Voluum Review: The Best Ad Tracker?

Life teaches us invaluable lessons.

Among the most significant ones is that you must always monitor your activities in order to have the ability to comprehend that have a positive impact on your outcomes and that ought to be changed so you may achieve concrete outcomes.

If you consider the Media Buying procedure, you will understand that it is the exact same reality.

Really, it is super important that you know about what campaigns are operating, what is the targeting you have obtained, the bids, which affects you have implemented, what gain every single effort is bringing youetc..

That is the reason why a tracker such as Voluum is essential have.

Trust methis is not just a stroll in the park once you have got around 1000 distinct campaigns you want to take care of!

Do not worry, however!

These tools are critical that you always maintain your Media Purchasing activity well-organized.

In this Guide, I am gont inform you about a helpful tool that can collect info from all of your spouses, fit it, and Provide you what you Want to know when analyzing stats:


Experience in Internet Affiliate Marketing

Voluum was set by the proprietor of zeropark.com, an advertisement network.

This implies it thrived from an online affiliate marketing business and it is based on the requirements and requests of affiliates.

What’s more, it grows in song with new market tendencies.

Very Speedy

Voluum is among the quickest options on the marketplace, largely as a result of its 4 information centers situated in 4 continents, allowing it to divert users to the nearest data center.

This has a favorable influence on both the rate and click reduction.

Additionally, if a single information center undergoes a technical problem, you will find just 3 more that can substitute it so as to keep it moving smooth.


This may be hugely important for the newcomer Media Buying newbie that is only now beginning to take the initial steps in the business enterprise.

In Cloud option, you do not have to spend on different servers in which you are going to put in a self-hosted tracker.

This will help save a lot of cash.

Furthermore, you may use the Cloud option so as to operate in almost any nation because it’s CDN around the planet.

Now let us imagine you should utilize a self-server tracker along with your own server was established in Europe, however, your target market was in Asia.

What happens afterward?

A redirection delay may last for many moments, which will adversely affect your benefit.

There are two downsides to Cloud alternative, however.

First: it merely stores information for a limited time period.

Considering assessing one-year-old stats?

Secondly: the most essential flaw.

On account of the fact that all of your visitors and effort’s information are hosted on a host which is not yours, other individuals will undoubtedly have access to it.

I guess you have gotta think they are honest.

Protects your info

It safeguards your visitors from third parties, ensuring it is not stolen or waxed.


That is indeed correct. Voluum is sensible and very easy to use. It permits you to conduct massive amounts of traffic.

Assortment of stats

It supplies you detailed information on your own stats. You can have ordered data in your audience — nation, operator, OS, kind of apparatus, conversion hour as well as IP. Due to this, you can maximize your price.

In the event you notice a particular device is simply losing you money rather than bringing sufficient conversions to pay costs, you can cut it out of your targeting and concentrate on lucrative devices.

Work with other people

It is also possible to discuss your chosen stats which will update in real time with individuals outside Voluum.


If you operate with Single Offers, Voluum supplies you a split-testing alternative, meaning that the exact same traffic is going to be redirected to a number of distinct offers or even spouses and you will see which is more rewarding for you.

Later, it is possible to drive all of your visitors to the very best offer or place the percent rule on which the amount of visitors will visit the most lucrative offer while the remaining portion of the traffic may continue being analyzed with a different offer.

This strategy will boost your endurance in the long run.

You do not need to waste time tracking your own efforts, Voluum will induce more visitors at which it could create more income.

Voluum also provides you the chance to rotate various landing pages for various offers. Really, it is possible to always examine, optimize and adapt this parameter.

Let us take a peek at the platform’s demonstration version (which you may locate on the Voluum site ).

On top, you can observe some short info about overall functionality.

You are able to check Profit and ROI for your chosen period, just over.

On the left you have information on your top five campaigns, states, traffic resources and provides alongside the corresponding gain.

On the right, you’ve got an interactive chart with accessibility to the total performance parameters.

Honestly, the dash tab is not really something which’s normally employed by Media Buyers.

What matters to them is that: the more thorough campaign listing, which will be shown below.

Here, you may observe the primary menu panel together with the campaigns tab chosen.

I am going to undergo it and check all of the menu tabs at one of the upcoming posts.

Want more?

I will also offer you a few tips about the best way best to set your Voluum accounts and start those trendy campaigns!

In effort tab (image below) you can view all of your campaigns that are running at this time, in addition to the stats.

By clicking on all of your campaigns, you are going to land on the deal stats. If you are performing a split-testing of unique offers, you are going to see stats on every one of these and will have the ability to estimate corresponding functionality.

What’s more, if you are running several landing pages for every offer you may also test stats on these by clicking the deal.

You may further assess the operation of your supplies by various parameters.

For this use, Voluum supplies you quite practical filters.

You may play together and examine your performance from other viewpoints.

Let us say that you are operating an offer in a number of nations or you are promoting a Smartlink that has distinct offers for all of the nations.

If that’s the scenario, you can set up filters to be able to determine that nation is doing better with this deal.

Then, you can go into much more detail and find out how different OS act for every country concerning profitability.

