Affiliate Bots 2 Review and Affiliate Funnel Bots Review

The $900/day Affiliate Software! (Their Claim)

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Affiliate Bots 2 Review and Affiliate Funnel Bots Review
Affiliate Bots 2 Review and Affiliate Funnel Bots Review


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PRODUCT_NAME: Affiliate Bots 2.02 and in addition Affiliate Funnel Bots

Overall Ranking: According to user ratings, 90+ %

Price: $17 for 37 Software Bots and Access to Affiliate Funnel Bots (the ultimate automated funnel)

Owners: Chris ? 



  1. $1k/day as an Affiliate

  2. TURNKEY Traffic with AI

  3. Explode Your Site's $$$

  4. 1 Click YouTube Videos

  5. 7,500 Affiliate Programs

  6. 37 NEW Software BOTS



There are many pros and examples listed both above and below; as far as the negatives go, there are considerably less, as I have found none.


It is for people of all skill levels willing to put in some work and drive people to the various high converting landing pages already set up, including Affiliate Funnel Bots, a high-performing automated funnel which has been well received!



“Auto-Boost” Your Conversions of ANY Website You Own – Just By “Copy & Pasting”

Want to create websites in 60 seconds? Keep reading…

But what if you want to instantly boost the conversions on ANY website…

Just by copying and pasting ONE line of code!?

Sounds like science fiction? Then you haven't logged into….

“Web Widgets”, which turns YOUR visitors into BUYERS… with 10 “AI Widgets”…

Just login to the cloud software, and create the widget. Then copy and paste the code into your website to start building a buyers list on any website!

NOTE: This absurd feat of money-making is ONLY POSSIBLE because : 1) I dug through over my Analytics to see which 500k visitors converted to 5k buyers… 2) I spent 10 years (and approaching $x,xxx,xxx) building software…. 3) I understand predictive marketing… 4) I had the guts to actually build this tech…then sell it for less than 1% of the development costs!

With Web Widgets v1.01, you just copy-and-paste to your website, to auto-convert visitors to buyer traffic…” – Chris


You can always contact Customer Support and also get campaign advice as you are promoting either Affiliate Bots 2 or other products with the platform.



So far I have seen nothing but positive ratings and reviews, and it seems that is mainly because of how simplified the process is. The creator took 500 of his most successful campaigns and used those statistics to figure out exactly which direction needs to go when he programmed the AI lead capture technology. So I give this a good rating!


Create Instant Websites with “1 Click Pages”:


Affiliate Bots V2.02 - 37 Tools, 17k Sold, $7k Prizes - New July `19

Last update was on: September 7, 2021 2021-09-07T21:17:05-07:000000000530202109

New -- $900/day Affiliate Software -- 6 Months In The Top 10... And Still Averaging 2k Units/month! -- Affiliates Love The 37x Affiliate, Traffic & Video Bots -- 5x Offers To Promote = $ $. == Now Check The Huge Jv Page For All Info!


If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to ask in the section below and I will get back to you. Also, any comments are much appreciated, and if you leave a bio link, I will return the favor! Thank you!

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