Best seller Five Minute Profit Sites Review and Lead Capture

Five Minute Profit Sites Review and Lead Capture

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Five Minute Profit Sites Review and Lead Capture
Five Minute Profit Sites Review and Lead Capture


Five Minute Profit Sites Overall Ranking: One of the top Done for You Websites that Generate Revenue and Trains You in the Basics of Affiliate Marketing, Niche Sites, Insider Traffic Methods that the Pros use, and affiliate marketing strategies for people of all skill levels.

Price: For one basic site, you get a Free License and if you want additional niche specific sites, it starts with a cheap hosting charge.

Then if you want Faster Profits and very effective traffic methods, you can choose those options as well. In order to see why the prices are broken up like this, please follow this link to the in-depth video which gives a step by step walkthrough of how it works and why it has the potential to produce money so quickly. View the free video here: https://affiliatethunder.com/five-minute-profits-video-review

Website: http://fiveminuteprofitsites.net


Five Minute Profit Sites PROS/CONS


Pros: “Here’s Why Five Minute Profit Sites 

  • “It does EXACTLY what it says on the tin. Our proprietary software develops high converting Websites in under 5 Minutes.
  • The high price of the Upsells reflects the quality of the Websites we build. They are proven to convert good traffic into money.
  • Our traffic methods are simple, even for beginners, and have the potential to generate fast results.
  • Our Members Area is ridiculously easy to navigate and instantly screams out “HIGH value!”.
  • Our dedicated support (phone, live chat) enhances the value of our product.
  • We continue to deliver high-quality content like regular webinars for our Members. Our aim is to engage them as much as possible after purchase as this is proven to reduce refunds…” – Five Minute Profit Sites


The Cons of Five Minute Profit Sites are limited in comparison to its benefits, as it is a done for you process while you get a chance to see the most efficient way to make money with affiliate marketing and online business.  This is also due to their step by step “Traffic Tsunami” training that teaches you the most long-standing traffic methods for affiliate marketing and includes a very good training on producing traffic from YouTube!

And if you already build squeeze pages, landing pages, and/or funnels with an integrated email autoresponder, and have traffic sources; or, are a niche site creator and have made profits, as I have and do, then it is a chance to make extra affiliate income using the simplistic setup of their incredible, but basic, Niche sites. Their Done-for-You Setup is the exact method that many of the top affiliates use to automate their profits!

Five Minute Profit Site Benefits

This looks like: squeeze page domain, integrated email autoresponder, email swipes to add to your autoresponder where customers can claim the valuable bonus from the Squeeze Pages’ Thank You download page, and they also provide you with the Squeeze Pages domain blog site. On top of this, there is training from the very beginning how to grow your email list legitimately with qualified buyers in the Internet Marketing niche, and extensive training on the most important factor – traffic!

If you want to get in on this as I did, then you should be aware that there is a limited supply of domains and accounts. And it is worth it because it helped me to nail down the affiliate marketing buyer cycle even more even though I knew it in general in my sleep, I still learned how to make it more efficient and automate the entire process, which is the goal with any affiliate marketing cycle. So, now I can apply the methodology to my other sites on Wealthy Affiliate.

Truthfully, it’s awesome, a done for you ClickBank commission grabber, and it is completely unique software.



This really benefits the newcomer that hasn’t made any money from affiliate marketing yet or someone who needs to brush up on their lead page skills to capture emails and promote to them properly. As I described above, you will be able to start earning and be able to study how they do their sites that convert so well, offering Bonuses is a huge motivator.

However, I should mention that you do not have full control over the sight, you are paying for the licence, which, as I said, is good for learning how to build such an effective Squeeze or Opt-in page, but to be honest, to truly learn affiliate marketing and have control over all the elements of your sites, then there is no better place than Wealthy Affiliate .

Wealthy Affiliate truly is the best bar none to really learn, step by step, the entire process of affiliate marketing and online business in general. But Five Minute Profit Sites is a great addition as it is a fully setup affiliate site that shows you an ingenious way to capture leads, and isn’t very expensive.



  • “We continue to deliver high-quality content like regular webinars for our Members. Our aim is to engage them as much as possible after purchase as this is proven to reduce refunds and keeps people motivated…” – Five Minute Profit Sites



Basic – One Free Software License with a small fee. Then to get Faster Profits, which is the same concept as the original, but has extra pages and funnels people in much faster and hence higher affiliate commissions. Then, you can upgrade and get two of your very own gigantic Niche Sites based on the same principles. Sites that rival and earn like an authority site. But upgrading is not required, just available, and highly recommended.


I would especially recommend this Done for You program to the newbies or veterans to focus in on how they built their squeeze/opt-in page, it is better done than most I have ever seen. And, that alone will get you a lot of subscribers which you can do email campaigns for. As you build your own sites, you have a great example of how to build an effective lead page.

It is an advantage I really wish I had in the beginning, and I’ve been in the game a while and still signed up because the results are shocking in terms of how many people I have on my email list now.

So, I would also recommend this for any affiliate marketer, it has incredible benefits learning how they put this together so that it works so well. It is great knowledge to have, and makes money faster than I would have thought!

Check out their in-depth video here and really get a true understanding of how it works, I’m sure you will be impressed (I was): https://affiliatethunder.com/5-minute-profits-video-review


ClickBank Top Products That Work

Five Minute Profit Sites - 75% Comm & Bonuses!

New Make Money/bizopp Offer. Up To $358 Commission On One Lead! $40,000 In Daily Bonuses! High Mobile Conversions. Converts For Different Kinds Of Traffic - Just Try! Multiple Landers. Dedicated Support. Low Refunds And Chargebacks. Precise Geo-targeting.

8Expert Score
  • Very Easy to Use! It does what it says it will do, it makes money relatively fast compared to doing it all yourself. I think of it as hiring an affiliate marketing monetary site design team, that has created software that is, in my opinion, unprecedented in the field of affiliate marketing. The process is so simple, yet the way they combine it is truly brilliant. Hope everyone at least watches their video, it explains this all in detail, showing you step by step, and true affiliate marketers will recognize the quality immediately!
  • The main con is that you own the license to the site, so any profits from it you get, but beyond that, you can't redesign it, you can't continue to add product reviews, and you can't even change the colours. But, as I mentioned, the site setup is brilliant, and since the license is cheap, it is worth studying for when you build your own sites without a doubt.

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