As you can see, you are going to wind up working together with tree-structured filters.

You are able to arrange the procedure for your stats, examining them as you desire. You are able to sort filter choices by default.

Aside from this, you may put your personal factors which you want to filter by and watch the stats.

These factors depend on your own traffic origin .

It is already integrated with a massive assortment of traffic resources. What do you have to do?

Just select the one you need and place the deal link right.

Here you can view a listing of default traffic resources from the Traffic origin tab.

Should you choose one of these (let us see the illustration of ExoClick) about the complex settings of this traffic source tab, then you are going to observe parameters which are already categorized.

These parameters will show up on your filters and you will have the ability to see complete stats on these.

In order for this to occur, you have to place your supply link properly.

Thinking about the way to take action?

No worries!

I am going to inform you about it at another article!

Here is a good illustration of which extra filter options you will see in the event your traffic origin is defined as ExoClick.

Utilizing the filter choices, you can assess (for instance ) the way the particular effort on ExoClick acts by choosing the Campaign ID alternative.

Should you employ another filter (by way of instance, website ID) you can know that which websites on that particular effort do good and that you would better reduce so as to prevent losing that sweet money.

If you employ a banner ID filter, then you will have stats on that banner ads is functioning for that effort and which is not.

Additionally, you are able to go into much more detail.


Let us see the following example of a demo accounts.

Considering that the traffic source is not pre-defined on the complex settings, factors are set manually.

On the image below, it is possible to observe that two extra filter options have emerged: Factor 1 and 2, which will permit you to filter from both keyword and site.

This is the end result of employing filters.

For every offer it’s possible to observe the site ID, then a key word, along with the corresponding functionality.

You have got a whole lotta mixtures of 3 drop-down blockers out there in order for one to discover the ideal approach to examine stats.

To start with, you want to place your traffic origin in the traffic origin tab, clicking on the option “New traffic supply.”

You need to first check the visitors source templates accessible since Voluum currently features an integration with the most well-known ones.

In the event your traffic origin is on the record, you should certainly choose it as you are going to have a simpler time incorporating parameters.

Can not find your traffic resource?

No worries.

You are able to manually incorporate all parameters.

In case your visitors source isn’t a part of this predefined bunch, you have to add its title and incorporate the postback URL, that need to be offered by your own traffic resource.

You will need the postback to be able for Voluum to deliver information about the conversions it receives out of the affiliate system to your traffic resource.

This implies all parameters and also the postback URL are automatically put.

Fundamentally, what you have to do so as to set up the post back properly is to equate two clicks parameters — out of both the own traffic origin and Voluum.

If you have set a social network, there will not be a great deal of additional things to do besides exploring which parameters you are in a position to monitor.

Let us look at precisely the exact same illustration of ExoClick.

Here, you can view such parameters currently incorporated:

Custom made variable — effort ID; habit variable — version ID; habit variable — domainname; habit variable — website ID; habit variable — zone ID; habit variable — class ID; habit variable — nation; habit variable — structure.

Now you are asking yourself why do I want them?

The solution is simple: once you get started running your effort, you are going to be able to find the stats filtered by all one of those parameters.

This makes it feasible for you to assess how much gain a particular effort has attracted you, or just how much a site has dropped.

In this manner, you can pick what to do without understanding precisely what is happening, getting able to increase your performance and find that yummy money!

The more parameters you’ve got, the more factors to maximize you have got on your pocket.

For this reason, you are going to have the ability to have on a full-granular manner, assessing remarkably specific particulars and taking Media Purchasing analysis into a whole new level!

Aside from placing your postback URL, then you have to have to understand what type of parameters that your ad-network will be going to be in a position to supply.

Much like what we have seen in the example of traffic resources, there is a lot of predefined affiliate networks to perform as well.

By picking one, it is going to supply you a international postback URL, which you have got to add in your affiliate community.

Here, you have many alternatives to select from.

You may click on the first option so as to add the clickid for your own offer URLs.

What’s more, if you are aware your affiliate system works in this manner that you are in a position to get several trade IDs with the same click identification (meaning that you clickid may have numerous conversions subscribing/installing different products in precisely the exact same time), I advise you to accept replicated postbacks.

If you feel you merely wish to get postbacks from particular IPs, you may set up it on Voluum.

Setting Your Supply on Voluum
Here, you have to define the title of this deal and add your supply URL on the URL tab.

If you operate with a Smartlink, you can make just 1 deal and add your own Smartlink URL.

We advise you to select “International” as a nation.


Since — as soon as you begin sending visitors to the offer — that the Smartlink will automatically discover the nation, sending your consumer to the very best offer based on his section.

If you are working with one Offer, you will want to create another offer on Voluum; one that is aligned with various supplies from the affiliate community.

Want more reasons to select”International” as your favorite country?

The deal could be available for Many nations, averting offer duplication;

Let us say your visitors source fails to supply you traffic out of a chosen country only.

In cases like this, you may normally have a security fallback on your own offer, and your visitors will be redirected to some other offer based on the nation and will not be lost.

