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I've gotten numerous requests from my readers asking me to discuss Wealthy Affiliate success stories, where I have chosen to make this article where I'll share lots of the Wealthy Affiliate success stories which have inspired me!

There are a lot of scams on the online now it is hard for people to feel that an app can create actual online companies where entrepreneurs are creating a complete full time living online.

Every one these Wealthy Affiliate promotional achievement stories are from actual people I have seen and read about in the internet business world. And, I have had success there as well, especially when I had multiple websites up. I am only just getting back into affiliate marketing and by following the training, my traffic has skyrocketed!

These are real people making real money with all the training and tools on Wealthy Affiliate.​

You have to know that Wealthy Affiliate isn't a “Get rich Quick” scheme.

It's real training for how to make and develop a real online business that could offer a complete full time income.​

You've been looking for a legit way to earn money on the internet for some time now but you've been hitting scam after scam.

Quite recently, you learned about Wealthy Affiliate.

This is no surprise right now, Wealthy Affiliate is among the hottest Make Money Online opportunities out there.

Nonetheless, you're doubtful about giving it a shot and honestly, you ought to be…

The MMO industry is swarming with more scams and questionable approaches than you can count so you can not possibly know if Wealthy Affiliate is untrue or not.

In an attempt to uncover the facts, you moved out and read some of the dozens of Wealthy Affiliate reviews that exist.

However, you soon realized that the majority of them are praising Wealthy Affiliate in an endeavor to promote it, while the rest of them are trashing it in an attempt to promote among its rivals.

You have heard all sorts of false and unrealistic claims, from “Wealthy Affiliate making you a millionaire in 24 hours, to your goldfish inevitably killing itself 21 minutes after you join the stage.”

There's obviously no honesty without an objective mind, and not listening to the hype, just the facts!

That is the reason why I decided to put together this list of Wealthy Affiliate success stories – to completely clear the atmosphere and help you make a 100% informed decision about if Wealthy Affiliate is worth your time, attention, and money or not.

Wealthy Affiliate Success Stories

The very first Wealthy Affiliate success story that I'd love to share with you is that of Eddy Salomon.

Eddy joined Wealthy Affiliate back in June 2007 and started workathomenoscams.com, a website working in the online business market.

By January 2020, his site had created a total of over $1 million through affiliate advertising.

Eddy goes on to explain this $1 million, is revenue generated within the span of a decade just from displaying ads (which is another form of affiliate marketing but also uses advertising banners ie. Google Adsense), and numbers to 1/4 of his entire revenue with another 1/4 generated by CPA offers and the remaining 2/4 generated through commissions from affiliate revenue.

Adding everything up, Eddy's website should have created about $4 million in revenue since he first launched it in 2007.

That is roughly $300,000 each year!

According to Eddy, in order to become a successful affiliate marketer like him, you'll Have to Be able to

Work hard – this is a business
Be consistent
Possess a positive mindset
Think of and plan your long-term businesses
Be varied
Overcome challenges and learn the solutions in the training
Accommodate other members when desired

Ralph (aka RD40), combined Wealthy Affiliate in September 2016 and found a website from the private finance market (I do not know the real domain name).

Within his Wealthy Affiliate profile, Ralph has released several posts sharing his progress and income so anybody can observe the way he went from literally $0 to being a six-figure earner.

Here's a Synopsis of Ralph's travel:

Connected Sponsored Affiliate on September 2016
In 2016 he created $0
Made his first sale in March 2017, earning $4.50
He made $100 at December 2017
From January to April 2018, he had been making $150 — $400 per month
He made $1400 at May 2018
At June 2018 he earned $8000
At August 2018 he earned nearly $13,000 and he also became officially a six-figure earner
In November 2018 he made close to $16,000
And all those earnings are merely from one web site.

In July 2018, Ralph actually launched a second website from the MMO market, known as ralphdurand.com

At the moment , he must be earning at least $30,000 per month through both websites.

Not bad at all for 2-3 year's job right?

Nathaniel joined Wealthy Affiliate at June 2010 and has been making his living online since 2012.

Back in June 2019, on his 9th year anniversary as a member of Wealthy Affiliate, he offered one of his websites to get $30,000.

In accordance with Nathaniel, this site was his earliest and operated in the VPN market.

