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How To Make $10,000 A Month With Google Ads ( Google Adword Blueprint)

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Google Advertising – Make Money with Google Ads

With AdWords training or to make money with Google ads (and other Search Engine Marketing Platforms), you can make money as quickly as you can afford, as long as the process is followed, whether for a Website/Blog with a solid Landing Page (although all pages should educate and in turn sell). That depends on the competition of your niche or Business. The audience, proper long-tail keywords on a low hanging fruit domain, in every article.

But for AdWords it is different, you have to bid on keywords and that is why it more expensive. However, using the proper keyword tool ie. Jaaxy as your number one tool, Google Keyword Finder, and Google Trends can help you find exactly the targeted high traffic keywords you need. Although Jaaxy has more accurate findings on Niches and keywords in general as it pulls from more sources; and, companies like NicheHacks use keyword platforms to get their so-called hacks, yet Jaaxy you can find thousands more!

Try Jaaxy here:

In order to really start benefiting and to truly make money from Google ads:

  1. Start by researching one to two word super keywords or precise niche keywords that are directly related to your business.
  2. Make a list of the highest traffic keywords for your Niche or Business, short high volume keywords and the low hanging fruit keywords (often long-tail keywords) that target your site directly, as well as your domain, tags, landing page videos, alt tags, every blog set up to entertain and funnel. You can save custom lists in Jaaxy!
  3. So, to start low budget bidding, you only pay for the most precise keywords based on your content targeting your niche and targeted audience. Targeting is one of the most important elements of a successful PPC or social media campaign.

Make Money with Google Ads ie. Google AdWords

It is important to watch Google Analytics as you are developing your PPC campaign. Any Keyword not producing after a week, remove. Then start adding your next weeks worth of keywords, remember targeted, and high converting traffic. Some do this at a much more frequent basis, Pros, and Pro Companies on a shorter even sometimes daily basis, which is smarter (although more expensive).

Then more profit equals more investment with higher profit. But the key is to do this right. The way it works is that the more conversions or Opt-ins, whatever your goal, is being reached, then the bid for those effective keywords goes down as your profit margin goes up. That is why it is important on a low budget, unless your expert, to consider hiring someone to help you and do the input with you. This way you get a professional you can learn from and you can monitor to make sure he knows what he's doing.

One company I highly recommend for advertising your blogs, learning, and using your knowledge, keywords, content, landing page, email opt-in's with a very accurate and well-established team of AdWords experts to make money with Google ads is WordStream or other successful companies like Jump Fly.

Make sure all articles are submitted through the better SEO Plugins like All in One or Yoast. And, then have your Ad submitted, to every search engine. And, then submit proper, good-looking Profiles with backlinks, to your site on the highest Niche related authority sites. Then advertising content creation targeted to your site with video ads, training, demonstrations with high-level consistent profits being made etc.
Then, start your next very targeted Ad Words Campaign. With the profits from the first. Like the affiliate marketing buyer cycle, PPC speeds this up if done properly, so the utmost attention to your campaign/s is very important.

Make Money with Google Ads

AdWords: Make Money with Google Ads Prerequisites and Cycle:

  1. Landing Page over a solid WordPress Site. I prefer Opt-in's that are a funnel. Not necessarily too much of an upsell, just Free to Premium as an example, but built using program plugins like InstaBuilder 2.0, Lead Pages, Click Funnels, Instapage, Landing Page,  or the dozens of others.
  2. Lead Gen Technology WordPress Plugins: Favorite: Opti-monk, then Optimonster, and a couple of others, one that you are familiar with and comfortable with the setup.
  3. Connected to your favourite business Email Marketing and/or Autoresponder Solution: AWeber, Sendlane, Mail Chimp, iContact Pro, Mail Poet, Constant Contact, Get Response and dozens of others, base it on ratings and reviews.
  4. This is where AdWords comes in. Use targeted keywords, buyer keywords, combine them into theme-based keyword groups, choose targeted audience per keyword group, and the more precise the better. Then, traffic is sent, a fairly high percentage of people give their contact and email with the proper lead generation tech, and/or your affiliate link also if your potential customer is properly sold on the product or service, which is where the buyer keywords come in. If people are using buyer keywords, then most likely they are already at the point in the customer purchase life cycle where they are ready to buy.
  5. There are different types of campaigns you can set up such as a regular text ad targeting your keywords and/or search and display ads that show a banner and link back to your site on Google partner sites and other main authority sites with huge traffic. When starting your PPC campaign through Google, you can choose to add Yahoo and Bing in your campaigns, which extends your reach considerably.
  6. Then, as you continue to build your email list through the campaign, you can begin to start an email schedule. A solid email campaign is a plan of somewhere between 7-10. Statistically, it takes this many emails to get the greatest number of opens/link clicks. Then, as your PPC Campaign continues, you can then create about 4 separate email campaigns, all similar, but with different major points as your primary Catchline or offer another service or product that you have on your site/blog. Do not overwhelm your recipients, so probably send them on intervals of emails. 1 – autoresponder email after creation; 2 – 2 days after that; 3 – 4 days after; 4 -4 days after that; 5 – 1 week after; 6 – 1 week after that; 7 – AO brand new Ad, Video etc. on email and landing page. Then add your main offer with a discount, coupon, and maybe a comparison etc., or you may be ready for your next email offer campaign. There are other strategies as well to maximize CTR (click-through rate) and Conversions.
  7. Then develop your site/blog some more, and repeat the process.
  8. This is how to start the beginning of the PPC cycle for greater and greater profits.

