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ChitChatChimp is an internet based chat bot builder that permits users to produce their very own chat bots that are cheap .

Our platform is strong and extremely flexible so users can construct any type of bot…

Bots optimize engagement, to support their clients and drive sales conversions, collect opinions, even robots which may train visitors and their clients to perform particular jobs.

All while conserving the bot owner cost and time! Along with there is also a chatbot the way.

​”You can add bots into Any Type of page such as Shopify shops, WordPress websites and they good with cellular also”
Your referrals are out there waiting! …

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ChiChat Chimp Review – Support Bots

This worker NEVER requires away!

Here is a wise way to save your company $1,800 this year or reunite 90 hours or more of your own time and free yourself to get something more productive rather…

At a new Promote Labs poll over 70 percent of internet business owners said that they spend an average 15 minutes daily answering service and pre/post sale queries.


It is not HUGE but it does as your company grows so do the demands on your time as well pile.

Support includes a price.

Should you outsource: 15 Minutes Per Day Per Hour

It is 90 hours Should you do it yourself.

Meaning – A bot constructed to deal with support provide LOTS of time to you or will help you save money!


– Keep customers happy with 24/7 ‘always there’ support.
– Save time by replying questions that are frequent or dull.
– by assisting buyers, refunds.
– Save prices of help-desk providers charges or chat.
– Reduce service staffing expenses.

And your own robots will not get exhausted, they won’t arrive at the office and they will never call in sick.

You can teach your bot to answer queries such as:

“Can You’ve setup instructions/videos”
“How do I get my products/downloads”
“Just how do I put in this app/software”
“How do I reset my password?”
“Where would be the setup directions?”
“How do I unzip a file”
“Can you have an affiliate program”
“Can I get a reduction”
“Just how much is shipping into…”

And possibly thousands more…

That coaching a service bot will be a continuous process but you only need to answer a query. The next time that your bot is requested that question it will know how to respond and react When you’ve saved a response.

And that is a simple means!

If you procure an account in ChitChat Chimp you will benefit from, and the cool thing is:

ZERO CHAT LIMITS – Your robots might have UNLIMITED discussions.
NO ANSWER LIMITS – No limitations on.
NO TRICKY CODING – Make your bot.

Go build a service bot – Your clients will thank you!

NOTE: You can add bots into Any Type of page such as Shopify shops, WordPress websites (good for WooCommerce and Easy Digital Downloads) plus they good with cellular too:)

Boost Conversions & Sales Using A Bot…

As you know, average earnings conversions drop somewhere between 1% — 5% — This implies, on a fantastic day, 95 out of each 100 people who come to your website will depart empty handed…

It stinks!

We have come to expect it It’s a’standard’… but it does not need to be.

Should you work hard to attract visitors to your website (or even pay for the privilege) those traffic leaving empty handed is a massive waste of time and cash.


Here is just two of these:

ANSWERING PRE-SALES QUESTIONS: Regardless of how great your sales copy, it won’t ever answer each query that your prospects have. While their mouse hovers on your button, they will have tons, their head rounds.

The further questions left unanswered, the not as likely you are ever going to have to understand their money.


Answer their questions. End doubts on the webpage and then eliminate any immunity to rate your customers through to a purchase that is completed.

There is an additional advantage too – Since your bot saves unanswered queries (along with all chat logs) you will be sitting on a GOLDMINE OF DATA and insight you have never needed before.

Using Chit Chat Chimp you can utilize this invaluable intel to tweak your sales pitch or subtract your supplies making them more appealing.

OFFERING INCENTIVES TO GET SALES: Sometimes even the best deals demand a little’something extra’ to trick people over the purchasing line.

Set your chat bot to’bribe’ traffic into purchasing at this time. It is possible to pre-load your bot together with custom messages with answers and questions. Why don’t you set using an incentive?

Educate your bot to provide exceptional bonuses, discount coupons, free shipping, two for ones, prolonged warranties, trials or other perks you know will motivate people to do it right there and then.

Should you leave people to go away and’think matters over’ then probably you have already lost the purchase.

Along with also a conversation bot is the best way to execute this strategy which makes the visitor feel unique and rewarded. Employing a bot functions better than simply providing a perk somewhere in your webpage.

It surely does not feel as an’additional’ for your visitor since everybody gets it.

However, when it is provided by bot it seems real, it seems unique in precisely the exact same manner when a salesman at a shop adds something extra to’sweeten the deal’ for you personally.

Attempt both these notions out now and we promise you will see immediate positive consequences.

Go construct a revenue bot and creep up your conversions right now


Want Visitor Feedback? Do not use a survey use a bot…

If you are an affiliate, blogger or whether you sell your products online, listen up because this will demonstrate how you can get all the valuable feedback you desire from traffic and the way to immediately turn that feedback to earnings and cash in the bank!

How does this function?