The reason he offered it was because its earnings had fallen from $12,000 down to $1200 a month as a result of building a great deal of errors and losing attention.

If Nathaniel had marketed that website during its prime, he'd have pocketed around $200,000 — $300,000.

Through the years, Nathaniel has built dozens of affiliate marketing websites in a variety of niches.

At the moment, he asserts 2 successful affiliate marketing websites, one at the beer homebrew niche (xbrewx.com) and one where he teaches individuals how to create successful affiliate marketing sites like he can (onemorecupof-coffee. com).

Dylan's success stories are among my favorites mostly because within them he shows priceless tips and insights on how he achieved his results.

So, Dylan joined Wealthy Affiliate at August 2015 and found a site in the wellness niche named perfecthealthathome.com.

It took that site 10 months before it creates its initial sale in June 2016.

On account of how the health niche is very competitive, in July 2016, Dylan decided to launch a second website in another niche (no clue where niche or what the name of the website is).

However, just 5 weeks later, in December 2016, that second site created $1000 in commissions.

In June 2017 he generated a third website which he sold for $40.000 in April 2018.

Only 11 months later, he offered yet another site for $30.000 to the exact same man.

At the moment, Dylan is running 4-5 sites which for the most part include “Best of” posts in a variety of niches.

Wealthy Affiliate Success Story Five

Before joining Wealthy Affiliate in June 2016, Eartha used to work as a web programmer.

After being laid off her job, she decided to start pursuing a career in online affiliate marketing.

She came across Wealthy Affiliate and with its aid started earthahaines.com, whereas she teaches others how to Construct an income online by leveraging a variety of Internet business models, for example

Affiliate marketing
sales funnels
3 years later, her site is creating up to $700 daily in affiliate commission.

Wealthy Affiliate Success Story Seven

Juan united Loaded Affiliate in May 2015.

At that time, he was a student, also working a full-time job, searching for an additional source of income to pay for his college.

It was a $0.32 commission…

During the next 10 months, Juan was making about $50 a month.

In October 2016 he created $100 and things began moving uphill from there.

In November 2016he made $200, in April 2017 $600, in August 2017 $1700, in October 2018 $2000, and lastly, by August 2019 he had been making more than $3000 per month.

I've managed to track down neither the title of Juan's site nor its market, but according to the income reports he is sharing on his personal WA site, all his revenue is generated by marketing goods offered on Amazon.

Deborah joined Wealthy Affiliate in November 2016 however required a whole different approach than the one the vast majority of other Wealthy Affiliate associates take…

Instead of producing an affiliate marketing website of her own, she leveraged Wealthy Affiliate's training and began building and managing websites for local clients.

Less than two years after, by September 2018, she had been living the laptop lifestyle she always dreamed of.

At that point, she created a few affiliate sites of her own that earned a few extra hundred bucks per month but she did not actually have enough opportunity to scale and maintain them.

Right now, she's still generating the vast majority of her earnings by working together with local customers.

She's also running superwealthyaffiliates.com, a website where she teaches individuals how to create an income online and live the laptop lifestyle like her.

In February 2019 she pocketed almost $4000 as a result of all her endeavors.

Another success story similar to Deborah's right above is that of Amanda's.

Amanda joined Wealthy Affiliate in January 2020 and took what she learned inside its training and in combination with the support of a couple YouTube videos, she began her own website design and maintenance business.

That $500 she created 3 hours was by doing Google Maps SEO for a nearby enterprise.

What I love about Amanda's success story is that it took place in February 2020, that will be merely one and a half a year later she combined Wealthy Affiliate.

Wealthy Affiliate Success Story Nine

Sarah joined Wealthy Affiliate in June 2015.

Her very first site focused on the marketing of alkaline water filters and generated its affiliate commission 3 weeks following its launch, in September 2015.

At that point, Sarah also launched a site from the “new mom/baby” niche.

By February 2019, she was earning $1000+ per month on the internet.

Despite the fact that her success story was over 3 decades in the making, in one of her websites she admits that she wasted quite a great deal of time due to not applying properly all of the practices and techniques taught inside Wealthy Affiliate's coaching until January 2018.

