Using Content Marketing Strategies in Email Marketing with Lead Magnets

July 20, 2020

Using Content Marketing Strategies in Email Marketing With 191.4 billion emails sent each day around the world, grabbing your clients' attention with your message could be a shot in the dark. Among the utmost effective strategies emerging in global marketing would be to use content marketing on newsletters with the best lead magnets! We'll tell you why it's worth it!

Nowadays almost 93 percent of B2B marketers are using articles promotion strategies to participate current clients and attract new ones. 78% of marketers are generating more content than a year ago, and just 35% of these find it difficult to create good quality content.

But generating good excellent content is one thing. Making it work for your business, that is — participate and convert — is another.

To promote the content and allow it to reach their viewers, B2B marketers utilize social media (87% of entrepreneurs ) and their own websites (81 percent ).

Could it effectively market your content? Read the infographic to discover more..

What Content Marketing Will Function Best on Your Email Marketing?

Using Content Marketing Strategies in Email Marketing, Marketers use different forms of articles to participate in their prospects and customers:

Client testimonials are ranked #1 most successful content advertising techniques. Testimonials give customers an independent outsider's point of view of your services and products.

Case studies are considered successful by 88% of marketers. They help your audience imagine how they themselves can take advantage of your services.

Videos will help online shoppers make purchasing decisions, according to 96 percent of customers.

Whitepapers continue to be considered an advanced means to communicate with your audience. But they are a great and valued way to share your experience and knowledge. They also enhance your position as an industry thought leader.

Infographics: People love them. Plus they can be an ideal way to present a lot of dull stats in an appealing, readable format.

Using Content Marketing Strategies in Email Marketing

Best Lead Magnets for Lead Generation: 2020

 If you have been doing direct production long enough, then you are aware that one of the very best means of getting contact info from the audience would be to offer them something in exchange.

This something is frequently known as a lead magnet, material update, freebie, or a opt-in incentive.

However, are they equally successful for lead generation? It is a question we have stored asking ourselves but could not locate any information that would help provide us answers.

That is why we've decided to run a study that would help usunderstand what kinds of lead magnets operate best.

Below you'll find that our evaluation of the outcomes together with just one extra section dedicated to another significant question — how can you align your guide magnet with your target audiences' needs?

There, we have gathered information from 12 inspirational marketers who have cut their teeth creating leads through the usage of direct magnets.

We'd love to thank everybody who participated in this research and encourage you to get knowledgeable about our findings.

We have recently developed a solution known as the Lead Magnet Funnel which could assist you host, market, and create additional leads with your lead magnets.

Infographic - How To Use Email Autoresponders

Concerning the 2020 Greatest Lead Magnets Study

60 percent of the research participants were solopreneurs and 17.6percent worked for businesses with between nine and two workers.

44.1% concentrated both B2B and B2C viewers, and 26.6% concentrated exclusively on B2B. B2C was the crucial audience for 18.1percent of those respondents.

Key Findings

Within both of these types, it is the short-form material which works best. Just 27 percent of those respondents stated they saw greater conversion speeds with long-form videos.

Video material is your favorite lead magnet kind one of solopreneurs, who accounts for 60 percent of our research participants. Businesses with 10-49 workers , who constitute 8.2percent of their respondents, watched exactly the very same outcomes.

In online marketing , the many symbolized sector within our crowd, composed and movie direct magnets saw quite similar outcomes. 27.5percent of entrepreneurs in this vertical saw greatest results with composed lead magnets, and 26.2percent saw greater conversion speeds using video incentives.

Editor's note: In case you're searching for inspiration, then this post shows 25 lead magnet illustrations from various businesses.

What Kind of lead magnets gets the Maximum conversion rates?
Which Sort of Lead Magnets gets the Maximum Conversion Rate
We started our analysis using a single-answer query about our respondents' experience with various kinds of lead magnets.

Particularly, we wanted to understand what kinds of lead magnets that they had been using had the maximum conversion rates.

As it happens, there were just two most well-known formats, chosen by 47 percent of those respondents — Video (24.2percent ) and Written (22.8percent ).

The following three forms were: Visual (11.8percent ), Tool or accessibility into some thing (11.8percent ), and Monetary worth (10.5percent ). The three least well-known forms were Interactive (7.9percent ), Audio (6.1percent ), and Additional (5.2percent ).

These outcomes are based on what we have been seeing in our lead generation campaigns. Webinars and guides, two sorts of lead magnets we have had success with, equally fit into the groups that nearly half of the respondents voted .

Does the length of the lead magnet matter?

We wanted to figure out whether entrepreneurs tended to see superior outcomes using short-form or long-form content as it came to creating prospects.

Remember we just used this differentiation for written and video lead magnets, where we believed it made most sense.