Just train your bot to request an opening query (that the bot’s greeting material ) such as this:

“Thank you for seeing, what matters if I write more about in my website?”


“What other kinds of products do you want me to review for you?”

Nevertheless your visitor reacts, their response is going to be saved to a dash as an”unanswered” query – For you that is INSTANT MARKET RESEARCH!

To finish the bot’s setup you just put a fallback reply (the answer that your bot gives as it does not understand the answer) into

“Thanks I will pass this information – Have a fantastic day”

That is it! Gather all of the information you need plus it takes more to put up everything.

Cool Right? Check out ChitChatChimp here to find out how it is possible to begin collecting that comments.


Since your bot is intelligent you may also train it to answer to particular answers –

So let us look at the exact same dialogue again:

BOT:”Thank you for dropping by, what matters should I write more about in my own website?”

YOUR READER:”More on record building could be fantastic”

BOT:”Thank you for letting me know. You may like absolutely free report about listing construction (URL)”


As a result of ChitChat Chimp not just do you understand what your readers are interested in, but the next time somebody responds that they desire more about’list construction’ that your bot can immediately direct them to additional articles, landing pages to cultivate your record and even paid supplies pertinent to their own needs –

And in precisely the exact same time you’re boosting the degree of involvement and the value that you provide for your customers you’re also monetize responses with hyperlinks to paid goods, affiliate provides or direct magnets to cultivate your record with.

If your customers asks about a subject and you do not have any tools to urge then it’ll revert to the autumn back answer and thank them for their opinions.

“Thanks I will pass this advice about”

If around now you have been utilizing survey forms or surveys to collect market research then I am imagining that the light bulb went over your mind about just how much MORE POWERFUL ChitChat Chimp is (and it ought to be on your own blogs and sites like yesterday)

NOTE: Should you update to the Pro Pack behind the primary deal you’ll discover more cool extras like exit purpose tripping (get opinions when someone is leaving your website ) and lead autoresponder integration that means that you may build your list with only a bot no landing pages desired in any way. Plus more cool things.

And should you secure your accounts now you will gain from:

ZERO CHAT LIMITS – Your bots may have UNLIMITED monthly discussions.
NO ANSWER LIMITS – No limitations on the number of replies you enhance your bot.
NO TRICKY CODING – Make your first bot in only a couple of minutes.

Proceed build a comments bot – And flip hands free research into earnings fast!


Chat Bot

Boost Conversion Using A’Coaching’ Bot

We have been discussing different approaches it is possible to utilize chat bots to power your company – We have already covered earnings *, service * and opinions gathering*, today we are taking a look at TRAINING…
Also checkout Feedback Fox: https://affiliatethunder.com/product/feedback-fox-review/

How does this function?

Today this kind of bot will require a bit more time to install than most since you will want to pre-load it together with a lot of advice, but the benefits will be well worth it.

Here is what you can do: Pre-load your own bot with a great deal of queries and answers about a particular subject or program.

Watch the”DIY DAVE” illustration >> [INSERT YOUR AFFILIATE LINK]
Your bot does not need to understand everything to begin, but tons of pre-loaded questions together with ongoing questions from the customers will guarantee it will quickly turn into an”expert” with huge ROI potential.

Listed below are only 6 illustrations:

– A bot that will give advice and help to new parents.
– A bot that teaches them how to house train a dog.
– A bot that could direct customers through a intricate directions.
– A bot that could teach your readers the way to bake a cake.
– A bot that may train website members how to use Facebook.
– A bot that could teach users how to establish their goods.

That listing is unlimited!

You may easily construct an whole company on your smart assistant/teaching bots and fee for access.

– Utilize a coaching bot to improve participation and create your website sticky.
– Utilize a coaching bot as an excess incentive to boost your merchandise sales.
– Utilize a training bot for a membership advantage to raise stick prices.
– Utilize a coaching bot as a portion of a top ticket training program.
– Utilize a coaching bot to create targeted affiliate recommendations.

As soon as you’ve established your bot adding it into your site is simple, simply add the code snippet.

Subsequently to keep your bot and keep things updated, just login to a ChitChatChimp dash from any web browser (good if you’re travelling) and add more pre-loaded questions/answers or include new answers to unanswered questions as they arrive in.

Your customers, clients and associates are ALREADY awaiting this!

the actual great thing about this is that your customers are basically talking for you, asking you questions -It is only that today”you” may have multiple simultaneous coaching sessions along with”you” may have them 24 hours every day, seven days each week and 365 days per year… even if your on holiday and lazing by the pool.

And the cool thing is if you procure your accounts now you will gain from:

ZERO CHAT LIMITS – Your bots may have UNLIMITED monthly discussions.

NO ANSWER LIMITS – No limitations on the number of replies you enhance your bot.

NO TRICKY CODING – Make your first bot in only a couple of minutes.

Construct a coaching bot – Your Visitors Will Thank You For It!


If you have a comment, question, or review, please feel free to do so!


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