And, with all the Organic SEO, Content Creation, Landing Pages, Solid SEO keyword rich and correct, Solid SiteRubix for WordPress or WordPress sites/blog with the top Pro Templates or Custom Site Designs for WordPress from Pro template designers. You can purchase these through SiteRubix/Wealthy Affiliate's Templates by upgrading to Pro or Envato Market. Then, you have a real shot at a long-term successful revenue-generating site!

Affiliate Marketing Online Program

You can follow this process, and others on this site, in Wealthy Affiliate (affiliate internet marketing online program) over and over, creating multiple revenue streams, as a reliable process! I head up a Marketing Department for a large company, and I can say with confidence the level of accuracy and additional knowledge Wealthy Affiliate has, let alone how easy it is for a business setup, is bar none the most thorough in the affiliate marketing and digital marketing industries.
Plus, as you choose your template, you can set up your categories before loading your template so your frameset or wireframe of your site's structure is already set up. SiteRubix is the only builder in the world for WordPress that can do this!

And, of course: Plugins, solid Lead Gen and Landing Page Funnel setup, Social Media Development, solid pages, profiles, posts with blogs, then you start the Social Marketing Again, then you follow up with another round of AdWords that converts at a lowest minimum 20% profit if done correctly over time, when the proper steps are taken. But, in order to get such high conversions, you need to build towards that from the steps I listed, this will not happen right away.

This is how people make a fortune online. But it takes a process to really work! But no matter what program is new and out there, the majority of them have some connection or are based on Wealthy Affiliate, and because they say they are easier, it just means they are harder because you have to learn the whole process regardless.

1. The best top Free to Start, but can Upgrade to the top Pro Templates that are already set up in the Wealthy Affiliate WordPress builder setup for SiteRubix.2. You can also go to Envato Market and choose the best templates, marketing materials, graphics, sound, logo designers, videos, and more, that can all be uploaded with ease into the Pre-Loaded SiteRubix for WordPress in the Wealthy Affiliate Premium Hosting for WordPress.
3. Plugins to all the best Landing Pages, Bonus Pages, Opt-ins, LeadGen, Security etc. are a part of the Plugin Dashboard, everything WordPress, just a better-preloaded dashboard!

The number one Program for mastering this process, in a simple step by step, apply to your site as you go, a guide to Site/Landing Page Building, Content, all the way to proper email marketing and investment in the proper levels of digital Marketing: Wealthy Affiliate
You can try for Free or, OR for Only $49, with a 61% discount going on for your first month to try out the Premium Membership (total access before you decide to commit – nothing else like it):

  1. Top Level Premium WordPress Hosting, using the fastest and most advanced WordPress builder SiteRubix, as easy to use as Wix, but top-level Professional, SEO maximized, with the top capabilities, plugins, and resources: WordPress Sites.
  2. The Apply as you go: Certification, Affiliate Bootcamp, and Online Business Classes on top of everything that I've mentioned, and are ready to really do it.
  3. A community of over 1.2 million members, where the business model is members helping members. A great number of which are some of the best and highest earning affiliates in the world.
  4. This extra training, plus their top of the line training, will assure you success if you follow the process.
  5. Whether for a business or a passion that you want to turn into a revenue machine, $19/month for your first month, and $49 from then on is cheap compared to the hundreds of dollar programs, with hidden fees, that although may be good, don't offer what Wealthy Affiliate does. Check out Wealthy Affiliate and get making money.

Wealthy Affiliate Membership Options

Free Starter Membership (to get your start) or Premium Account Promotion (Tryout for One Month at $19 for the real deal for making money and the Best online business and affiliate internet marketing online program, and if you decide you love it – very common – you can continue after the month for only $49/month or $359/year which is a major discount over monthly. With the earnings from affiliate marketing that you will get with Premium Account will have your membership covered in no time! )

I just prefer Wealthy Affiliate because it is the true affiliate marketing process, not the programs that claim it is super easy and you could do it in your sleep, it simply doesn't work like that, and I've tested them all. If they do lend value, I will add them to this site. Wealthy Affiliate is the top for learning with ease the whole process, the price, community, apply as you go learning, and professional site hosting, templates, category setup, as you apply the whole process to making money; completing it with Google AdWords and PPC through Bing and Yahoo, as well as other types of Search Engine Marketing, and Social Media Marketing.

Great for beginners or pros who want to make money from a passion, or great for Business employees as a Business Management Site Platform with everything you need to know to succeed, including has the best Digital Marketing Tools built-in! Then to make money with Google Ads via Google AdWords guarantees a profit when done correctly! And that goes for beginners with a passion, freelancers, and Professional Businesses!

Check out the best platforms for every aspect of the business here: Affiliate Thunder

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