Within her success story, Sarah also shares 8 invaluable insights she learned through her failure so be sure to give it a good read, which can be viewed in the Free Starter Account (no credit card required!)

Jerry joined Wealthy Affiliate back in May 2016 and launched a website about long-distance relationships known as longdistancementors.com which basically “neglected” shortly after.

After the failure of his first website, Jerry launched a second website from the MMO market called smartaffiliatesuccess.com, in October 2016.

From December 2018, smartaffiliatesucess.com was creating a fulltime income for Jerry (about $7000+ per month).

But this specific success story has nothing to do with neither of Jerry's sites but rather with a path he launched.

After becoming a full-time affiliate marketer, Jerry chose to implement everything he had been taught by Wealthy Affiliate towards putting together an Affiliate Marketing Course for Mandarin-speaking men and women.

Jerry started working on this job in December 2018.

The initiation of the course took place 3 weeks after in March 2019 and earned a whopping $40.000 in only 4 hours.

A week later, Jerry's class had created a total of 100.000 in revenue.

Not bad at all for just 3 months of work, am I correct?

Aleksandr joined Wealthy Affiliate at September 2014 and launched a website from the gambling market (I do not know its real domain name).

That gambling website started generating commissions about January 2015, just 4 weeks after it was initially launched.

From January 2015 to May 2015 it had been bringing in about $10 a month.

However, in June 2015, things began rolling, traffic began increasing and Aleksandr's affiliate commissions rose up to about $150 per month.

10 months later, Aleksandr's website was generating more than $2000 per month in affiliate commissions largely through Amazon.

Aleksandr is not so busy within Wealthy Affiliate's community therefore that I wasn't able to find out more about him.

In reality, this success story is actually the previous blog he printed on his WA profile.

If he is still actively working on that same gaming website, it should be generating around $5000 — $7000 a month now.

Wealthy Affiliate Success Story Twelve

The first affiliate marketing site he created is known as startmakestopwaste.com and inside it, John educates individuals about Many Different subjects, for example

Purchasing cryptocurrencies
Trading & shares
Earning money with Instagram
Creating an online business

According to John, it took him about 7 months until he left his first affiliate marketing sale in January 2016.

Just one year later, in April 2017, startmakestopwaste.com earned $600 in one day.

Fast forward one and a half a year, in January 2019, it generated $3700 again in only one day.

John claims that he doesn't earn that much money each and every day, but nevertheless…

Unfortunately, John is not that busy within Wealthy Affiliate therefore we don't have a very clear image of the exact measures he took to go from zero to $600 and then from $600 to $3700 in just 1 day.

What I do understand is that John also runs a couple of more sites, such as

Johnconsol.com (a solar panel business consulting website)
kingcryptos.com (a cryptocurrency website)
installoffgridsolarsystem.com (solar panel site )

So his total monthly income must be way higher than $50,000 a month.

Stephanie's success story is among the fastest-achieved on this listing.

Only 13 months after she joined Wealthy Affiliate at February 2017, she sold the very first blog she made for $28,000.

The domain of Stephanie's website was femalehairlossprevention.com (currently hairguard.com) and its market was “avoidance of women's hair loss” (obviously).

That site was monetized through Amazon, Google Adsense, and ShareAsale and it started generating its first earnings only 4 — 5 weeks after it was initially launched.

From October 2017 it was creating $500 per month and from January 2018 over $1000 per month.

According to my estimations, the entire revenue that Stephanie pocketed through that site should be about $35,000 (such as the $28,000 she gained through its selling).

The humorous thing is that Stephanie claims that in spite of the fact that her site was 13 months old when she offered it, she'd actually worked on it for just 6 months…

$35.000 for 6 weeks of work is currently $5800 a month…

Wealthy Affiliate Success Story Fourteen

One of the Wealthy promotional success stories which still keeps me highly motivated and driven to this very day is that of Jay.

Jay is among the Wealthy Affiliate success stories that's very active inside WA.

Jay joined Wealthy Affiliate in October 2016 and produced a site from the MMO market, now referred to as gighustlers.com, which as you can see in the picture above, in July 2019 earned $2000+ just through displaying ads.

Jay goes on to explain that besides displaying ads, in addition, he monetizes his site through CPA supplies and affiliate programs.

