What is SiteRubix – Build Your Online Business

What is SiteRubix – Build Your Online Business
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SiteRubix for WordPress Makes WordPress Easier and More Efficient!


What is SiteRubix? Using WordPress has become one of the most popular ways to build websites, especially if you are planning on building a business or engaging in affiliate marketing, E-Commerce, and if you are a web designer due to many factors, and SiteRubix makes all of them more efficient! What has made me and many professionals realize that Wealthy Affiliate and WordPress are better than the competition? There are many reasons. And now, for the first time in Web Design history, you can preselect your Categories before your template, so that the frameset of topics is already set up when your site is being designed, which makes things much faster and easier (Exclusive to SiteRubix for WordPress).

For one, SiteRubix is the best and fastest website builder. It is exclusive to Wealthy Affiliate which is the largest community of professionals that are pretty much all willing to help, and you are guaranteed one on one coaching from the founders if you have a Premium Membership. They offer thousands of free WordPress templates, free cms templates, free cv templates, webinars and much, much more!

If you plan to do anything with your website other than making it pretty, then it is better to use WordPress than the competitors. Why? What is SiteRubix? You may ask. Because with WordPress you can use tools, widgets, and plugins to boost the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) better than the competition, meaning, getting better placement in the search engines and strategic placement as well. SiteRubix makes each element mentioned easier to use, fast, and a blast to use.

When you are asking what is SiteRubix, know that you can use the best keywords and they will be placed properly. Wealthy Affiliate has an amazing keyword tool as a part of their platform, they train you extensively how to find the best keywords in Google, and they train you how to use the best keyword tool in the world – Jaaxy!

You can also use the best Professional template themes that are enhanced for Search Engine Optimization and have design features that you cannot find anywhere else because they come from the best CMS designers out there.

Take Wix.com for example, you can build pretty websites around whatever theme you want, but you become significantly limited in your ability to improve Search Engine Optimization and your ability to modify crucial elements of the HTML code that WordPress Pro templates allow you to do with ease. The majority of the HTML is proprietary to Wix and that is why it is Free, and you cannot own an authority site if you build a site through a platform such as that.

If you are building a business based domain, then it is essential to have the professional site building platform and SEO optimized templates and plugins that WordPress is superior in every aspect. You can build just as beautiful sites with your own domains, yet with SEO optimized, speed optimized, HTTPS, as well as many other features for Free that builders like Wix simply cannot achieve with nearly as much ease, especially compared with SiteRubix for WordPress.


What is SiteRubix – Build Your Online Business


If you are building a business based domain, then it is essential to building a site that will become an authority site! That means using a real designer like WordPress is essential, and SiteRubix enhances that and makes it more efficient, which improves every element of the online side of your business, or when developing a monetary site.

Even better, if you are a member of Wealthy Affiliate and are using SiteRubix for Word Press, you can virtually enhance every element necessary for an online business and have all the tools within the program, such as easy but advanced and effective classes on every element of this. Take my word for it, I have tried to build online businesses using many programs, and Wix didn’t turn out to be very effective at all. It was easy to get the right look, but I wasn’t able to get very much organic, SEO based traffic at all. And modifying the website in order to do this was virtually impossible.

That is my opinion, but I am a professional and have been doing this for a very long time to have come to this conclusion. Other than Wealthy Affiliate, the only other time I ever had any real results was building my site from a desktop HTML writer which took forever and requires a lot of coding knowledge and simply isn’t practical for most people, myself included even know I have the knowledge. Wealthy Affiliate’s SiteRubix for WordPress is the best software I have ever used and the best community for getting help on just about every question that I needed, and the price, when comparing, for all that they offer is unbeatable.


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Important info for SiteRubix – Professional SEO Optimized, User-Friendly, and Powerful Templates


Also, the professional templates they offer, such as the one I am using on this site, are amazing with all of the design features and Search Engine Optimization that is incorporated. You can also pre-setup your Categories and site outlining, and choose a good Landing Page from the Plugins.

X-Site Pro 2.5 was very good. In terms of its marketing campaigns, SEO, and Framesets it was somewhat the best for a while and comparable. But even those capabilities were truthfully outdone by SiteRubix for WordPress and Wealthy Affiliate. Especially, in teaching you how to apply it, step-by-step.

Although, that is irrelevant because X-Site is no longer active. And, Dreamweaver is arguably better for Graphics, but even that is a mute point because most of the templates were made by Dreamweaver and other Adobe programs. Not to mention, SiteRubix for WordPress is capable of most of what the Adobe programs are anyways in terms of design if you are a developer or designer strictly. But the added Digital Marketing, apply as you go, the process makes it the best program for Revenue generation from a website available.

Of course, it is designed as a website designer, not a graphics designer, but you can easily upload amazing graphics to your pages and posts and place them wherever you need to. And writing on your blog is as easy as using Microsoft Word. It’s amazing and changing the game! Plus Dreamweaver is comparable incredibly hard to use. Muse, another Adobe site builder, and Photoshop site builder, that was supposed to be designed to be easier on people so they would stick with Adobe, are considerably more difficult to use than WordPress, let alone SiteRubix which simplifies it even more!

I hope this helps those that are searching to realize that Wealthy Affiliate is the real deal. I have searched and compared for years as I have used various programs at the same time as Wealthy Affiliate, and it always, in the end, is the best. The only program I didn’t use much was Joomla. But one of its top designers and business users is switching fully to SiteRubix for WordPress. This is major supporting evidence.

I only hope the best for those that are trying to build a professional website and create a business or create a professional website for an existing business with all the added benefits that Wealthy Affiliate has to offer. I am a business owner, run the web development and marketing department for a very large company, and Wealthy Affiliate has helped to take it to the next level. Now, I am fully dedicated to Wealthy Affiliate as I build my new business.

And, you can visit Envato Market for some of the best designed and priced Professional Templates, Graphics, Music, Code, Plugins, Marketing Additions, and more from some of the top Web Designers and Web Developers in the world. And you can upload them easily into SiteRubix with little to no adjustment needed. And, utilize SiteRubix’s superior design capabilities combined, then you have an amazing, fast, and efficient way to build top of the line pro websites for any purpose.


WordPress Top Products (ie. Templates, Plugins, etc.)




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To see more themes and WordPress items for your SiteRubix creation, visit our:  Online Affiliate Business Store


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What is SiteRubix Conclusion


Last but not least, with SiteRubix’s superior hosting plan, speed, and up to 50 domains (or more if requested depending on Individual or Business size) all for one low price. You can add all the cool additions from Envato to your SiteRubix for WordPress superior web builder.

Sign up now for FREE, or, do a one-month Premium Membership tryout for only $19 to see all the amazing features before you decide, or for only $49/month get full Premium access to a whole world of resources and knowledge to build the business of your dreams and goals. The whole process of Digital Marketing, from a proper site, categories, keywords, audiences, content and writing, social media engagement, social media marketing, and Google AdWords and other Search Engine Marketing platforms. Whereby, you use your setup to capture emails and make conversions. And then do email marketing to increase conversions and revenue!


Get All this and More with the Wealthy Affiliate Digital Marketing Platform!


Wealthy Affiliate Membership:




Or, to see all of the extensive and amazing features Wealthy Affiliate has to offer, visit here: The Wealthy Affiliate Review


Leave me a comment below if you have any questions about content or offers. And, if you get a chance, I would really appreciate it if people would share my pages and posts to their social media pages. Thank you!



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