Is Wealthy Affiliate a Scam or What?


Well, regardless of what people who have an invested interest in keeping people from Wealthy Affiliate and from their own success, I hate to break to it to the naysayers, but Wealthy Affiliate is definitely not a scam. First of all, many people use the page title because it gets a lot of visitors so is high traffic and gets a lot of people to there site, so there are a lot of pages out there with the title that Wealthy Affiliate is a scam or what or Wealthy Affiliate isn’t legit or Wealthy Affiliate can’t be trusted, but the majority are just trying to draw you to their sites.

Those that actually believe that Wealthy Affiliate is a scam either have never tried it or joined and didn’t follow through; or, didn’t have the patience to build the traffic necessary to build revenue. This is a business. One that can be one of the highest paying in the world, but it takes time, patience, dedication, practice, determination, inspiration, and the desire to do it. But as daunting as that sounds, the work is actually quite simple if the process in Wealthy Affiliate is followed in a step by step manner, not to mention there is 24/7 help from the founders and top professionals. I thought I’d be overwhelmed, but it has turned out to be nothing but fun!


So, Is Wealthy Affiliate a Scam or What? Not even Close!


Many people want instant gratification, and as a result, if they don’t make tons of money right away, they say screw it and give up. Then, they get bitter and talk down about it blaming it not themselves, which is unfortunate for other people that listen to them when they could really benefit from Wealthy Affiliate. I know this for a fact!

I have made a career out of what Wealthy Affiliate teaches! Not only do I make money by doing the exact process that Wealthy Affiliate teaches with affiliate marketing (both promoting them but also promoting many products from other industries), but, I love doing it, in fact, it is by far the best job I’ve had. I’d say even better than real estate and stock trading, better than anything because it is based on my vision and passions. And, I have also worked for other companies doing online development based on what Wealthy Affiliate taught me, which was an extension of what a family friend who became my teacher taught me.

I currently run the marketing (over 60% web-based) department based on digital and social marketing, for a major company. I refer to the teachings of the Wealthy Affiliate courses all the time for reminders or if I’m stumped. A scam? No Way! It has changed my life!! So, anyone calling it a scam simply either never did it, or didn’t take advantage of it! So, I am here to stand for Wealthy Affiliate and affiliate marketing, online development, web design, and online business in general!

However, there are scams online, and viruses, and other threats that people should be cautious of. There are also Pyramid Schemes which are way different than affiliate marketing; which, by the way, people should understand what affiliate marketing is, although you can get an in-depth understanding here – Online Entrepreneur Certification.

Affiliate Marketing is being an online sales person, selling other companies products. This is done in the same manner that a shoe salesman at Bloomingdales makes money, but you are doing it online through links. When someone reads your page and clicks through to the product and purchases it; because it came from your site, you get the commission for the sale. And, because the web is worldwide, you can make thousands of times more than you can as a salesman/woman in a store, it is just a matter of learning the steps. So, it doesn't make sense to ask is Wealthy Affiliate a scam or what.

The steps are: build a website/blog, create pages/posts, add content which is your conversational sales pitch, add your affiliate links and banners, add keyword and tags that get your site seen by tons of people in the search engines, continue to write posts, and over time, you start making tons of money as it grows in the search engines. And the awesome thing is you can make a site on anything you want; write a blog on your passions and goals, and make money doing it by adding links to your blog posts.

To me, it is the ultimate business. And, if you hate to write, well, there is either Dragon or Free software where you can talk into a microphone and it writes and records what you say, making it much easier. And, the number one rated place in the world to learn and apply this is Wealthy Affiliate! That is why I am focusing so much on it! That is why I could never perceive is Wealthy Affiliate a scam or what or in any way.

Check out ways to avoid scams…


Ways to Avoid Scams Online


There are many ways to tell whether or not something is a scam. Wealthy Affiliate will show you ways to avoid scams as they are the most trusted teachers of online business techniques on the web. For one, you can check out reviews on the company. If there are many, and they are mostly positive, then you can be rest assured that it is not a scam. Keep in mind, some people will accuse any company of being a scam if they don’t follow through with it and get resentful that they didn’t make any money, and even some people will write negative reviews because they are paid to do it by the competition or in rare circumstances get off on it.

But, they will be in the minority or the least amount of the reviews. Second, if there are little or no reviews on a company, then most likely there is something up with it, such as it is really a front, or it is new and untested, or it is good but hasn’t had a lot of exposure. Lastly, if the majority of the reviews are negative and give good hard evidence that said program/site/method is a scam, then most likely it is. The only exception, in this case, would be startup companies that require large amounts of donor capital, but that usually does not apply to online or at home businesses, very rarely! Check out this link to get a Few Ways to Avoid Scams!

Over time, I will show a list of companies that are definite scams and should be avoided at all costs, as well as provide you with links to pages supporting this and other’s perspectives on the subject. I will also add posts on companies that are similar, not exact, because, in my opinion, it would be impossible to come close to Wealthy Affiliate, in order to help your online endeavors. Join Wealthy Affiliate here and stay away from all the scams and overpriced rip-offs, by seeing all the amazing features including the fact that it is rated the number one most helpful affiliate marketing community in the world here: The Wealthy Affiliate Review




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