When we were to add up the money generated through all of Jay's monetization models, his entire earnings for July 2019 will probably be somewhere around $6000, more or less…

What I love the most about Jay is that he went through a great deal of setbacks until he finally reached success — by losing nearly all of his traffic for weeks to wasting quite a great deal of effort and time on meaningless practices he learned through self-proclaimed “gurus” on other sites and YouTube…

Nonetheless, he never gave up, despite all his failures, he managed to build a fulltime income online and in less than 3 years after launch his very first website.

That's applaudable.

Jay has an amazing case study within WA where he reveals how he​ took a notion and turned it into a profitable site!

He does free live movie trainings on a regular basis where he shares his experience on a whole plethora of different topics which are crucial in online advertising. He is amongst the very top members and authority in affiliate marketing.

Wealthy Affiliate Success Story Fifteen

Doug's success story is conclusive proof that literally anyone can succeed large with affiliate marketing with the help of Wealthy Affiliate.

Doug started his internet affiliate marketing journey with Wealthy Affiliate in September 2014 and started a website about music production called midilifestyle.com

At that time, he was only 16 years old and in high-school.

Only two years later, by November 2016, Doug was making more than $6000 a month through his site by boosting music-related Amazon products.

At the point, Doug started dougbeney.com as a way to get started offering to other online business owners that the internet design, SEO, marketing, and blogging skills he'd obtained while building midilifestyle.com

In 2016, Doug also launched his own LLC called FloeMedia.

Doug essentially succeeded in life from the time he was 18 years old before he even finished high-school.

How inspiring is that?

Brandon joined Wealthy Affiliate in May 2015.

2 years after, in December 2017he offered one of his sites for $12.500.

Brandon does not reveal the domain name of the site but I know that it had been from the baseball niche.

According to Brandon, that website was generating $500 per month with only 50 articles on it which essentially equates to about 4 — 5 months' worth of work.

Brandon claims that the total sum of money he made in the inception of the website until he sold it was 22,000.

That's $440 per post.

I know that $22.000 generated over 2 years does not seem like that much cash but so far as I am aware, Brandon is presently running at least 1 more reasonably successful site at the MMO market (lifelesswallet.com).

Matt joined Wealthy Affiliate in May 2014 and launched a stock trading site named eliteswingtrading.com

3 years of hard work later, in June 2017, that site earned $2000 in only one day.

Craig is still another Wealthy Affiliate member who saw success with affiliate marketing by boosting Amazon's products in the pet niche.

Craig joined Wealthy Affiliate back in April 2017 and only one and a half years later his pet care site was earning nearly $2000 per month in affiliate commissions.

In July 2018, Craig launched another site called two-weeks-notice. Com which was supposed to focus on helping people build profitable affiliate marketing websites like he'd attained.

But as it sounds, two-weeks-notice. Com hasn't been upgraded since August 2018 so I'm guessing the Craig ditched it so as to concentrate his attention on other endeavors.

Next, we have Stuart's Wealthy Affiliate success story…

Stuart joined Wealthy Affiliate at December 2014 and started homestudiobasics.com, a website in the house listing, beat-making & music production niches.

It took his site about one and a half years to start earning $200 — $250 per month but after it did, it took only 6 months in order for it to achieve the $2000 a month mark, in September 2017.

At that stage, Stuart launched another site, painterlystew.com, with the intention of promoting his art, designs, paintings, and photography.

3 months after, in January 2018, Stuart stopped his 9 — 5 job so as to focus his focus on growing his online businesses.

Within his success story, Stuart shares quite a great deal of valuable insights, reverses, problems, and failures he came across and how he overcame them, and all his website's stats.

Every one of those Wealthy promotional achievement stories understands that notion and worked their asses off to make a true, sustainable internet business.​

My goal for each of my students is to allow them to turn into one of the Wealthy Affiliate success stories, but the only way that occurs is when they're ready to spend time and hard work. It takes true dedication to be successful in any business, especially as an online entrepreneur.​

Are you prepared to do what it requires to be included in the Wealthy Affiliate success stories?​

If you believe that you are, then register for a FREE account and begin your business now: Free Starter Account (where you see all of the proof behind these success stories, and many more!)

Below are a few of my favorite Wealthy Affiliate Success Stories!