Which Kind of Video Lead Magnets gets the Maximum Conversion Rate

If it comes to video articles , nearly all respondents — 73 percent — stated they watched that the maximum conversion speeds with short-form articles , such as video clips, rapid tutorials, or movie samples.

Just 27 percent stated they saw greater results using long-form video articles , such as webinars, records, or internet conferences.

58.6percent of entrepreneurs said their short-form composed articles — such as newsletters, checklists, or ebooks — had the maximum conversion prices.

Long-form composed content, such as reports or guides, created the best results for 41.4 percent of respondents who chose this kind of direct magnets.

At precisely the exact same time, there are just two facets of long-form material which could be working against it you want more funds to create it and much more time to swallow it. And many marketers we all know are usually short on the two.

We'll dig into this a Little More in a minute, but Here Is What we think is worth analyzing in the long run:

Is it better to make one long-form lead magnet then spend some time promoting it across all of our advertising and marketing channels?
Or maybe it is far better to make several short-form lead magnets that would be simpler to tie to different subjects we pay on our website and in our campaigns?

Here is the complete breakdown of the two long-form and short-form content marketers discovered most success with. Please be aware that these were multiple-choice inquiries, hence the respondents could choose more than 1 response.

That Long-Form Video Content gets the Maximum Conversion Rate
That Short-Form Video Content gets the Maximum Conversion Rate
That Long-Form Written Content gets the Maximum Conversion Rate
That Short-Form Written Content Has the Maximum Conversion Rate
Does companies of different sizes select different contribute magnets?
Encouraged by the results we found in the last segment, we wanted to figure out whether companies with more workers picked different kinds of incentives to get their lead-generation campaigns.

The theory here is that larger companies have a tendency to have more funds, which lets them construct lead magnets which smaller businesses can not.

Here is what GetResponse staff discovered.

Let us begin with solopreneurs and utilize them as reference during this investigation. They account for 60 percent of our poll respondents, so their decisions have the capacity to influence what we see in this particular study.

This appears to be partially true, because the number one direct magnet kind they chose is movie content — selected by 28.4percent of solopreneurs who answered this particular question.

Video lead magnets rated first just for another group — companies with 10 to 49 workers.

Written lead magnets took second position — chosen by 20.7percent of solopreneurs because their highest-converting kind of incentive. This kind rated first for most of the other groups — companies including 2-9, 50-249, and 250+ workers — except for the one we mentioned (10 to 49 workers ).

Interestingly, across all classes there is apparently a rather powerful favoring toward a single lead magnet kind or another — the gap between positions and two are between 7.3 to 13.3 percentage points.

The only group in which the gaps are less conspicuous are companies with 250+ employees. The gap between the third and first best-performing lead magnet kind is just 4 percent points.

Additionally, their next best-performing lead magnet kind is neither text or video, but financial incentives (e.g., bargains, discount codes, free shipping). And it is the same with the other group — firms with 50-249 workers.

Here are the graphs divided by size.

For small and medium businesses with limited funds, this is very good news. It seems that you don't have to provide financial incentives — which influence your profit margin — to have the ability to generate leads efficiently.

Solopreneurs appear to prefer video and composed lead magnets. Both are bonus kinds which don't expect lots of funds to develop. Frequently, you may even create them on your own. They are also not linked to a profit margin and also they do not require to scale to create earnings.

Bigger associations, with 50+ employees, appear to prefer composed and monetary worth incentives. Additionally, for both these groups, the favorite written guide magnet type is your long-form one.

1 reason for this could be that they are taking advantage of the size. They prefer to utilize lead magnets which are not as easy to replicate by smaller businesses who do not have the required scale or tools.

Another reason behind this might be the understanding of quality, distinct lead magnet kinds have and the acceptance process that's often longer in larger businesses. Finding the essential buy-in on a brief video clip may be harder in a company that typically deals with larger customers and contains multiple stakeholders to consider.

Therefore the opt-in incentives that they produce may be made to attract just the type of leads which may be passed on to their own sales staff.

Does the option of lead magnets change if you are targeting a particular audience (B2B, B2C, or even both)?

Another thing we had been interested in was if entrepreneurs targeting different audiences preferred other kind of opt-in incentives.

We hypothesized here , possibly, entrepreneurs targeting B2C clients would see that the most success with particular kinds of incentives, such as fiscal ones.

Interestingly, there is no substantial difference between those bands, at least with regard to the top two sorts of magnets.

Every one the groups said that written or video kinds of incentives had the maximum conversion prices. But, people who targeted entirely B2C did not see”access or tool to” as powerful lead magnets.

Whether or not you are targeting B2B, B2C, or equally — you can find value from the tried-and-tested kinds of lead magnets.

Obviously, the ideal approach with almost any lead generation campaigns would be to utilize data as your starting point and examine what's going to resonate with your audience best.

