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How to Succeed with Tumblr Marketing Training


One of the awesome benefits of Wealthy Affiliate’s SiteRubix for WordPress’s Dashboard is you can import your Tumblr page into your site through an app created for your site on the WordPress dashboard, which can increase all the benefits that I will be discussing. If you follow the process along with the in-depth knowledge of Wealthy Affiliate and your connected profile, you can really get tons of traffic and is known for having Viral levels of engagement and hence tons of commissions.


Therefore, this is a really good way to incorporate Tumblr Marketing Training. If you import your Tumblr account into your WordPress account, the drawback is it can take up space on your site so there are other ways of connecting them as well such as the plugin Tumblomatic, which is one of the most popular and effective (see the bottom of the page for details).


Furthermore, if you are not a member of Wealthy Affiliate, I would highly recommend it, because there are almost infinite amounts of tools to use that are just as powerful, not to mention teaching you the whole process of Affiliate Marketing to Digital Marketing, with lead generation training, and the whole process to earning revenue online. Wealthy Affiliate is the largest Online Training Platform, Hosting and Sitebuilding Platform for WordPress, and rated the most helpful community in the business, including methods that teach you the best site/blog building and writing techniques no matter what the niche/topic/subject of your site!


How to Market with Social Media


So basically compared to Facebook, on Tumblr, you are more likely to get about ten times the reshares with pictures that have alt tags that incorporate your keyword, which is similar to Pinterest. In fact, last time I shared ten images with links to Facebook and ten to Tumblr, one of my links got reshared on Facebook whereas on Tumblr they were reshared hundreds of times. In one test, I saw some of the content posted to Tumblr get reshared on Facebook coming from people’s accounts’ I didn’t know. So, it is a majorly overlooked social media platform when it comes to SEO, social engagement, and traffic generation, especially when connected to your other social media accounts, especially Google Plus for SEO. This is more Tumblr marketing training.


On Tumblr, you can blog about anything. And, it isn’t as personal, there are almost unlimited topics including adult content, as well as about every other niche one could think of. As a result, people like to re-post things on a much more regular basis. A wider range of content of posts gets shared on Tumblr; so no matter what your blog or sites about, the Tumblr platform has the potential for the online marketer to gain a large following.


So, once your accounts set up, make sure it is based on your website and/or blog. Then, log in to your Tumblr account, then Google Tumblr and watch for your Tagged images, which is your keyword, and it will show how many notes which are liked and reshared. If you click on that it shows who shared it. These are people that are interested in your site/blog, so these are the people to best follow back.


If you do this daily for a while, then you can get thousands of followers and vice versa. And, as your posts reach more and more people, which will lead more people to your site. This is the same way to do it on Pinterest, but there is a daily limit; whereas, Tumblr, you could go all day. And, remember to link your Tumblr account not only with your blog but with your other social media accounts! This way you can push a button and automatically share your post to other places; get better SEO, and get a larger following. Check out HootSuite, or any one of the numbers of Social Media accounts management software that is out there! Or, make sure to link social media sites and put the settings on auto-share.


How to Earn with Affiliate Marketing on Tumblr and Social Media


Then, there is an automated feature. If you post your links and images, and they get reshared hence improving the SEO of your site tremendously; then, the larger it gets, your links will get shared to other social media platforms as well and, with some dedication, your content can wind up going viral, so the bigger the account the better. This means the more people that will buy your products, sign up for your services etc.!


And, this can really help your YouTube page, especially if you are in the process of building one. If you are trying to promote videos, you can post them on Tumblr in the same manner, and it can go viral in the same manner, which adds backlink value to your site, which if you’re doing affiliate marketing can bring in enormous profits and shows how to earn with affiliate marketing.


YouTube, as people know is probably the most widely watched element to Social Media in terms of its entertainment value, and those that market with it, interlink it with their other pages and blogs. Posting their videos on Tumblr, Facebook, Instagram, Google Plus, LinkedIn, and Pinterest is the new thing, so keep that in mind if you’re using videos marketing, and don’t forget to spend some time everyday building that Tumblr account!

Finally, I would say that Tumblr has tremendous value in getting people to your site and your content out there while networking, but recent studies show that unless you are active with the other main social media platforms – Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, and Pinterest, Tumblr alone will have a marginal effect.  It is the combined effect that truly has power in social media. However, to really get the benefits discussed, including Tumblr into your social media plan can increase backlink value and have the effects discussed above. 


The technology Wealthy Affiliate has is the best training on the internet for affiliate marketing and online business. And, it really is the best in the business and anyone with patience can learn it. And, you can get a more in-depth study, which can be done on Wealthy Affiliate’s University, Bootcamp, Webinars etc. that all have one purpose – online business, affiliate marketing, anything related to what’s on this site. This site is but .5% of what they do. So, sign up now, and get a discount on Affiliate Thunder today! 


If you haven’t signed up for Wealthy Affiliate, click the link here and get going building the business of your dreams, based on whatever you are passionate about! Click this link: Wealthy Affiliate


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