Dom W made HumanProofDesigns.com in 2014 and with what he learned from Rich Affiliate his firm failed $680,000 in earnings in 2016!​

Dom is an wonderful man that started out exactly like you.

He had the push and Wealthy Affiliate supplied the platform and training and Dom took it and ran with it!

Individual Proof Designs is among the top sources of ready-made market sites.

I have an amazing story about Dom's company that I'll share with you.

Among those solutions that Dom provides is content generation.

You provide the topic and keywords and his staff will offer the written content.

Dom supplied the report and I included a few tiny items and printed it.

That's quality right there and also among many reasons which Dom is among those Wealthy Affiliate Success Stories!​

Nathaniell is among my preferred Wealthy Affiliate promotional success stories.

He lives in the USA and makes a full time living with all the abilities he has heard from Wealthy Affiliate.

Among those things that many Wealthy Affiliate promotional success stories have in common is they have several sites.

Nathaniell boosts Wealthy Affiliate on a few of his sites, however he has lots of other market sites which use Amazon and other leading affiliate programs.

Nathaniell was a part of Wealthy Affiliate since 2010 and at that time he's

Cease his job at China and proceeded into the U.S.
Bought a home together with his affiliate earnings.
And much more!
You can read about Nathaniell from clicking here

The reason why that Nathaniell is on the very top of the listing of Wealthy Affiliate promotional achievement stories is his thirst for his or her capacity to perform the hard work required to be successful!

Christene was successful when she combined Wealthy Affiliate, but she was searching for a platform that could give her readers with a true solution to online marketing without ripping them off.

She found what she was searching for inside Wealthy Affiliate, she found that the application had a lot to provide a seasoned​ online marketer also.

Christene credits Loaded Affiliates by assisting her to hone her skills in boosting her site.

Additionally, english isn't her first language and WA has helped her to understand different writing styles.

Below are a few of the aims that Christen has attained with Wealthy Affiliate.

Getting more visitors to her sites
Enhancing her Google positions
Earning more revenue
developing a niche website that isn't about advertising
And much more!​

LouieLuc is one of a few of my favorite Wealthy Affiliate success stories to follow online.

Like most Wealthy Affiliate success stories, he has many sites, but he shares a few great details regarding niche sites and promotion over at BuzzNitrous.

Louie is from Portugal and has been earning money online in various markets since the late 90's!

Yes, he's a genuine online marketing veteran and a massive advantage to the Wealthy Affiliate community.

Louie enjoys internet marketing and he's always seeking to find out more as the company evolves.

If you want to find out more about niche sites, you are able to combine LouieLuc here and get a first hand look at his teachings.​

AlexSol joined Wealthy Affiliate back in 2007 and he's never looked back.

He states he joined from despair after having lost thousands of dollars .

He found a house in Wealthy Affiliate and that he brings in excess of $10,000 a month in his internet business.

Alex has among the most essential traits a prosperous businessman can have…

He works hard and isn't satisfied until he gets it!

I had been studying one of Alex's blogs within WA lately and that I had to chuckle because he reminded me of myself and the majority of other Wealthy success stories.

The site was about the way he had been traveling for 4 weeks and seeking to live the notebook life, however he felt guilty because he could not get the job done!

I feel exactly the identical way sometimes!

Steve started a site called I Have Tried That, in 2007 as a ​pastime.

He combined Wealthy Affiliate at 2009 and employed the knowledge he gained from WA to flip his site from a hobby into some real, online company, making a massive annual income.

In the event that you should ask Steve what the key is to achieving success with Wealthy Affiliate, then he'd tell you there isn't any secret.

It is work!

It's creating content daily.

It's moving ahead daily.

Everyday which you're not doing something to your small business, your competitors is passing you !

Are you starting to see an issue here with all these Wealthy Affiliate promotional success stories?​

Frank is among the top rated Wealthy promotional success stories.

He resides in New Zealand with his wife and kids and produces a full time living on the internet, working from his house.​

He's been very effective at boosting Wealthy Affiliate Marketing.

He's got quite a personable writing style his readers appear to connect with.

In addition, he shares several screenshots that show how much he's making with different affiliate programs.