Now, let us briefly go through the business breakdown and determine what kinds of lead magnets operate best in every one of them.

Please keep in mind that a number of the below businesses were just represented by a few of our respondents. Nevertheless, the below information must serve as a beginning point for your analysis and study.

What lead magnets operate best in Online Marketing?

Greatest Lead Magnets by Business — Internet Marketing

Internet Marketing has been the most represented sector within our analysis. A total of 149 entrepreneurs identified themselves using this perpendicular, which stands for 22.6percent of their overall 658 respondents who chose among those choices we provided.

As we can observe in the aforementioned charts, they're quite like what we found in our general outcomes.

In addition they prefer to generate short-form incentives, such as checklists or movie clips.

What lead magnets operate best in Ecommerce

Ecommerce has been the next most represented sector in our analysis. 68 marketers have recognized their company as e-commerce, which accounts for 10.3percent of the entire group.

One of the e commerce respondents, 61.8percent were solopreneurs and 22.1percent labored for smaller businesses who have two to 9 workers. 41.3% said they targeted both the B2B and B2C viewers, 28.6percent were only B2B, and 17.5% only catered to B2C.

Greatest Lead Magnets by Business — Ecommerce

Comparable to our general effects, the direct magnet forms these respondents chosen as the highest-converting ones were movie (33.8percent ), composed (17.6percent ), and instrument or accessibility to (13.2percent ).

The gap between the top two rankings was rather large (16.2 percent points), but that could possibly be associated with the fact that our sample was fairly small.

50 of our research participants represented that the Arts and Entertainment vertical.

Greatest Lead Magnets by Business — Arts & Entertainment

Like other businesses, the very best lead magnet kind was movie. The third and second place were marginally different to what we have seen previously. All these were obtained by Interactive and Tool or accessibility to forms of incentive.

This is intriguing to see, since these offers are frequently more challenging to make, but they also have a tendency to be more engaging. And that is what brands in Arts & Entertainment are inclined to concentrate on.

29.2% concentrated just B2B and 14.6% just targeted B2C.

The huge majority saw the top effects with short-form lead magnets equally for written and video articles.

The difference between ranking #1, composed guide magnets, and 2, the video, is 18.2 percent points, showing a strong preference toward content that is written.

While we had an opportunity to test only a small sample, it would be useful to expand this research further and concentrate more on individual businesses to check if the trends we are seeing here could continue to be accurate.

Greatest Lead Magnets by Business — Health & Beauty


What lead magnets operate finest in Financial Services

One of the 39 respondents who worked at Financial Services, the best two lead magnet kinds were movie (20.5percent ) and visual (20.5percent ).

Interestingly, composed lead magnets were just chosen by 12.8%, revealing another taste from all of the verticals we examined.

Financial Services

What lead magnets operate best in other sectors?

And here are the graphs for all the different sectors we have identified. Since we did not manage to amass a large-enough sample for all one of those sections, we chose to just share the graphs without further comment.

We gathered the responses through an internet survey that we spread across different advertising channels, such as email, social networking, and partnerships.

Nearly all the responses came from users that visited the GetResponse Resources and Blog, in which we included the invitation to take part in the analysis.

To Make Sure That everybody had the Exact Same Comprehension of the guide magnet kinds, we included the following examples into our poll:

Content kind Cases
Composed manuals, whitepapers, reports, newsletters, ebooks, etc.. Applications, net app, offline application, team membership
Additional open response
The best way to align your lead magnet with your target audience's demands

We have already mentioned that this information should function as a beginning point for your research, and that means that you may pick the very best lead magnet to your viewers.

Having said that, we wanted to offer you some excess help with picking the best kinds of opt-in incentives. So we made a decision to reach out into a number of the very best entrepreneurs working with direct magnets on a daily basis.

Below are a few of the tips which you may apply in your company now.

What direct magnets are you going to use on your next lead generation effort?

We have already begun implementing the findings from this research and experimentation with different contribute magnet kinds.

We have printed a few shorter bits (e.g., Mail Deliverability Checklist, Webinar Setup Checklist), along with the results look quite promising. Not only were we able to create new prospects together, but we have also instructed our current audience. On top of that, putting them together did not require too much time at all (particularly when in comparison to long-form reports such as the Mail Marketing Benchmarks).

And that is what I would like you to encourage one to perform — to experiment with your lead generation efforts, attempt new guide magnets kinds, and… discuss the results !

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All of these are great kinds of content promotion you may use. But the real key to creating successful content is to understand your customers, their requirements, and patterns. When you've got this, you are able to create content that really helps resolve their issues.

Read the full infographic on the GetResponse Pro Review and let us know what sort of content promotion you find best for your industry to truly understand Using Content Marketing Strategies in Email Marketing.

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