrastination of waiting. People wonder if a method will really work, even if it is one with ample supportive evidence or a Free Starter Membership. “I’ll do it tomorrow”, people say, but in my experience, they say the same thing tomorrow; hence getting nowhere!

So, she is saying it isn’t as simple as “just do it” as Nike says. There is the automatic response of “well, that sounds good but not right now, or I can’t afford a little, even though it will lead to a large amount of money in the long run if I work for it”. This is the common decision-making pattern, which is said to be based on fear. So, how do you change this? Check it out:

“Mel Robbins on Why Motivation is Garbage – Impact Theory – YouTube” Review

Mel Robbins on Motivation

So, how do you go from laziness, procrastination, hesitation, shame, guilt, and fear (or whatever is holding you back) to new, positive action? How do you keep your brain from saying no? She says “act immediately, because your brain is wired to resist action, so you need to act fast to get things done and act fast to make life-changing decisions!” More than “8 Billion People” have confirmed that this is simple but true, have read her book or have heard her speeches and have seen dramatic changes from using it. It is like the 5-second rule, when you are at that informed decision moment, once you have considered whatever decision you need to make, this is when you take action.

If you consider it for a while, and you know what you want to do, and don’t wait for your brain to interrupt you, it won’t keep you from doing it forever. This is why this method is truly beneficial, you act and trick your brain before it stops you! This is what she calls “metacognition where you interrupt pattern loops” countdown from five, and then when you act, it interrupts your normal pattern rule. So, you develop a “starter rule” which interrupts the habit of holding off on what you need to do.

She admits it is a simple basic technique, but incredibly effective because you “move from a person that thinks about doing things, to doing things”. If you wait longer than five seconds, you “rob yourself” of what you want to achieve and change. She says the military, schools, businesses, and various organizations use this technique to get going into action for what you want and need to be doing.

Acting Your Way into Right Thinking

I know that this is basically how I used to get into the habit of working right away, for exercising right away, to meditate right away, which develops healthy habits and patterns. “To move from thought to action and to become a truly confident person.” She says it is a “mind control technique”, to control how you feel, to control backing away, to control avoiding negative acts and habits, and to control changing and moving to do the right thing. And, to make the small decisions to become who you want to be. This is true for fear, and she says this is how she overcame anxiety!

So, when it comes to your Wealthy Affiliate training, or page and blog writing, applying marketing, say yes to what is taught and don’t wait, and use the technique of don’t wait five seconds to make the decision to do it, “ACT NOW BEFORE YOUR BRAIN STOPS YOU”. This is true for anything that you want to do. This is the reality. Simple but true. She says, “count five, four, three, to one” and then “insert your anchor thought”. A positive thought, then an action thought, then make the small decision that will lead to the pattern of doing, the pattern of getting started, and doing the right thing, or the thing that you want to do, or need to do.

This will change your reality to a better one, one step at a time, that you interrupt your brain from zoning out, or freaking out, or “saying something is wrong” and just doing what you need to do! Start that lesson today, start that post, open that social media account, sign up for Premium, add a new category that is relevant, start a forum, join a forum, get involved, say yes to success! Do the right thing! This is so basic but so necessary!

If you do this all the time, you will change your negative, emotion and fear-based mentality, and make the changes that need to be done to achieve your goals and dreams! Do it now, then you will feel the peace and self-confidence of knowing you did the right thing. I have always gone by the saying “to build self-esteem, do esteem-able acts” or “to achieve success, do the steps needed to achieve it”. So simple but so effective. There are so many simple, but profound truths that really change the world!

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If a Habit is Made of Right Thinking, then Goals will Manifest!

Wealthy Affiliate teaches what you need to know to create an incredibly successful online business! It is up to you to take the small steps, continue to do them, to achieve the vision, dream, passion, goal, or ultimate desire you want to achieve. It is so simple, it usually doesn’t happen, one must make it happen! Simple yes, but it takes steps, and as you do step by step, eventually you have achieved the success you always wanted. Remember, the “devil is in the details”. Do that thing right now that the back of your mind tells you is essential, then do the next indicated step.

And, before you know it, you will see progress, then take the next indicated steps, and eventually, you will see the manifestation of the life that you want! That is how Wealthy Affiliate works, it has all the steps you need to get to where you want to be. You just have to start, and then follow the plan, and you will achieve success over time. Some quicker than others, maybe not right away, for most want instant gratification, get impatient, and hence, either don’t do it or give up right before the paychecks start flowing in. And statistics say that if you don’t start now then you probably never will.

I like this video, it is so true, it seems so simple, it seems so basic, that how can the method really help if you already think you know it? But it is her simple suggestion to count down from five and act on the positive thought of the right thing to do. It tricks your brain from holding you back or keeping you from doing it.

So write the blog post that you have been waiting to write. Do that work out you keep telling yourself you’ll do tomorrow. Sign up for that program that you keep saying you’ll do later because if you don’t, science tells us that you probably never will, or you won’t for a very long time. Hence, you won’t see the manifestation of progress and then the manifestation of your goals and dreams. Or, you will miss out on reaching goals in your online business or business that you are designing!

So don’t hesitate and wait and miss the opportunity to change your life and start building your financial future today, click here:

The Wealthy Affiliate Review

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