Frank has obtained what he's heard at Wealthy Affiliate and flipped it into a lifestyle which enables him to spend some time with his loved ones and pursue his passions!​

Doug is one of my preferred Wealthy Affiliate promotional success stories to discuss because he's just a teenager!

He earned over $6000 in 1 month!

At just 18 years of age!​

Doug records his yearly earnings in his website at Wealthy Affiliate and can be an inspiration for any teenagers searching for ways to earn money on the internet!

Join for free to see Doug's website and follow exactly what he does to make over $6000 a month.

The thing I enjoy the most about Wendy's Wealthy Affiliate success story is she graduated college with a bachelor's degree, but never obtained a “regular” job.

She combined Wealthy Affiliate and obtained an instruction about the best way best to construct a real internet business.

She took that schooling and assembled an unbelievable company that allows her to work at home, set her own program, and supply for herself a lifestyle unlike any other 9-5 job could ever provide!

The concept…

Yes, the options are endless when it comes to finding a market that may make you cash!

Lev is among the Wealthy Affiliate success stories I can relate well to.

He had been attempting to earn money on the internet because he had been in high school in the 90's.

He fell victim to scam after scam before one day he discovered Wealthy Affiliate.

That training and knowledge in WA put him on the path to finding a lucrative market and building his own company.

He operates a complete-time online business from house and he could not be happier with Wealthy Affiliate Marketing.

Wealthy Affiliate Success Stories

Leo began attempting to earn money on the internet back in 2000, but quickly discovered it wasn't easy without the ideal assistance.

Finally Leo discovered Wealthy Affiliate and started to studying and sharing his wisdom with other people which were searching for assistance online.

Now Leo is a massive contributor within Wealthy Affiliate and also making a complete time living online.

Leo is among the Wealthy Affiliate success stories since he not only works hard to have a successful internet business but since he gives back and is prepared to help other people if he can.​

Wealthy Affiliate Success Stories 2020

Garen's employed the instruction at Wealthy Affiliate to become hugely successful in his area.

He runs one of the best web hosting review websites and is an ideal instance of the top-rated Wealthy Affiliate success stories.​

Wealthy Affiliate Success Stories Continued

Marcus gets the distinction of being a member of Wealthy Affiliate for a decade!

Among the longest standing Loaded promotional success stories!​

Throughout his period with Wealthy Affiliate, Marcus managed to:

Cease his job.
View his children grow up.
Boost his wellbeing
obtained over his main fear.
Constructed a true, sustainable internet business.​
Marcus believes He owes his success to two things:

Placing his beliefs at Wealthy Affiliate training.
Taking action on which he'd heard.​

Kuda is from Zimbabwe, demonstrating that Wealthy Affiliate success stories exist throughout the world!

Kuda managed to quit his job and make a complete time on line thanks to Wealthy Affiliate.

He states that WA has assisted him

Produce his very first site.
Generate visitors from Facebook and Youtube. He's produced a huge following on these two programs
Began publishing program testimonials.
Kuda is an ideal illustration of the type of Wealthy Affiliate success stories you will discover within the website platform.

Wealthy Affiliate Success Story for Branton

Branton is from Canada and combined Wealthy Affiliate in 2013.

He immediately built a market website working with the practice in Wealthy Affiliate and managed to start earning in excess of $5000 a month out of his single website.

Since the site has increased, Branton managed to transcend $8000 a month in December of 2016!

Branton is at the technology market and only another illustration of the Wealthy Affiliate success stories across the world!

Josh is from Australia and has been a house painter when he combined Wealthy Affiliate in 2012.

He's since started his own painting business, but his online income is surpassing his offline small business earnings!

Josh credits what he's heard at Wealthy Affiliate to his internet success.

Like many other Wealthy Affiliate promotional success stories, Josh has numerous sites in different markets.

He's evidence which you're able to work a complete-time job when building an internet company that could help you break loose in your 9-5- grind.

Join for free and succeed throughout the Wealthy Affiliate program: Free Starter Account (see the proof of these stories and an inside look into the basic account so you can see what the Premium account truly is and why many consider it to contain the best affiliate marketing training period!)

Adhere to the training and do it on what you've learned and you might end up included in the Wealthy Affiliate success stories!​

If you're still on the fence, then click here to my whole Wealthy Affiliate Review.

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