What’s more, in this measure, you want to set dynamic monitoring parameters (is dependent upon the traffic origin ) that you need to send into the stats of your own affiliate system.

Var1 represents the effort ID on ExoClick, also Var3 signifies domainnames.

Do not wish to send more detailed stats into your own affiliate system?

Then you have just got one parameter to place:

That is the ClickId parameter equivalent to this clickid parameter of the affiliate system that, in the prior instance, was data.

Here is another instance where it is your community’s clickid parameter.

You then have to decide on the affiliate system that you’ve already established in the preceding step.

The postback to your affiliate system is going to appear after you have stored your offer.

You have to substitute the parameters indicated as REPLACE in accordance with your affiliate system and also put this postback URL in their side.

If you understand the offer’s payout, then you may set it as revealed in the next instance.

But in the event the value of your own payout changes, you then need to replace it on your own postback URL.

http://csoku.voluumtrk3.com/postback? {cid{=undefined&payout{=

At which {undefined is your Clickid parameter of Mobidea,}

{undefined is the parameter of this energetic payout on Mobidea.}

You ought to keep the “Nation” tab , for the above reasons.

In the event you rotate your supply, you can choose quite a few provide parameter that is equivalent to one.

How to Make the Flow

This choice opens up a great deal of chances.

Essentially, it lets you determine how you want your visitors to be dispersed.

By way of instance, let us say you want to divide evaluation, sending visitors to unique offers.

On the tab, it is possible to create several avenues for your visitors.

In reality, you will even have the ability to ascertain the proportion of visitors that is going to be pushed to the deal.

This may be quite valuable.

In this manner, it is possible to send a fantastic deal of visitors to the best-performing offer.

At precisely the exact same time, by sending out a smaller quantity of visitors to other supplies, you maintain testing offers and assessing what works best.

If the situation changes, it is easy to redirect your visitors to the one which becomes the most rewarding for you!

Inside this part, you may also specify whether you want to utilize direct linking.

This creates the consumer from the traffic get immediately redirected to a own affiliate network’s deal.

On the lookout for something different?

Since you see in this instance, you may even place another step before users view the deal.

What happens?

Within this tab, you may add a few pre-landers for certain offerings and examine them so as to comprehend which one’s functioning better to your deal.

In cases like this, pre-landers will rotate every time the deal is revealed.

In this manner, you can gauge the performance of every pair of Pre-lander + Supply connection.

As from the deal path, you might even place the proportion of visitors for every pre-lander, dependent on the amount of times you desire each pre-lander to be revealed before users can observe the true deal.

Let’s say you have got an offer that is working well for many OS except iOS.

Following that, you have got another one that works just for iOS.

In cases like this, you may make a route and divert all of the traffic to the initial offer.

Over that:

You are able to produce an extra rule!

You are able to do something similar to this: when the traffic stems in iOS, it belongs into some other route.

If you operate only with a single Smartlink out of just 1 affiliate system, this feature isn’t so significant.

Nonetheless, in the event you simply utilize one offer or a combo of Smartlink + Single provide, this choice might be rather helpful.

Additionally, if you are analyzing several affiliate programs and understand that you is much more powerful in a particular OS, the chance of setting this kind of precise rule is actually going to help you increase those caloric gains!

The final step before you can really begin to conduct your miracle campaign is really here!

Now what?

You have gotta make a Campaign.

This is if you have to select a traffic source, which you have already categorized ahead.

Here, once more, I advise that you leave the”Nation” tab vacant.

Later on, it may be auto-replaced.

In addition, you will need to know if you would like to monitor your costs from the advertisement network, depending on the pricing model you are using.

In the event you utilize SmartCPM, you do not have a predetermined number of costs.

How to proceed?

Decide on the option”Do not track prices” since you won’t have to monitor them all, will you?


In cases like this, you need to look at your prices onto your ad-network.

Voluum also offers the choice of tracking prices mechanically.

But, I have tried this several times before.

I have been in a position to comprehend that — with a few networks — this alternative might not really work that well.

Thus, this is not something I would let you know to do.

Nevertheless, in the event that you actually want to utilize it, please make certain to test ahead, in order to be sure everything monitored properly.

On the settings tab, then you may pick the flow you have already chosen on the prior measure.

Aside from this, you may make a new route especially for this effort, deciding upon a new route of offers and pre-landers within the effort.

Want to use the easiest alternative available to you?

If you have chosen the predefined stream, Voluum will remind you of the fact in your stream settings, showing you the way your visitors is going to be dispersed.

When you conserve your effort settings, the effort ID will show up on the Campaign URL tab.

This URL has to be contained in your traffic origin for a destination provide URL so that you to begin sending your visitors to a particular offer, getting able to monitor all of your information on Voluum.


If you follow these directions, I will guarantee you are going to be prepared to begin running your effort.

Hope this manual managed to make things clear for you, letting you be a master for this Voluum manual collection.

Want to understand how to research a tracker everybody’s been talking about?

I am confident you are going to get incredible performances, and also a whole lotta paper rolls with the assistance of this affiliate program!

Very good fortune to all!

Use our exclusive Voluum voucher !

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