Pinterest Business Marketing – Techniques and Professional Tools

So, the premise for how to get more followers on Pinterest, using this Pinterest Business Marketing, is to open a business account so you can set up more boards, follow more people, and advertise your site or blog. So, I would open the account, add a profile picture, then add your website or blog. Then I would add the Pinterest chrome button on your browser so you can pin posts, pics, and pages to your Pinterest page or for people to follow.


Infogrames (a huge part of the content pinned on Pinterest) showing a part of your business, site, blog, or Reddit page are great as Pins from your other Social Accounts, then funnel that traffic back to Pinterest, growing your account, and, hence, traffic and engagement to your website. This is something to keep in mind, most of your posts, if not all are going to want to lead back to your site and/or an effective Landing Page. A page on a blog from the image you pinned that specifically promotes and Opt-ins for your product, service, campaign, etc.


How to Get More Followers with Pinterest Business Marketing


Sometimes, even more, effective is to have Graphic Banners and Video Promotional Ads made and spread them across your social media. Then when they have traction, re-post it on Pinterest. Each one on a scheduled day. And when they have traction on other Social Media platforms ie. Google Plus; then, re-pin them to your Boards with the highest followings and largest account followings that are following you.


Then, I would follow as many people within your niche with incredibly high followings, or board (one board is per niche or a certain part of a niche) or as many pins that are up there. There is a daily limit, but the more you follow, the more people that can see you and then can Pin you back.


More Pinterest marketing secrets: Once you build a fairly large account, you can also do some Pinterest advertising for your website if you want to, but personally, that would not be my first choice of social media Ad. First I would do some right side Facebook marketing that is linked to market on Instagram. Then I would pin all the Ads, Pages with Opt-ins, Pics, onto Pinterest on a semi-regular basis.  There are many masters on the ins and outs of Pinterest that teach at Wealthy Affiliate, check them out here: The Wealthy Affiliate Review

PinPinterest – 2018’s Top Pinterest Software:


Pinpinterest Review: One Month Update (How to schedule pins)

I've been using for just one month and went from 0 to just under 500 followers! It is super easy to use and worth the investment! Check out ...


“PinPinterest Review: One Month Update (How to schedule pins)” by Lisa Byars – Review


Below, I have listed the number one Pinterest software of 2018 called “PinPinterest”, that you can also use this system for other Social Media types, especially Instagram accounts. It is highly effective for Pinterest, it is like having a social media staff doing the hard stuff for you. I found it and researched it once I read a comment someone left for me, and I saw how truly effective it is, so I would suggest checking it out here:

??? for Pinterest and other similar Social Media Platforms ie. Instagram

One of the Number one features is that it is easy to use and automates your pinning system so that your account grows on autopilot! Check them out by clicking on it here:



Tool #1 Of 2018| Get Tons Of New Pinterest Followers! * Now:45 Dollars

The Most Popular Pinterest Marketing Tool! Many Happy Customers. Super Affiliates Making Tons Of Sales With Us! Google:"" To See How Popular Our Tool Is. Watch This Video To Learn More: Http://

Fan Page Robot - Automated System To Grow Social Media Fanbase & Leads

Automated App To Grow Your Social Media Fanbase. Innovative Features: One-click Viral Content Generator, Lead & Revenue Generation, Generate Hashtags To Get More Likes And Followers, Autopilot Your Social Networks And Wordpress Blogs, Etc.


Other Social Media Tools that Include Pinterest


For other social media accounts and overall social media management, Fan Page Robot (can explore by clicking the ClickBank link above) is very effective in automating your schedule of posts based on the keywords you want to target in the process. It is an impressive tool worth checking out for other social media accounts especially Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google Plus, Instagram, Tumblr, and even Pinterest. However, the reason that PinPinterest is so successful for Pinterest and Instagram is due to the type of keyword auto recognition for Graphics that have links etc. Therefore, if I had to pick two social media management accounts, I would choose PinPinterest (for Pinterest and Instagram) and FanPageRobot for all social media accounts, adding extra benefit to PinPintrerest and vice versa. And the price for both is about the same as a business subscription from the large competitors like Hootsuite, Buffer, and Tailwind.

Another positive for FanPageRobot is that it auto posts based on your schedule, chosen topics, and keywords, likes, follows, tags, and even has Hashtag generation for every major social media site you could think of, and for cheaper than most overall social media solutions that are out there. Also, it has features that some consider sets it apart from them. But the only way to know is to check them out and see what the features are and then compare.

The most valuable advice for choosing products for me is to look at the user reviews for knowledgeable web designers, developers, affiliate marketers, and online business owners, and what they have to say, why they like it, what is unique about it, what features stand out for them, then I have a pretty good idea of its validity and value. And, if you are new to this, then look at whether it is easy to use, has an intuitive platform once you get used to it, and fulfills what the promotion said it would do. Then, I know the products that I use and represent work and are legit, have helpful and fast support, and has automation features that allow for keyword precision that works fast and effectively.

Tailwind – Another Top Pinterest Tool


Like PinPinterest, Tailwind is for Pinterest and Instagram, however, PinPinterest has had more success recently due to the more effective platform which is very easy to use. Tailwind is still very popular and was around before PinPinterest. Tailwind is easy to use and great for Pinning pictures, which automatically presents the images pixelation the way that it is supposed to be on Pinterest and Instagram.

