My Wealthy Affiliate Experience




My Wealthy Affiliate Experience and Why I Know it is Legit


I have been in the business of web design and affiliate marketing for almost a decade. My mentor, one of the best in the business period, who has been behind some of the biggest jobs out there (Gucci, and took Facebook public, just to name a couple), who can make money online blindfolded, who can do it all by coding, made the same decision that I did, to join the program called Wealthy Affiliate and use SiteRubix for WordPress. Why? Well, I want to show you my Wealthy Affiliate experience.

Therefore, I will be dedicating a lot of content to Wealthy Affiliate, which having been into finding the best ways to succeed in affiliate marketing, was astounded to see how much could be made by building my own online business through this incredibly effective program. I started off building sites using HTML and other code writers and uploading them to servers. It was incredibly time-consuming. I didn’t have a lot of time to focus on learning the necessary skills to market what I had created and to make money from it.

So how could I take the necessary steps to become like him? That’s when I started my search online and started comparing training programs, content, and prices, I began to learn more about what was out there.

For a while, I worked with companies like X-Site Pro 2.5 (no longer available) and saw some really good results, but something was missing. I still didn’t have that “flow” that my teacher has. And, since I had already learned from a master, I had a pretty good idea of what to look for. Finally, I stumbled upon Wealthy Affiliate. At first, I was hesitant. That was, of course, until I found out exactly what it was they have to offer and for the price of their Premium Membership (so cheap for what you get it is astounding). I was astounded! I had found what I didn’t think existed.


My Wealthy Affiliate Experience with Their Apply as You Go Education


What really sold me was there Apply as you go training in Marketing, Traffic, and Conversions. My Wealthy Affiliate Experience wasn’t these ridiculous ads you see on Facebook with unrealistic numbers where you only see results if you pay a years salary. It had exactly the formula I had been taught, but in an easy, step by step formula that I could use as a reference from what I had learned and add what I didn’t know.

For beginners, there have been thousands upon thousands that knew nothing about online business, but they went through the training programs in Wealthy Affiliate and are now very successful. Wealthy Affiliate has the highest earning affiliate marketers and vendors in the world. Some of which already had experience and some of which had none.

And the amazing thing, for a Premium, full access Membership, Only $49/month! And, they have a promo for 61% OFF right now. That, in my opinion, for something that offers you a formula for complete financial freedom, is amazing!

Or, if you want to get a glimpse, there is a Free Starter Membership! But I have, to be honest, with my Wealthy Affiliate experience the Free membership is really a taste, as it shows you how the community works and gives the ability to build a couple of mache sites, but to really start building revenue, the Premium Membership was the only way to go for me, because I needed to build real .COM domains and send real traffic and earn real money. Why else do it?


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