They are both worthy tools, but PinPinterest has automation features and AI features to be able to detect the most important elements of your niche, whereas, on Tailwind, you cannot. But, you can schedule Pins and Instagram posts, but from what I have experienced and heard, PinPinterest is more effective overall.

I should mention that I know people who do both. This is because they like the Tailwind tribe feature, which is forming groups of people with similar interests or niches, but prefer the automation features that PinPinterest has. As mentioned above, PinPinterest is like having a staff doing the hard stuff for you, and that is why it is rated the number one Pinterest tool of 2018.

It is definitely worth investigating, and you can reach them here.

Additional Advanced Pinterest Plugins and CMS


Pinterestomatic Automatic Post Generator and Pinterest Auto Poster Plugin for WordPress

Last update was on: February 20, 2020 2020-02-20T21:50:53-08:000000005329202002

What Can You Do With This Plugin?<br />Pinterestomatic Automatic Post Generator and Pinterest Auto Poster Plugin for WordPress is a breaking edge (made in 2017) Pinterest To WordPress and WordPress To Pinterest post importer plugin that is ideal for auto blogging and automatical Pinterest post...


Last update was on: February 20, 2020 2020-02-20T21:50:53-08:000000005329202002

Overview What this plugin does is quite simple. It harnesses the power of Pinterest rich pins to rake in more sales,social sharing and updates for your store.It is undoubtedly the best Pinterest marketing tool for your store as it’s like running another instance of your store on...

PixClicks : Clickable Image Poster & Click Tracking (Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest, Linkedin)

Last update was on: February 20, 2020 2020-02-20T21:50:53-08:000000005329202002

                              IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT Due to upcoming Facebook platform changes caused by “Cambridge Analytica” scandal, all new APP integration & API call has been paused temporarily by Facebook authority. So, until Facebook fix this...

Instagram Royal Spring

Last update was on: February 20, 2020 2020-02-20T21:50:53-08:000000005329202002

Hello. This is Complete Pack For your Instagram Marketing Promotion. 40 Designs in total with 20 Elegant Designs. Including Minimal Logo. Scalable, editable, easy to change colors, free fonts used. Fit to use in any Photography brand. Features 20 Designs (80 Total) Instagram 1.000PX x...

Social Mass Poster Plugin for WordPress

Last update was on: February 20, 2020 2020-02-20T21:50:53-08:000000005329202002

What Can You Do With This Plugin? Social Mass Poster Plugin for WordPress is a breaking edge (made in 2018) mass post importer. It uses the YouTube native PHP API to turn your website into a auto blogging or even a money making machine! Content generated by this plugin, thanks to it’s ground...

Pinterest Plus

Last update was on: February 20, 2020 2020-02-20T21:50:53-08:000000005329202002

Pinterest plugin is a useful social solution which adds Pinterest Pin It button, Follow button, and widgets (Pin, Board, Profile) to your Wordpress website. Plugin has simple settings and includes shortcodes. Customize the appearance, configure settings, and get more social traffic to your...


Pinterest Business Marketing


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The Latest with Pinterest


Google News

Pinterest Marketing: 11 Software Companies Doing It Right

Pinterest Marketing: 11 Software Companies Doing It Right

April 4, 2018 - CMSWire

With platforms like Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn dominating B2C and B2B marketing strategies, marketers may be tempted to put their Pinterest marketing strategies on the back burner. But with over 200 million active monthly users and 50 billion...

Don't Overlook Pinterest in Your Social Media Marketing Plan

Don't Overlook Pinterest in Your Social Media Marketing Plan

April 4, 2018 - Travel Market Report

“Pinterest is perfect for finding clients who are planning weddings or life stage travel, like vow renewals,” Morris said. “The clients I get from Pinterest versus say a bridal show are better for my business by multiples. You would be crazy to be an...

Pinterest focuses on diversity and accessibility

Pinterest focuses on diversity and accessibility

April 27, 2018 - MobileMarketing Magazine

Pinterest has announced a series of updates aimed at increasing the platform's accessibility for users with disabilities. New UI components of Pinterest have been designed to be more inclusive for 'Pinners' who are blind and visually impaired, with the...



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  1. I am now offering PinPinterest as it is rated 2018’s number one Pinterest marketing automation tool, as well as some other Pinterest and Social Media marketing tools to choose from.

  2. My strategy about winning on Pinterest is rather simple. I let PinPinterest com manage my account…
    If you’ve been living under a rock and have managed to not hear about this awesome tool, you’re missing out a lot on Pinterest marketing 😛
    PinPinterest has helped me get from almost non-mentionable followers and zero traffic to more than 55k followers on my Pinterest and my site being a traffic-magnet 😀
    Auto Like, Comment, Pin, Repin, Follow and has all the features one wants in a full-fledged tool and even more… It has Pin Scheduler that lets me schedule as many pins as I want and has a Speed Control setting that makes sure my account is always ban-safe by running at a human-like speed. The thing I like the most about PinPinterest is its intelligent content-detection algorithm, that runs in the background and detects relevant content for my account and pins only such images.

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